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A post-secondary healthcare management program in environmental services prepares students for employment in hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and nursing homes and other commercial, institutional and residential buildings as healthcare environment managers. The program offers them the knowledge and skills required to build a rewarding career in this field.

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									 How to Become a Healthcare Environmental Services Manager in Canada

A clean, hygienic and infection-free clinic or hospital not only pulls professionals to be a part of the
organization but also increases patient satisfaction and spreads positive word-of-mouth. As the
expectations of patients and their families from a healthcare facility are increasing, it has become
important for hospitals and other medical facilities to maintain an environment that is free from
possible hazards, infections and other medical threats. A hygienic work environment directly affects
the bottom line, providing the healthcare facility with a competitive advantage over other players in
the industry.

This is why, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, residential facilities and long term care facilities want
to adopt the best healthcare environmental management practices, processes and programs that
guarantee a safe, clean, hygienic and infection-free environment. This can be translated into
increased demand for professionals who can help businesses in developing and establishing
systems and processes to protect employees and patients from any kind of medical and
environmental hazards.

The healthcare environmental managers are professionals who are dedicated to maintain a safe
and sanitized environment, comply with safety and hygiene standards and regulations, apply
effective cleanliness systems and procedures, apply infection control procedures, recruit, and train
and develop healthcare environmental services employees, and maintain records complying with
established standards and protocols.

Healthcare Environmental Services Management Courses

As healthcare environmental services management is a mainstream profession, individuals
interested in building a career in this field must undergo a formal education and training in order to
be capable of managing the healthcare environmental operations. Centennial College Toronto offers
a two-year post-secondary healthcare management program in environmental services
preparing them to take up employment with various healthcare settings and in commercial
buildings, schools and residential buildings.

This program runs for four semesters and incorporate classroom lectures, hands-on practical lab
experience, field trips, guest speaker presentations, two industry field placements and professional
practice, covering all aspects of environmental services. Students are provided with a thorough
grounding in Occupational Health and Safety, The Healthcare System, Role of a Healthcare
Environmental Service Manager, Infection Control, Cleaning and Linen Methodology, Purchasing
and Materials Management, Healthcare Business Practices, Plant Operations and Systems
Management, Cost Analysis, Labour Relations and Financial Management and Budgeting.

A strong emphasis is also laid on industry-specific computer applications, business
communications, and inter-professional collaboration for environmental services, math applications,
management and leadership principles and human resource management. The Centennial’s
healthcare management course in environmental services reflects high standards of learning.
And the program curriculum focuses on all aspects of the profession, including technical, business
and interpersonal.
Enrolment Guide

Interested students who have completed their secondary education can send their applications to
the college online, via mail or in person along with the required supporting, such as a copy of
secondary school diploma certificate and scores in English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent
and Mathematics Grade 11 M or 12 C or University or equivalent. Applicants who do not meet these
requirements must take college’s English skills and mathematics assessments for admission. They
will need to book the assessment through the college’s assessment centre.

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