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					             Lovett Elementary’s 2013-2014 Accelerated Reader Policy
    The Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader (AR) Program is a computerized testing tool that Lovett Elementary uses to
     help students increase their reading comprehension growth by reading books that meet their targeted reading range and
     taking tests to determine how well they understand what they have read.
    Students have taken the STAR test, a computerized test that assesses how well a student has comprehended what is read,
     and have been given a specified ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) reading range in which he/she should check-out books
     and read books within.
    Not every book has an AR test; however, the size of our test database makes it pretty easy for every student to find a book to
     enjoy! Refer to Lovett’s website or for a complete listing of all books of which Lovett has an AR test.
    Each 9 Weeks, students are required to earn a required amount of AR points within their ZPD (AR tests
     can NOT be taken on books lower than 4.0) by the end of 6th period on the specified deadline date.
      Please monitor your progress in the reading of your AR books throughout the nine weeks. To eliminate any of
        the stresses that can occur when turning something in on a due date, please strive to have all books read and
        all AR tests taken before the due date.
      Please strive to read more books than the required amount to help you accumulate as many AR points as
      Points accumulated above the required amount will NOT carry over into the following nine week grading period;
        however, they do accumulate into your overall end of the year AR earnings.

    Students will receive 1 summative test grade from earning the required AR points.
      If a student does not earn the required AR points, then he/she will be graded based on the points earned.
      If a student earns 0 AR points, then he/she will receive a 0 for a summative test grade.

    To meet Lovett’s AR expectations, students should use time provided during school hours to read and
     should read 20+ minutes each afternoon as part of their reading homework.

    To ensure that each student is graded solely according to his or her own AR merits, Lovett
     Elementary has established the following AR Policy:
     1. No student will take an AR test for another student.
     2. No student will give another student answers to an AR test.
     3. No student will allow another student to view one’s answers as he/she takes an AR test.
     *If a student cheats or allows another student to cheat from him/her, BOTH students will receive an
      office referral and a zero for their 9 week AR summative test grade.
    When taking an AR test, you MUST abide by the following procedures:
     1. Take the AR book that you need to take a test on AND your AR Reading Log Form to the student computer.
     2. After completing the test, fill out the information on your AR Reading Log Form.
     3. After filling out your AR Log Form in ink, ask the teacher to come and view your test results and have him/her
        sign your AR Log Form. (No teacher signature on AR Reading Log Form = No credit for AR test taken)
     *When testing, do NOT communicate with another student and do NOT allow another student to look at your screen.
     *If you accidentally log out of the results screen, you must pull up your Student Record Report and then ask
      the teacher to come view your results.
    AR Incentives:
     1. Earning the required amount of AR points helps to increase your overall reading grade average.
     2. Students who earn 5 extra points or more above the required amount will be able to attend the fun-filled AR
        Party where they will be awarded prizes and receive treats.
     3. On Awards Day in May, medals are given to students who have accumulated 100 or more AR points with 70%
        accuracy throughout the entire school year, and a trophy is given for the one student in the school who has
        earned the most overall points.
*The AR progress of each student can be monitored online at

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