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									Singapore Corporate Tax Services

Corporate tax of Singapore stands at flat rate of 17%. As compared to other countries, this is very
competitive. To make things even more compelling, Singapore government offers a few exemptions
and credits. This reduces the tax rate even further, making the actual effective rate much lesser than

According to the one-tier corporate tax system, the income tax paid by the companies on their taxable
income is the ultimate tax, and no tax is levied on the dividends paid to the shareholders by companies.
The Singapore company tax returns can be filed online or by submitting paper form. The form for
Singapore corporate tax is form C-S, and the due date for filing is November 30 (for paper form), which
is extended until December 15 (for online form submission or e filing).

To encourage to start company in Singapore, the government has provided two types of exemptions.
One is full exemption, in which the tax rate on the first S$100,000 taxable income is 0%, for initial three
years. After which, they are taxed at 8.5% on taxable income up to S$300,000. Besides, there is also a
corporate income tax (CIT) rebate of 30%, subject to a cap of S$30,000 for each YA (Year of

Businesses can also avail cash grant made available for SMEs. It is mainly targeted for companies that
are not able to avail the benefits of CIT rebate. SME Cash Grant is pegged at a rate of 5% of total
revenue, subject to a cap of S$5,000. It is a one-off non-taxable cash grant. Companies are not required
to apply for the SME Cash Grant. As soon as a company files its income tax return, IRAS will compute
and advise the SME Cash Grant amount.

Taking all the above given points into consideration, it can be rightly concluded that Singapore is a tax
haven, and people, both locally and internationally, are taking advantage of it to incorporate business
in Singapore.
About SBS Consulting:
Since 2010, SBS Consulting is striving hard to offer best in class Singapore taxation services. As a result,
they had the opportunity to be associated with many renowned national and international clienteles.
The team of tax consultants and financial analysts at SBS Consulting always ensures that the business
gets just what they asked for i.e. simple, straightforward, and tailor-made tax assistance. Besides
Singapore tax service, SBS Consulting also deals in accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, corporate
secretarial, immigration, visa and other allied services.

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