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April 15_ 2013


									                            Ms. Waninger’s
                           First Grade News
                              April 15, 2013
 What We’re Learning This Week…

                  Literacy                         UPCOMING EVENTS
This week we will be reading the book From
Seed to Dandelion on BookFlix. We will be
                                                  April 16th
discussing    author’s   purpose,   making
                                                  CAO candidate meet and greet
inferences,    finding    similes,  making
connections, reviewing synonyms, discussing
verb tenses, locating adjectives and
contractions, and using sequence words to         April 19th
summarize. We will have our regular word          Yoga
study this week.
                                                  April 22nd
                    Math                          walking field trip – The Strand
This week we will explore attributes,
designs, and facts, use pattern-block and         April 24th
template shapes, make polygons, and               Early Dismissal 12:15
identify 3D shapes.

                                                  April 29th
      Social Studies/Science/Literacy
                                                  Spring Picture Day
 This week we will continue our next Unit of
                                                  (more info to come!)
Inquiry, How the World Works. In this unit
  we will be exploring how all living things in          Special Area Schedule
     our environment have needs and are                        This week
interconnected. We will continue to observe              Monday (Day 1): Spanish
 the seeds we planted and discuss the parts                Tuesday (Day 2): PE
                                                        Wednesday (Day 3): Library
           of a plant and their jobs.
                                                    ColeThursday (Day 4): Spanish
                                                          Friday (Day 5): Music
                                                          Week of April 22nd
                                                         Monday (Day 6): Art
                                                       Tuesday (Day 1): Spanish
                                                   Wednesday (Day 2): Early dismissal
                                                      Thursday (Day 3): Library
                                                        Friday (Day 4): Spanish
                    Ms. Waninger’s
                   First Grade News
                      April 15, 2013

Announcements from Ms. Waninger            Announcements from YARCS

  If you have not returned the blue       Please remember that breakfast
   permission slip for our walking trip     begins at 7:40 and ends at 8:00
   to the Strand, please do so as soon      each day. Students arriving close
   as possible! Thank you!                  to 8:00 or after will NOT be
  This week, will begin working on our     permitted to eat breakfast at
   book that will be published. Each        school.
   child will have a page in the book.     Please be reminded that
   If you haven’t returned the              sweatshirts with hoods are not
   envelope yet, please do so as soon       permitted to be worn at school.
   as you can. This is not only an         We’ve added early dismissal days
   order form, but also permission for      to our calendar for this year, so
   your child to be included in the         please plan accordingly! A bag
   published book. Even if you aren’t       lunch will be served. Dismissal
   interested in ordering a book,           will be at 12:00 for the following
   please check NO and return the           days: January 23, February 20,
   form. Thank you!!                         March 20, April 24, May 17 and
  As we continue our unit on How the        May 22.
   World Works and plants, please          Please remember     to have your
   continue to encourage your child to      child wear tennis   shoes on our PE
   notice things beginning to grow as       day (Day 2).
   you are outside. They have their        Please remember     to label your
   nature journal with them at school       child’s sweaters,   jackets, etc.
   and at home, so they can make lots
   of observations!
  You can find my newsletters online
   at under the Teachers
   tab, then click on my name!
 Ms. Waninger’s
First Grade News
   April 15, 2013

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