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					The success of online advertising has led some companies to create new and innovative ways to allow the consumers themselves to share in the Payper-click profits sites are just one way that advertisers can reach their customers. Clixsense is one of these sites, and membership earnings are based on the amount of ads that are clicked and viewed. As Seen On T.V.

1. Clixsense requires all members to register to take part in their "pay-per-click" opportunity. Once official membership begins, a tiered level of access to the Clixsense website becomes available. Free membership allows for access to ads that cost less per click than that of members who have paid into the program. Advertisements will be displayed on the member's computer screen via the Clixsense site. The member clicks on the ad and a timer begins. The member must then view that ad for a full 30 seconds to fulfill the requirements for payment.

2. There are two levels of Clixsense membership. While Clixsense claims that membership is completely free, opening your e-wallet does offer an extra advantage when it comes to the amount you will receive when clicking on advertising banners. Premium membership, which is achieved when you actually make a purchase through one of the advertisers, opens up a separate level of payper-click advertising banners. These banners will usually pay a few cents more than the previous banners ads.

Time Frame
3. Members are paid on a monthly basis, with the minimum payment being $10 If the minimum has not been reached within the monthly time frame, all payments are carried over into following month or months, depending on when the minimum payment requirement is finally reached.

4. There is a $3 processing fee for all checks that are dispersed. Payments can not be sent to PayPal, so it is up to the member to decide how often a disbursement check should be sent. Some members decide to wait until their payment balance is higher than $10 so that the $3 does not have such a noticeable impact on their paycheck.

5. Clixsense also offers an affiliate program that pays out a profit of ten cents for each new membership. Referrals that result in a premium membership also generate revenue for the original member. And when a referred member places a banner ad on the Clixsense website, the referring member receives a total of 10 percent of future generated clicks.

6. Clixsense gives members the opportunity to earn money online simply by being a Clixsense member Many websites that are viewed on a daily basis contain advertising banners that profit the individual companies who own the banners and the website owner. But Clixsense offers its members the ability to make money themselves by clicking on the ads. Clixsense also offers members the opportunity to place the Clicksense banner on their personal blog in order to generate even more monthly revenue.

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