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					Paid Advertisement                                                                March 6, 2014

                     NEW PHONE SYSTEM

    Over the past two weeks we have worked diligently to incorporate
a new phone system into our environment. It hasn’t been without its
glitches, but overall the rollout has gone relatively smoothly.

   One of the greatest changes (and challenges for my declining
memory), are new extensions for all employees. Now that the system
is in place and we are relatively comfortable with the system, we
would like to provide our members with a full list of direct numbers
for all employees. Please note, if you call into the main number at
702-293-7777, the last four digits of the following numbers would be
the extension number you would dial to reach that employee directly.

  Accounting                                          Tellers
  Tina Finn         702-998-9243                      Tina Barber 702-998-9266
  Pat Klinger       702-998-9242                      Mary Beth Clift702-998-9258
  Lora Linford      702-998-9244                      Lois Czarniak 702-998-9270
  Helen Newby       702-998-9240                      Kathy Dosch 702-998-9271
  Don Sansouci      702-998-9241                      Lynel Fenton 702-998-9273
                                                      Carol Fitzpatrick702-998-9269
  Card Services                                       Katie Gebhart 702-998-9260
  Linda Eugster 702-998-9252                          Sue Gibbs      702-998-9272
  Lesley Harvey 702-998-9247                          Sherrie Ketchum702-998-9265
  Jaimie Shipp 702-998-9248                           Amy Rhine 702-998-9262
  Teri Simmons 702-998-9250                           Brooke Rinella702-998-9264
  Jaron Singleton702-998-9251                         Chris Shannon702-998-9268
  Ann Stuart     702-998-9246                         Renita Strachan702-998-9267
                                                      Morie Wheeler702-998-9259
  Loan Department
  Debbie Abbott 702-998-9284                          Miscellaneous
  Missy Beam 702-998-9277                             Ie-Chen Cheng702-998-9256
  Barbara Bennett702-998-9276                         Eric Estes    702-998-9286
  Ed Benson     702-998-9279                          Kyle Johnson 702-998-9281
  Kim Dennett 702-998-9275                            David Polak 702-998-9282
  Geri Gunderson702-998-9280                          Pam Seaton 702-998-9285
  Michele Mitchell702-998-9278                        Brandi Stankovic702-998-9283
  Sondra Shoupp702-998-9274                           Nancy Ward 702-998-9287

  Collections                                         Main     702-293-7777
  Kay Blalock 702-998-9254                            Alt Main 702-293-7772
  Pat Butler   702-998-9253                           Safe Deposit 702-998-9291
  Carol Lelles 702-998-9255
                 Members Financial
                 Main           702-294-0419
                 Dominique Petrizzo 702-998-9290
                 Jim Petrizzo 702-998-9288
                 Michelle Petrizzo702-998-9289


   If you are looking for a site that lists current city events, allows
for local advertisers to promote their businesses, sends e-mail
noti cations of upcoming “Town Happenings”, allows for yard sale
advertisements, and provides a Facebook link for local interests, then is the place for you. Self-proclaimed as a
place for “friends and fans of Boulder City, Nevada” the site is a great,
upbeat spot for just these people. If you are a friend or a fan, take time
to visit the site. I think you will be impressed.

                       WORDS OF WISDOM
   Don’t tell your problems to people: eighty percent don’t care;
and the other twenty percent are glad you have them.

                                                                                                - Lou Holtz

                               Boulder Dam Credit Union
                              530 Ave. G, B.C. | 293-7777

              Funds on deposit are insured up to $500,000 per account. This institution is not federally insured, and
              if the institution fails, the Federal Government does not guarantee that depositors will get back their
              money. Accounts with this institution are not insured by any state government.

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