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1   A Quick Review of CDL History

    2   CDL Today

        3       CDL Classrooms

            4     CDL Principles

            5     Our Approach to Learning

            6     Being a Lab School

        7       Applying to the CDL
                    CDL: The Beginning

Founder: Nellie L. Perkins        English Building

The Child Development Laboratory began as a half-day
program for preschool children that was housed in the
English Building...
               CDL: The Beginning
1955   The Child Development Laboratory (CDL) building was built.
            CDL: The Beginning
                CDL - Today

                     One Program,
                     Two Buildings

The CDL and ECDL buildings serve a total of 192 children from
the campus and community.
                CDL - Today
   High-Quality Child Care:

The CDL program has been accredited by the National
Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
since 1990.
                 CDL - Today

    CDL Building:
96 children attend the half-
day and full-day classes
offered for two to five year
olds in the CDL building.
     CDL - Today
Lab School Functions:
 The CDL building was specifically designed to
 support teaching, research, and outreach.
                ECDL - Today

                                        Recent Expansions !

                                                     In 2003,
   the Early Child Development Laboratory (ECDL) was opened
to expand the ages and numbers of children served by the CDL.
                     ECDL - Today

serves 96 children as
young as six weeks of
age to children who are
just turning four.
                        Who Are We?

                               Assistant to the
          Associate Director                        Program Coordinator

                               13 Head Teachers

  Each Full-Day Classroom                             Each Half-Day Classroom
in the CDL program is                               in the CDL program is
staffed by 1 Head Teacher      Assistant Teachers   staffed by 1 Head Teacher
and 2 Assistant Teachers                            and 1 Assistant Teacher
                 Classroom Schedules
Full-Day Classes
• 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Mon-Fri.
• Year round: Closed university
  holidays and the second two
  weeks of August.

Half-Day Classes
• 8:30 -11:30 a.m. (2’s and 3’s):
  1- 4 p.m. (4’s) Tues-Fri.
• Follows 9 month academic
• Classes offered Sept.- May:
  Closed during all breaks
         Classroom Capacity: Full-day

3 Infant rooms (Eight 6 wk-12 month olds/room)
         Classroom Capacity: Full-day

2 Toddler rooms (Twelve 12-24 month olds/room)
      Classroom Capacity: Full-day

2 Two’s rooms (Fourteen 2 year olds/room)
         Classroom Capacity: Full-day

3 Preschool rooms (Twenty 3-4 year olds/room)
 Classroom Capacity: Half-day

1 Two’s room (16 two-year-olds)
   Classroom Capacity: Half-day

1 Three’s room (20 three year olds)
  Classroom Capacity: Half-day

1 Four’s room (20 four-year-olds)
                 Our Principles


 We believe that everything we

 do should be done with

 respect for the individual, their

 history and culture
                   Our Principles

§ We believe that relationships are
  the foundation of and the context
  for all learning and development.

§ These relationships build
  community at the individual,
  classroom, school, university and
  wider community levels.
                Our Principles


 We value the uniqueness of
 each individual and what
 they bring to the learning
                  Our Principles


 We believe in the competence

 and potential of all learners.
                    Our Principles


  We believe that learning and development

  happen over the span of a lifetime through

  choices, play, exploration, experimentation

  and reflection.
           Our Approach to Learning


        Classroom curriculum is guided by the portfolios teachers

keep to track children’s growth and development and the

resulting developmental goals that teachers set for each child.
               Our Approach to Learning

Curriculum is designed to challenge children and provide scaffolding to

help them meet their goals in all areas of development.
Our Approach to Learning

               Formalized parent-teacher

      conferences are held at the end of

      each academic semester to discuss

      children’s progress.
               Our Approach
         to Discipline & Guidance

 CDL Staff takes a positive approach to discipline…

We develop consistent, clear rules in
     We develop consistent, discuss
conjunction with children andclear rules in
these rules to ensure understanding.
     conjunction with children and discuss
     these rules to ensure understanding.
      Our Approach
to Discipline & Guidance

                We use logical/natural

       consequences, redirection, anticipation

       of and elimination of potential

       problems, and encouragement of

       appropriate behavior rather than

       competition, comparison, or criticism.
                   Being a Lab School

         As a Lab School,

the CDL supports its academic missions by:

      Facilitating student observations of

      Serving as a center for teacher

      Allowing select research/teaching
      projects to occur at the school
           Being a Lab School

  Children’s needs always come first…

All research/teaching projects

are thoroughly reviewed by the

CDL administration to ensure

children’s safety/well-being…
        Being a Lab School

 Students must follow strict guidelines while observing

 children at the CDL and ECDL…

ECDL Observation                    CDL Observation
              Being a Lab School

      CDL parents and children are

always permitted to refuse

participation in teaching/research

            Applying to the CDL

Admission is NOT on a first-come, first-served basis
The CDL promotes diversity by:by
   Selecting representation from student, staff, faculty, and
   community families
   Selecting children of diverse age, gender, ethnicity, primary
   language, and income (1/3 of the families at CDL are low-income
   and receive support to attend)
   Encouraging parents of children with special needs to apply
                  Applying to the CDL

The CDL accepts new children on an annual basis — mid-year
placements occur only as spaces become available.
Applications are accepted beginning in November for the following
Fall’s program.
Class assignments are given in April for half-day programs and in
June for full-day programs.
Classroom placements are made according to the age of the child
on September 1st of the year of enrollment. Transitions between
classrooms occur annually.
Once a child is accepted to the CDL, enrollment for each successive
year is guaranteed.
       Applying to the CDL

To apply to the CDL electronically or by mail,

Click this link!

                          Come Visit Us!
Child Development Laboratory
1105 W. Nevada
Urbana, IL 61801

Early Child Development Laboratory
1005 W. Nevada
Urbana, IL 61801
(Enter through Jimmy John’s parking lot
off of Lincoln Ave.)

                             For More Information or Facility Tour,

                                Please Call (217) 244-8622

                                Visit Our Website: http://cdl.uiuc.edu
Thank You!

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