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DataCenter Document Management Policy Purpose In accordance

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                                          Document Management Policy


In accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which makes it a crime to alter, cover up, falsify, or destroy any
document with the intent of impeding or obstructing any official proceeding, this policy provides for the
systematic review, retention, and destruction of documents, including electronic documents, received or
created by DataCenter. This policy covers all records and documents regardless of physical form. This policy is
designed to conform with the charitable laws of states, likek California, which give the Attorney General a 10
year statute of limiations within which to bring an action for breach of charitable trust.

Document                                                             Period          Electronic or Paper, Location?

Corporate Records
Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws                                 Permanent
Board Meeting and Board Committee Minutes                            Permanent
Board Policies/Resolutions                                           Permanent
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms                                4 years
Contracts and leases (after expiration)                              7 years
Contracts and leases still in effect                                 Permanent
Fixed Asset Records                                                  Permanent
IRS Application and Determination Letter for Tax Exempt Status       Permanent

Financial Records
Accounts payable and receivable                                      10 years
Annual Audits and Financial Statements                               Permanent
Bank statements and deposit slips                                    10 years
Check requests, expense reports, cancelled checks                    10 years
Depreciation Schedules                                               Permanent
Donor records and acknowledgment letters                             10 years
Endowment records (donations, financial statements, etc.)            Permanent
General Ledgers                                                      Permanent
Grant applications and contracts                                     10 years
Invoices, Petty cash vouchers, cash receipts, credit card receipts   10 years
IRS Form 1099                                                        10 years
IRS Form 990 Tax Returns                                             Permanent
Journal Entries                                                      10 years
Payroll Records                                                      10 years
Time sheets & absence reports                                        10 years
W-2 statements                                                       10 years

Employee Records
                                                                     7 years after
Accident reports and worker’s compensation records
Employee Handbooks                                                   Permanent
Employee personnel records (after termination)                       7 years
Employment and termination agreements                                Permanent
Employment applications                                              3 years

Correspondence (legal and important matters)                         Permanent
Endowment Records (donations, financial statements, etc.)            Permanent
Insurance Policies, accident reports, claims, etc.                   Permanent

Electronic documents will be retained as if they were paper documents.

Document Destruction

DataCenter’s Deputy Director, or whoever holds the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for the
ongoing process of identifying records which have met the required retention period and overseeing their
destruction. Financial, persnnel or patient protencted health information documents must be shredded.
Document destruction will be suspended immediately upon any indication of an official investigation or when a
lawsuit is filed or appears imminent. Destruction will be reinstated upon conclusion of the investigation or
lawsuit, with written approval of legal counsel of the Executive Director.

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