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									                                                                                                                 Fall 2006

                     Family Matters
                                                   News for Friends of Family Services

Left to right: CEO/President Ruthann Howell,
Seattle Rotary VP Nancy Sclater, and our
                                                  Capital Campaign in Motion
Board member & Rotarian George Reynolds
are all smiles after Rotary announced FS as its   Major Support from the Rotary Centennial Project
Centennial Project winner, June 14, 2006.

                                                                  For several years, Family    homelessness by investing in children
                                                              Services has explored the        and nurturing healthy families.”
                                                              possibility of bringing all         Seattle Rotary committed to raise $4
                                                              our interrelated services for    million for the new facility, to be named
                                                              homeless and at-risk families    the “Rotary Support Center for Families”
                                                              together into one convenient
                                                                                               (see related article on page 2).
                                                              location. With this vision, we
                                                              would be able to serve our           On September 6, Seattle Rotary
                                                              most vulnerable clients more     formally kicked off its Centennial
                                                              effectively, not to mention      Project Campaign. Generous Rotarians
                                                              saving almost $400,000 a         have already pledged over $2 million
                                                              year in rent payments in our     for the Support Center, more than half
                                                              leased spaces. It would also     of their fundraising goal. A tremendous
                                                  create the agency’s first permanent          beginning!
                                                  home in our 114-year history.                    The Rotary Support Center for
                                                      In 2005, consultants from The            Families is a partnership between two
                                                  Collins Group helped us survey               of the area’s oldest institutions, Family
                                                  potential support for our vision. The        Services and the Seattle Rotary Club,
Inside Family Matters…                            feedback was encouraging, and last           working together to help solve one of the
                                                  October the Board of Directors voted         critical problems our community faces.
The Rotary Support Center
                                                  to begin a capital campaign to buy
for Families                                                                                       “Families are the fastest growing
                                                  or build a new facility.
                                                                                               segment of the homeless population,
2006 Luncheon a                                       The $10.5 million Campaign for           and the Rotary Support Center for
Tremendous Success                                Family Services: Permanent Solutions         Families will be a vital resource for
Wellspring Family Services                        for Homeless Families will bring together
                                                                                               them,” said Ruthann Howell, Family
EAP Named Microsoft Vendor                        many of our programs under one roof
                                                                                               Services CEO/President. The services
of the Year                                       and will also support new and enhanced
                                                                                               are designed to promote stability and
                                                  programs to meet emerging community
The Thompsons: A Project                                                                       self-sufficiency, avoiding homeless-
                                                  needs. The Support Center’s goal: to
Permanency Success Story                          end homelessness permanently for             ness for families who are currently in
                                                  5,000 families over the next ten years.      insecure housing situations and
Baby Boutique Wish List                                                                        permanently ending the cycle for
                                                      Our planning kicked into high gear
Annual Meeting Honors                                                                          families who experience episodic and
                                                  in June, when the Rotary Club of Seattle
Family Services’ Supporters                                                                    chronic homelessness.
                                                  chose the Family Services campaign
New Morningsong Facility                          as its Centennial Project to honor               Watch for future articles about our
Upgraded                                          the Club’s 100th anniversary in 2009.        campaign and how you can become
                                                  Don Kraft, Seattle Rotary Centennial         a part of it – a once-in-a-lifetime
Save the Date! May 10, 2007                                                                    opportunity to make a difference in the
                                                  Chairman, described the choice
                                                  as “Rotary’s decision to help end            lives of thousands of families in crisis.
      The Rotary Support                                         Wellspring Family Services
      Center for Families                                        EAP Named Microsoft
    The Rotary Support Center for Families will
                                                                 Vendor of the Year

provide a range of coordinated, therapeutic services                          icrosoft’s Human Resources honored the
to help homeless and at-risk families meet their                              Wellspring Family Services Employee
immediate needs, regain their independence, and                               Assistance Program (EAP) as 2005 Vendor
reach self-sufficiency. No such facility – offering an                        of the Year for exceptional service.
array of therapeutically-based services in one center
                                                                     “We have a long and valued partnership with Wellspring
– exists in our community today.
                                                                 Family Services EAP,” said Deja Linet, Benefits Manager at
    With this therapeutically-based assistance, Fam-             Microsoft. “They understand our unique culture, they
ily Services can address the interrelated root causes            maintain the utmost level of professionalism, and their
of mental health issues, homelessness, and domestic              recommendations are always top-notch.”
violence – and our clients can make lasting change.
                                                                     “Our years of supporting Microsoft’s diverse staff and
Current services to be moved into                                multiple locations have allowed us to continually improve
the new Support Center:                                          our services and our delivery model. It has been a true
                                                                 partnership,” said Kevin Host, Director of Wellspring Family
• Childcare for homeless toddlers and preschoolers               Services EAP.
  – the only program of its kind in King County;
                                                                     Wellspring Family Services EAP has been helping
• A no-cost “store” providing clothing and essential             Microsoft’s domestic employees and their families since
  equipment for homeless children;                               1986. An entrepreneurial business of Family Services,
• Eviction prevention and case management for                    Wellspring Family Services EAP provides mental health and
  families at risk of losing their housing;                      counseling services to more than 121,000 covered employees
• Housing placement and support services to families             in hundreds of businesses in the Pacific Northwest.
  in crisis, using “housing first” best practices to help
  homeless families transition into stable housing
  (see related story on page 4);
• Domestic violence intervention to stop the cycle of
                                                                           Easy Holiday
  partner abuse.
New programs:
                                                                                 Giving Ideas
• Expanded mental-health services for infants and                              e gift ca
  children, and their parents;                                  Pick up som get, Fred Meyer,
                                                                         ) at Tar
• New enhanced childcare for children with severe               ($10-$20 tc. We’ll give
                                                                         y, e                   to P
  behavioral problems;                                           Old Nav meless parents                  ut out a
                                                                          ho                                        b
                                                                                                       to collec ox at your wor
                                                                 them to r their children.                       t soap, to                kplace
• New therapeutic groups for children and parents                 buy gifts                            brushes              ot
                                                                                                                (child an hpaste, tooth-
  affected by domestic violence.                                                                      shampo               d adult s
                                                                                                               o, a                    izes
   Future newsletters will keep you up to date about                                                 the hom nd other toiletr ),
                                                                                                               eless fam                ie
the project’s progress and how you can help.                                                                              ilies we s for
                                                                                  iaper dr
                                                                  Orga nize a d ool, or place of
                                                                              ork, sch            es out
                                                                  at your w mily Services giv diapers
                                                                            . Fa                   le
      Family Matters is published by Family Services
                                                                   worship 40,000 disposab ith infants.
       of King County. We welcome your questions                             an
                                                                   more th omeless familie        sw
              and comments. Contact us at:                                     h
                                                                    a year to
                     Family Services                                                           Collect
              615 Second Avenue, Suite 150                                                    coloring ts for homeless
                                                                                                         bo                        k
                   Seattle, WA 98104                                                         dolls, tru oks, crayons, bu ids:
                                                                                                        cks, any                 ilding blo
                                                                                            15. The p             kin                        c
       (206) 826-3050 • info@family-services.org                                                        arents w d of gift for age ks,
                                                                                            and wra               e work w                 s up to
                                                                                                       p presen               it
       Family Matters is also available electronically                                                           ts for the h will choose
         on our website, www.family-services.org.                                                                           ir childre

          2006 Luncheon a Tremendous Success
    Thank you to everyone who attended our 12th annual benefit
luncheon earlier this year. It was a great success with over $330,000
                                                                                     Philanthropist Karen Moyer, Co-Founder and
raised at the event. All contributions go directly to programs that                  Vice President of The Moyer Foundation, speaks
support at-risk families.                                                            at the 2006 Family Services Benefit Luncheon.

    Karen Moyer of The Moyer Foundation gave an inspiring keynote
address on the important work of Family Services. KIRO-TV news
anchor Steve Raible emceed the event for his ninth year.
    “We are thrilled that the community recognizes both the need for
our services as well as the value that they bring to the community,”
said Ruthann Howell, Family Services CEO/President.
    Thanks again to our generous corporate sponsors.

         Many thanks
      to Premier Sponsor

                                              Family Services 2006 Luncheon Sponsors
                                           Associate Sponsors                         Compleat Sports
                                              Duff & Phelps, LLC                      Covestic
                                              Island Tug & Barge Co.                  Flinn Ferguson Corporate
                                              KIRO-TV                                    Real Estate
        Patron Sponsors                       Mercer Human Resource Consulting        IKEA
                                              MulvannyG2 Architecture                 KG Investment Management
                                              Navigant Consulting, Inc.               Marvin Stein & Associates, LLC
                                              Nintendo of America Inc.                McCallum Print Group
                                              Pacific Real Estate Partners, Inc.      MoneyTree
                                              Print, Inc.                             Olympic Associates Company
                                              Regence BlueShield                      Pacific Public Affairs
                                              Safeco                                  PEMCO
                                              Sprague Israel Giles, Insurance         Seattle Envelope
                                              The Rainier Group                       Skanska USA Building
                                              Washington Real Estate                  Smith Family Law, P.S.
                                                 Holdings, LLC                        Vulcan Inc.
                                              Wright Runstad & Company
                                                                                   In-Kind Sponsors
                                           Friend Sponsors                            Outback Steakhouse
                                              Alexander Hutton, Inc.                  Presentation Services
                                              Barghausen Consulting Engineers         Star Printing
                                              Baylis Architects                       Starbucks
                                              Burgess Design, Inc.                    The Westin Hotel
                                              Clark Nuber PS                          White Noise Productions

                                                                                          Family Services
     The Thompsons: A Project                                                             Board of Directors
     Permanency Success Story                                                             October 2006
                                                                                          Board Chair         Brian Buckley
            Families may find themselves homeless for                                                         DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary
        many reasons. Sometimes, as in this case, the cause                               Past Board Chair    Geoffrey Melrose
               is a combination of circumstances.                                                             Duff & Phelps, LLC
                                                                                          Board Secretary     Mimi Lee Menenberg
     When her husband died after a long illness, Debbie Thompson, age 40, was                                 Corporate Attorney/
left with two daughters, 8 and 11, and a stack of medical bills she couldn’t pay.                             Community Involved Citizen
     In addition, Debbie herself suffered from chronic pain due to severe arthritis.      Board Treasurer     Kallijah Paraska
She had lost her job because of physical health problems and depression that                                  Acordia Northwest, Inc.
was intensified by her financial and housing concerns. She was denied Social
Security Disability Insurance but was eligible for the Temporary Assistance for           Chris Aggerholm Dellwood Pacific
Needy Families program.                                                                   Larry Almeleh       Washington Partners, Inc.
     To make ends meet, Debbie and her girls “couch-surfed” for a while by moving
in with a neighbor. When the neighbor moved to another city, Debbie couldn’t              Rosemary Baisch Philips Oral Healthcare
afford to pay the entire rent. She and her girls again found themselves with no           Vere Bryan          Safeco Insurance Corp.
place to go.
                                                                                          Jeff Christianson   Community Involved Citizen
                                                  At this point Debbie contacted
                                              Family Services’ Transitional Assistance    Pamela Cone         Milliman
    “The staff heard me and                   program. She immediately received           Tracy Hamblin       Mercer Health & Benefits
      my family’s needs in a                  vouchers for emergency family shelter
                                              and food. Debbie began working closely      Jill Mackie         The Seattle Times
 non-judgmental, affirming
                                              with one of our case managers, creating     Brad McKeown        Coast Crane Co.
   way. They helped keep us                   a plan to regain her self-sufficiency.
   off the streets and put us                                                             Sean Megy           Community Involved Citizen
                                                  Despite her chronic pain, Debbie
          back on track.”                     followed through on her care plan. She      Holly Moore         Workforce & Education
                                              was able to enroll her daughters at First                       Policy Consultant
                                              Place, a school for homeless children in    Kevin Osborne       KCTS Television
grades K-5. With the help of her case manager, Debbie was able to coordinate her
medical care and apply for subsidized housing.                                            Julie Newell        Washington Mutual
     One month later, Debbie and her daughters entered Family Services’ Project           Jeremy Raaen        The Boeing Company
Permanency, a program that helps families “transition in place” to permanent              George Reynolds Columbia Bank
housing. With a combination of case management and support services, Debbie
gained knowledge and skills she needs to obtain and maintain her housing.                 Jessica Riley       Law Office of
                                                                                                              John Henry Browne
     Debbie benefited greatly from her case manager’s steady support. With this
encouragement, Debbie hired a lawyer to appeal the denial of her disability claim         Scott Shapiro       Eagle Rock Ventures, LLC
and also began physical therapy to relieve her ongoing pain.
                                                                                          Nancy Shimizu       Marketing Consultant
     Debbie continued to follow her care plan. She managed her budget carefully
and paid off all of her outstanding debts. She was even able to clean her credit          Richard Wagner      Baylis Architects
report. Recently she got more good news: she won her disability insurance appeal,         Marcus Williams     Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP
including back payments.
                                                                                          Russell Young       The Boeing Company
     “The staff heard me and my family’s needs in a non-judgmental, affirming way.
They helped keep us off the streets and put us back on track,” said Debbie.
                                                                                          ex officio:
     Debbie and her daughters are still living in the apartment Project Permanency        CEO/President       Ruthann Howell
helped them find and working with their case manager to further improve                                       Family Services of
their stability. Debbie is saving for a car and hopes her family can move into a                              King County
house soon.

New Morningsong Facility Upgraded
                                                             Approximately 200 homeless tod-         environments in which they live,
                                                         dlers and preschoolers a year will attend   children from homeless families often
                                                         Morningsong Early Learning Center           have difficulty developing and practicing
                                                         when it is running at full capacity in      these skills.
                                                         its new facility – twice the number we          Our experienced and caring staff use
                                                         served in our previous location.            a behavioral checklist of developmental
                                                             Ninety-eight percent of the children    milestones to measure each child’s
                                                         who attend Morningsong improve              progress in interpersonal communication
                                                         their school readiness skills – and their   skills and functioning as part of a group.
                                                         chances of future success.                  Behaviors observed during the child’s
                                                             In order to succeed in school,          first week at Morningsong form the
                                                         children must have self-help skills, be     baseline for comparison.
Children learn through play. That’s why the playground   able to communicate with adults and             Morningsong is the only childcare
renovation at Morningsong, courtesy of Drugstore.com,
is so welcome. Here, Drugstore.com volunteers lay sod    other children, and feel safe and secure    program in King County exclusively for
in the new play area.                                    in a group setting. Because of the          homeless toddlers and preschoolers.

      Annual Meeting Honors Family Services Supporters
    On September 13, 2006, a record                          The Corporation Award went to           of Directors since early 1999, serving as
crowd of nearly 100 gathered for the                     HSC Real Estate, Inc. for its continuing,   Treasurer, Board Chair (2002-03), and
114th Family Services Annual Meeting.                    unique partnership in creating housing      most recently Chair of the Board Gifts
CEO/President Ruthann Howell re-                         opportunities for homeless families.        Task Force for the Capital Campaign.
viewed the agency’s many achievements                    When accepting the award,                                      The Founders Award
during the past year. Don Kraft, chair                   Walt Smith noted that                                      honors individuals who
of the Seattle Rotary Centennial Proj-                   Family Services clients                                    have made sustained
ect, announced that Rotary has already                   become excellent tenants.                                  and significant contribu-
reached 50% of its fundraising goal (see                     The Committed Active                                   tions in advancing Family
story on front page). Caren Skube of the                 Neighbors – CAN! group                                     Services’ mission in the
Boeing Company noted that new Boeing                     of Washington Mutual                                       community. The 2006
CEO Scott Carson had announced a gift                    were named Volunteers                                      Founders Award honoree
of $300,000 at the Rotary Centennial                     of the Year. “WaMu CAN”                                    is Steve Schwartz of
Project Kick-Off the week before, and                    volunteers have been                                       Pacific Real Estate Part-
presented Family Services with a check                   tireless in helping Family                                 ners. Steve served on the
for the first installment of $100,000.                   Services at benefit luncheons and           Board from 1998 to 2005, including a
                                                         annual Day of Caring events.                term as Chair (2003-04). Since leaving
Incoming Board Chair Brian                                   The Foundation Award was given to       the Board he has remained a dedicated
Buckley presented awards to                              The Seattle Foundation in recognition       friend of the agency serving on the
the 2006 honorees:                                       of their continuing support of the          Campaign Advancement and Site Com-
    Family Services’ first-ever Civic                    Family Services mission. The Seattle        mittees. He has recently agreed to Co-
Award was presented to the City of                       Foundation’s hallmarks of innovation,       Chair the Capital Campaign as a whole.
Seattle, recognizing the city’s ability to               investment, and interconnection help        Steve and his wife Pam are two of Family
turn dreams into plans and plans into                    create lasting change in our community.     Services’ best ambassadors, consistently
action – and to commit the resources                         George Reynolds (of Columbia            supporting our work in so many ways.
to support lasting results. While                        Bank) received the Distinguished               Family Services’ 2005 Annual
accepting the award, Mayor Greg                          Service Award recognizing his               Report was distributed at the meeting.
Nickels announced that he has included                   leadership and his deep personal            The report is also available online at
$250,000 for the Campaign for Family                     commitment to the agency’s work.            www.family-services.org or by calling
Services in his proposed city budget.                    George has been a leader on the Board       206-826-3050.

Baby Boutique Wish List
                                                                                                Save the
        amily Services’ Baby Boutique provides homeless families with children’s
        essentials. Help make a difference in these children’s lives by donating new
        or gently-used items:

   Clothing (up to size 10)
   Diapers                                                                                        May 10, 2007
   Shoes                                                                                            Mark your calendar and plan
   Books and toys                                                                             to join Family Services for our 13th
                                                                                               annual Spring Benefit Luncheon
   Bibs, bottles, pacifiers
                                                                                                   on Thursday, May 10, 2007,
   Maternity and or nursing supplies                                                           in the newly-remodeled Sheraton
   Equipment such as car seats, strollers, cribs, portable playpens                              Seattle ballroom. It’s sure to be
   (for safety compliance, equipment must be less than 5 years old)                                  an inspirational event!
                                                                                                      Want to be a sponsor?
Take your donations to the Baby Boutique Tuesday through Friday,
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. or 9:30 a.m. - noon on the fourth Saturday of the month.                  A table captain? We’d love to
                                                                                                   have your help! Contact
Location: 1100 Virginia Street, Suite 211 (at the corner of Denny and Fairview;
                                                                                                 Vickielee at 206-826-3038 or
the Baby Boutique entrance is at the back of the building on Virginia Street).
For more information, call 206-902-4270.

                                                                                       community in which they can thrive.
                                                                                       self-sufficient families and a non-violent
                                                                                       Family Services builds emotionally healthy,

                                                                                                           Return Service Requested

                                                                                                       Seattle, WA 98104-2243
                                                                                                       615 2nd Avenue, Suite 150
                                                                                                       Family Services of King County
  Permit #3353
   Seattle, WA
  U.S. Postage
 Non-profit Org.

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