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									By: Kris Duguid and Taylor Lewchuk
 Water pollution happens in lakes,
rivers and ocean’s. It’s definition is
pollution of waters such as rivers
and lakes. Water pollution is when
some dumps something into water
that they aren’t supposed to or all
of the water we use from things in
our own homes pollutes rivers,
oceans and lakes. Sometimes
factories pollute the water.
                                         Water in tea
                                         from china.
                  Effect of Water Pollution
Estimating suggest the nearly 1.5 billion
people lack safe drinking water and that
at least 5 million deaths per year can be
caused to waterborne diseases. With over
70 % of the world covered by oceans,
many people have dumped waste in these
bodies of water. Raw sewage, garbage
and oil spills is overwhelmed with
pollution in the waters.Sometimes
beaches are closed often because of high This pig died from
amounts of bacteria from sewage           dinking polluted water.
disposal and wildlife is beginning to
suffer and die.
       Sources of Water Pollution
  There are direct and indirect sources of water
  pollution.Direct sources include the garbage from
  factories, refineries, waste and plants.
  Indirect sources include contaminants that enter the water
  supply from soils/ groundwater systems and from
  atmosphere , rain water. Soils and groundwater contain a
  lot of industrial waste.

To much pollution !
What water pollution looks like
             How does it effect us!
          Water Pollution affects people because the same
          water that is polluted by those factories, things from
          our house or people dumping things into the water is
          the same water that we drink and use.

Scientists have proven that you can get diseases
from such drinking water. Kids sometimes
swallow water from pools and lakes and if the
water is polluted they can get very ill and die.
          Three Sides To The Story
Not all people think water pollution is
worth doing something about. Some
people think that water pollution will go
away on its own.
                       Some people think that water pollution is
                       something to care about and want to do
                       something to stop it.

 Some people don’t know what to think.
 They think that what the first group is
 talking about is true but also the second
How much water do we use!!
     What will happen and more of
          what it looks like
It will turn into
people thinking that
water pollution is
fine. Then a lot of     The water will
people will start to    turn even grosser
die and then they’ll    than it al ready is
start to care.          and people won’t
                        be aloud to go
                        anymore because
                        of the illnesses.
        Water Pollution Pictures

Pictures of water
that is polluted to
          True and False

 People think that water pollution came on its

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       Taylor’s Credits

1. Katelyn for supporting me

2. Emily Dyrland for looking at my power point

 3. Kristian for being my partner
         Kris’s Credits

1.Devon for helping me

2. Cory idea

3. Taylor for being my partner
                 Thanks !

We would also like to thanks Mr. Macintyre for
teaching us PowerPoint and telling us what to do.
By: Kris Duguid and Taylor Lewchuk

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