AR Transaction Type Set Up by xiuliliaofz


									                                                                       Oracle Accounts Receivable
                                                                      Transaction Type Set Up Form
                                                             Mail completed form to NSAR in OBO, MC 0008
Preparer Name:                                      List the User Names of all users needing access to Oracle Receivables:     Yes
Telephone:                                                                                                                     No
Todays Date:

What Financial Responsibility will you be using to create invoices using Oracle Accounts Receivables?
ex: FIN_ITS_Administration

Transaction Types can be used to help departments categorize/group their invoices by category or account.
For each Transaction Type, users can assign a default account number which can be overridden during data entry.
The appropriate AY and Object Code will need to be entered on each invoice.
* Please indicate in the last column if the Source of Revenue to this account is program income.
* Program income is defined as revenue generated by University activities which are funded (in part or in whole) by a sponsored program award (grant account).
Select one default Transaction Type.
                                                                                                          Default Revenue Account Number
   Default?     Transaction Type (17 characters max)Description (60 characters max)              Fund AY Org Object Program Function Activity Program Income?
    Yes or No     ex: ITS-Prod House                ITS Production House charges                     0224 00 20221 37730     0000    31   0000    Yes or No

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