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     The Honorable Susan Bonila
     Chair, Assembly Business Professions and Consumer Protection
     1020 N Street, Room 3 83
     Sacramento, California 95814
     Fax 916-319-3306
     Re: SUPPORTS B 218 (Yee)

     Dear Chairman and Members of the Committee:
     The measure would provide a pathway for skilled traumatologist, trained in this aspect of Traditional
     Chinese Medicine (TCM) to achieve a California certification. This certification process, through. the
     establishment of high educational standards and review would thereby provide Californians with basic
     health and safety assurances when receiving services from a California "Certified Trau.matologist"
     By way of background, TCM Traumatology takes a holistic approach to the body with a complete
     theoretical system that bas provided cures to individuals for centuries. Traumatology has been practiced
     in CaJjfornia since the first Chinese immigrants built the railroads in th.e mid to late 1800's.
     Traumatology includes a range of treatments to address both acute and chronic musculoskeletal
     conditions, as well as many non-musculoskeletal conditions; such as improving an individual's chi and
     meridians_ A group of such practitioners exist in the state of California and have been providing highly
     skilled care, affordable care, to the public_ In many cases these practitioners provide these needed
     services in some of the most disadvantaged and low-income communities_
     This measure would simply bring about a public recognition of this profession, establish high standards
     and training for the certification process and continue to enhance the public's access to high quaiity
     care at very affordable prices. If you should have questions, please call our lobbyist, Josh Pane@ {91.6)
     &3_5-3 036. For the health, welfare and public safety and the aboVementioned reasons, we urge your
     "Aye" vote when tbis measure comes before you. Thank you.

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