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					                                                        Sivacon S8 low-voltage switchgear

                                                    Tested for Safety
Power distribution

                                                    in Accordance with

                                                    New Standard

                                                                                    00 A, sets
                                                                    r, at up to 7,0
                                      S8 low-volta   ge switchgea                               y
                          The Sivacon                                           e of flexibilit
                                                         to the highest degre
                                         s. In addition              level of safety
                          new standard                 the greatest
                                        ncy, it offers              ower switchg
                           and consiste

                                                                                                                                                            Siemens AG
                                        systems as   type-tested p                      ndard.
                           persons and                                  IEC 61439 sta
                                          accordance    with the new
                           assemblies in

                           ivacon S8 low-voltage switchgear             quality assurance and are required for
                           or power switchgear combinations             CE marking according to EU directives        Highlights
                           are developed, manufactured, and             and laws.                                    +   Safety for persons and the
                     tested according the specifications of                                                              system by means of type
                     the new IEC 61439-1/-2 (VDE0660-600-               Compliance with heating limits                   certification through testing in
                     1/-2) standard. In order to verify the                                                              accordance with IEC 61439-2
                     suitability of the switchgear with regard          One of the most important certifications
                     to personal, system, and operating                 is the certification that the defined heat-    + Highest possible quality
                     safety, this standard requires two essen-          ing limits are complied with, which              assurance through type
                     tial certification types – type certifica-         ensures the safety of the switchgear in          certifications and item
                     tions and item certifications. Type certi-         case of heating due to power loss. This          certifications
                     fications are tests that accompany the             is one of the greatest challenges for          + Testing always carried out on
                     development of the equipment and                   switchgear manufacturers due to the              the complete system with all
                     need to be carried out by the manufac-             ever higher rated currents and increased         devices
                     turer (developer). Before delivery, item           requirements for degree of protection
                     certifications are provided by the manu-           and internal compartmentalization.
                     facturer of the power switchgear assem-               The tests are carried out under “worst-
                     blies for each switchgear assembly pro-            case conditions,” that is, based on the     For the highest possible degree of
                     duced.                                             least favorable test specimen variants. personal and plant safety, Sivacon S8
                                                                        Because the certification also occurs low-voltage switchgear also provides a
                     Type certification through testing                 with separate consideration of individ- sealing system that is secured against
                                                                        ual functional units, the main bus bars, arc faulting. The standard design is
                     Type certification through testing, in             the distributing bus bars, and the com- tested under arcing fault conditions
                     accordance with IEC 61439-2, for the               plete switchgear and control gear according to IEC 61641.                      +
                     Sivacon S8 low-voltage switchgear con-             assemblies, the entire product line is
                     firms the safety of persons and the sys-           systematically covered and the certifica-   Link on the topic:
                     tem. The physical properties are tested            tion always includes the devices. It is
                     for both operational and failure situa-            not sufficient to simply test randomly
                     tions. The type certifications and item            selected test specimens nor to replace a
                     certifications are crucial components of           device without repeating the testing.

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