Tested according to the Standart by xiuliliaofz


                                      TESTED ACCORDING TO THE STANDARD

                                        Czech Law No 202/1990 Sb.

        Documents – documentation for test

 a)     The Service Manual including entries into control programs and bookkeeping. Detailed description of setting for
        each DIP-DIL SWITCH bindingly declare by producer of game.( Preferable in Czech language ,also possible
        English or German.)

 b)     The instruction sheet in Czech including a detailed description of the game, its variants, giving the betting,
        winning and performance amounts. Complete win table-graphic of glass Description or feature of symbols
        succession - sequence on the reels.

 c)     A statistical print-out of 100 000 games with the winning rates (in step 1000 games)
        expressed in % for each program version. In case it is possible to adjust the winning rate of the gambling
        machine, such test has to be carried out at the minimum and at the maximum adjusted value of percentage and
        for min. and max. stake on basic game.

 d)     *)A floppy disk, CD, Flash etc. containing extract of the source programme, with the text records of the contents
        of the individual files a detailed specification containing sort version, producer of program language, operation
        Note: The floppy disks or CD shall be legibly marked, especially with the name of the manufacturer, the name of
        the game, etc., and the contents of individual files shall be defined in detail.

 e)     *)Two  samples of original the memory unit (EPROM, Flash, DVD etc.) or one of original the memory unit and
        one CD, DVD with full contents of the memory units.
        If is used memory unit HD, manufacture submit two CD, DVD with program EXE include detailed
        specification and description, how perform compare with original memory.
        Program equipment shall be declared by the manufacturer for each program version (CH.S.)

 f)     CE Certificate in compliance with 2006/95/ES (LVD) and 2004/108/ES (EMC) Directive or
        Declaration of Conformity for all modification of cabinet
 *)   Documentation in accordance with items d),e) shall be submitted on GMT-ITC Declaration form.

 Basic criteria in Czech Law

  Category                      Max.stake        Max. win       Percentage      Loss per hour   Game duration
  Street                        2 Kč            300 Kč          75-100%         1000 Kč         min.1sec
  Arcade                        5 Kč            750 Kč          75-100%         2000 Kč         min. 1sec
  Casino                        50 Kč           50000 Kč        75-100%         10000 Kč        min. 1sec
  Casino EURO ;USD              25              25000           75-100%                         min.1sec

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  Phone +420 284 080 270,
  mobile ++420 605 297 287
 E-mail: dvorak@gametest.cz

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