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									 How and When to
 Report Bullying at
Bryan Middle School
                What is Bullying?
• Code of Conduct definition:
“Bullying occurs when a student communicates with another
  by any means including telephone, writing, cyberbullying,
  or via electronic communications with the intent to
  intimidate, or inflict physical, emotional, or mental harm
  without legitimate purpose or physically contacts another
  person with the intent to intimidate or to inflict physical,
  emotional, or mental harm without legitimate purpose.”
What does bullying look like?
•   Threatening gestures
•   Suggestive gestures (especially of a sexual nature)
•   Blocking someone’s path intentionally
•   Pulling a chair out from under someone
•   Refusing to let someone have a seat
•   Knocking books or other possessions from someone’s hands
•   Taking another person’s book, purse, jacket or other items
    with the intent to cause them to be upset
•   Writing unkind, threatening, embarrassing, or personal
    information about another
    What does bullying sound like?
•   Threatening comments
•   Inappropriate laughter or other vocalizations (ex. animal sounds)
•   Gossiping
•   Belittling comments (making fun of others)
•   Suggestive comments (especially those of a sexual nature)
•   Conversations meant to make another feel uncomfortable
    When and Where does bullying
Bullying can happen at any time and anywhere:
• At school- classrooms, hallways, restrooms, gym, locker rooms, cafeteria
• On the bus
• At sports events
• At the mall
• In your neighborhood
• On the Internet – Facebook, Twitter, Chat rooms, etc.
    What should you do if you are
• TELL AN ADULT at school! This includes your
  teachers, counselors, principals, librarian,
  secretaries, SRO officer, bus driver and custodians.
  ANY adult at Bryan will help you!
• Write a SHOUT to report bullying anonymously
• Witnesses should REPORT bullying too
• Tell your parents or the adult you live with
  (grandparent, aunt or uncle, etc.)
           Reporting is Vital!
• In order for the adults at Bryan to help you, it
  is necessary for you to report bullying to a
  teacher, counselor, principal, or SRO.
• Report bullying EACH time it happens.
• We can not stop what we do not know exists!
• “No one can make you feel
  inferior without your

    –Eleanor Roosevelt

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