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									Protecting Your Home against Unexpected (and Expensive) Dangers
I think we all know that it is important to protect our homes against fires and floods, but there are so
many other threats to our homes that are both unexpectedly common and unexpectedly expensive.
Check out this list of potential home-treats and ways to avoid them.

Failing Foundations
Perhaps the most disastrous and expensive danger you home could face is a failing foundation. Perhaps
it was not properly laid or the site that it was built on was prone to shifts, expansions, or even

Early signs of shifting foundations are windows and doors that are hard to get open. Farther along,
you’ll notice cracks in your walls or floors or a leaning chimney. Unfortunately, only expensive
construction can fix this problem. Otherwise, just make sure that your home has good drainage and
that should help ward of foundation problems.

Areas of your home that are left damp (from
flooding, leaking pipes, even humidifiers) can
easily develop mold. Not only is mold unsightly, it
can threaten structural stability and release
spores into your home threatening your health.

If you’ve experienced flooding or a leaking pipe,
make sure everything gets completely dried out
and stays that way. Also, check walls behind beds
or dressers near portable humidifiers. The
moisture will settle on walls and floors and grow a
nasty looking mold.

Everything from nasty, fat termites that eat at your wood to tiny little bedbugs that eat you while you
sleep, can be a pain to get rid of. Extermination procedures can be expensive, difficult, and
inconvenient for living.

The only thing you can do to combat bugs is to try to keep your home as clean as possible, keep
windows and doors shut, and be careful about what you and your luggage touches in hotels when you
                                              travel. And never bring in used furniture unless they have
                                              been thoroughly inspected and cleared for bedbugs.

                                                Another terror to watch out for are your teenagers.
                                                Usually they aren’t after the destruction of your home,
but sometimes their underdeveloped brains, rambunctious, playful natures, and near-adult physical
strength can pose a hazard to your home.

They do stupid things like riding down the stairs on pieces of cardboard, punch the wall when they get
angry, try to balance on banisters, and unintentionally slam glass doors when they are in a hurry. And
when you get two teens wrestling, say goodbye to priceless heirlooms and treasured fragiles.

The only remedy for this kind of danger is to train your kids well, encourage outdoor play, and perhaps
invest in a punching bag. As much as you love those little suckers, you don’t want to have to scold,
punish, and pay for the damage they might cause.

Protecting Your Home from Everything
Despite your preventative measures, you’ll still need some kind of financial protection for when things
do go awry. You can’t avoid everything, after all. Take some time to investigate the best options for
Homeowners Insurance in Seattle. With the right provider, you can protect your home from all these

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