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									                                   DETAILS OF ORDERS ISSUED ON NOMINATION BASIS FOR APRIL 2013
Sl.                               Name of Agency      Amount
         Description of work                                       Order No.        Date                            Remarks
No.                                 M/s., S/Shri       (Rs.)
 1    Rental charges for hiring   Standard            49214.00 PROJ/L&E/2013-14/ A pril 30, 2013 Power supply of KIOCL Township tripped due to
      315KVA transformer          transformers Pvt.            2330/14                        flashover in trnsformer on 19.04.2013. There is no
                                  Ltd.                                                        spare transformer available. Hence transformer was
                                                                                              hired from M/s. Standard Transformers Pvt. Ltd.,
                                                                                              Manipal on emergency basis.

 2    Repair of process fan     Navadurga Welding 10000.00 PROJ/PP/2013-14/      A pril 24, 2013 Adminstrativeapproval was obtained to send the slip
      motor FNG 5.012 slip ring Centre                     2332/03                            ring cooler for repairs as there was no spare cooler.
      cooler                                                                                  Accordingly the work has been awarded to them on
                                                                                              emergency basis.

                                                                                                             (GAJANANA PAI T)
                                                                                                             AGM (Projects & PC)

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