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					WALT: Develop our skills
with Q3 exam questions
                  A/B Evaluation
                     C/D Explain
                   E/F: Describe
          Focus: CAUSATION and RECALL of KNOWLEDGE
Level 1   Make statements which lack supporting knowledge. OR unsupported
(1-3)     generalisations:
          The USA issued the Truman Doctrine…….
          1 mark for ONE simple statement
          2 marks for two simple statements.

Level 2   Explains WHY causes led to worsening.
(4-9)     You support the statement WITH relevant knowledge to show how an
          event led to the outcome.

          Eg: 1947 seemed to be a year when wartime alliance broke down.
          Following Britain’s inability to continue offering support to Greece
          against the Communists, the USA stepped in with the aid……
          4-5 marks for ONE developed argument
          6-7 marks for TWO developed arguments
          8-9 marks for THREE developed arguments

Level 3   Explains how factors interlink or prioritises factors.
(10-12)   EG: Relations between superpowers had already been deteriorating
          before 1947 but as soon as the Truman Doctrine was issued, it
          seemed they could not be improved. The Marshall plan further
          threatened the Soviet Union…..
          10-11 marks for linking OR prioritising
          11-12 marks for linking AND prioritising
 Explain why relations between the USA
  and USSR worsened in the years 1947-49
 Explain why there was a crisis over Cuba
  in 1963 (12)

Select ONE of the two questions
you wish to answer:
 Create a mind map of all the features you
  are going to include in your answer.
 You may use www.thehi-pod.com GCSE –
  Revision guides and the links to help
 Or, you may use the textbook.
 For each point you are going to make, you
  must find out when, why and impact.
 Remember, you need to make 3
  DEVELOPED arguments and then link
  and/or prioritise.

Task 1: Preparing the revision
 You will have 20 minutes to write your

Task 2: Writing the answer
 Using the mark scheme, peer assess each
  others’ answers.

Task 3 – Peer Assessment
 You have two weeks holiday.
 Set yourself 2 goals to achieve for your
  Modern World Revision.

Plenary – Target setting

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