VSAA Recruiting by pptfiles



* “My name is. . . And I am. . .”
* Opportunity for 5th graders “Who knows
                someone who goes to the Art School?”

* Decision-making
* Today’s agenda
* Introduce student presenters
VSAA Overview
* Grades 6 - 12               “Who knows where the Art School is?

* Attend all day                                    - Shumway School?

* 9:15 - 4:05                                                  - Dairy Queen? ”

   È Morning 3 hours academics: Math, Science, Language Arts,
     Social Studies
   È Afternoon 3 hours arts: Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts,
     Literary Arts, Moving Image Arts “What art forms do you
                                                   study in Arts Block?”
   È Lunch & Advocacy in the middle

   È Transportation by school bus
* Introduce & show video
Applying to VSAA

*   Everyone must apply
     È No attendance boundary for Vancouver students
     È Most openings are for 6th graders
     È Looking for sincere interest in learning through the Arts, admission not based on
*   Packets available mid-November; due mid-December
     È Application form with 3 questions
     È 4 recommendation forms
*   All applicants with complete applications by deadline are interviewed;
    some attend workshop
     È Interview like a conversation
     È Workshop like an arts class
*   Everyone notified by mail by April

* Q&A

* Interested?
  È Take home a brochure (given to teacher)
  È November 12 Applicant Information Night - tell your
  È Thanks!

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