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									 On the Move
              Colin Bill,                     Harnish
              Kilopass                        Kanani,
              Technology                      Ayasdi
              The Santa                      The
              Clara                          Menlo Park
              provider of                    software
              chip logic                     company
              non-volatile                   that works
memory intellectual prop-      to solve cancer research
erty named Colin Bill chief    problems named Harnish
scientist. He has worked       Kanani vice president
in the semiconductor           of customer success.
industry for more than 25      Recently, he served as an
years.                         executive at Oracle.

              Sailesh                         Aaron Mahi-
              Chittipeddi,                    mainathan,
              Integrated                      Telerik
              Device Tech-               The end-to-
              nology                     end platform
              The San Jose               provider
              mixed-signal               that com-
              semicon-                   bines user
ductor provider named      interface tools with cloud
Sailesh Chittipeddi global services appointed Aaron
vice president of opera-   Mahimainathan chief
tions and chief technology product officer. Previ-
officer.                   ously, he held positions at
                           SAP, Siebel Systems and

              Level 10                        Thomas
              The Sunny-
              vale facili-                    Ayasdi
              ties builder                   The
              named Kevin                    Menlo Park
              Englund vice                   software
president of operations.                     company
He is a former senior proj-                  that works
ect executive at Rudolph       to solve cancer research
and Sletten.                   problems named Thomas
                               Schaeffer vice president of
                               human resources. He has
                               been a human resources
              Ramon            executive in the high-tech
              Guitart,         industry for more than 25
              The Fremont
              of ultra-ef-                    Frank
              ficient, cost-
electronically commu-                         Medallia
tated permanent magnet                         The Palo Alto
motors appointed Ramon                         software-
Guitart vice president of                      as-a-service
engineering. Previously, he                    customer
served at TECO-Westing-                        experience
house Motor Co.                management services
                               named Frank Slootman
                               to its board of directors.
                               Currently, he serves as
                               president and chief execu-
                               tive officer at ServiceNow.

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