Formax Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Guillotine Cutter Spec Sheet

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                                                                                                             Cut-True 27S
                                                                       SEMI-AutoMAtIc ElEctrIc pApEr cuttEr
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  Standard Features:
    Guillotine cutter accurately cuts through paper
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                                                                                                                Automatic Paper Clamp
    stacks up to 3.15” high, up to 18.9” wide
    Semi-automatic with electronically-controlled
    two-hand operation

                                                                                                                                                        Pressure Seal Solutions • Mailing Solutions • Data Destruction Solutions • Digital Print & Finishing Solutions
    Bright red LED cut line for pinpoint accuracy
    Automatic clamping system
    High-quality hardened steel blade
    Spindle-guided back gauge with LED display
    Main switch and safety lock with key
    Electronically-controlled front safety guard
    Transparent front and rear safety guards             Dual-Button
    Automatic blade return from any position              Operation

    Calibrated scale for fine adjustments, in both
    inches and metric
    Solid steel blade carrier
    Adjustable blade guides
    Blade depth adjustment from outside the machine                                                                      Rugged metal stand, included
    Easy blade change from front of machine
    Wooden paper push for safe alignment
    All-metal stand and tabletop feet included
    Blade change safety tool included

                                                         The Formax Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter offers precision
  Supplies:                                              cutting for paper stacks up to 18.9” wide. User-friendly features include dual-button
                                                         electronic operation, automatic paper clamp, and LED digital readout. Simply load a
    27-10: Replacement Blade
                                                         stack of paper, up to 3.15” high and press the clamp and blade buttons to engage the
    27-20: Replacement Cutting Sticks, pkg of 8          hardened-steel Guillotine blade. These features, combined with the bright red LED
                                                         Cutting Line, allow operators to make fine adjustments and see exactly where the
                                                         blade will cut.

                                                         Accuracy meets safety in the Cut-True 27S, with front and rear transparent safety
                                                         guards, blade lock, safety lock with key, external blade depth adjustment, automatic
                                                         blade return from any position, easy-to-use blade change safety tool, and a wooden
                                                         paper push for safe alignment. The rugged metal stand is also included, providing a
                                                         stable work surface, and a convenient shelf for additional storage.

                                                         The Cut-True 27S Electric Cutter is ideal for transforming brochures, invitations and
    Formax - New Hampshire, USA                          more, with crisp, accurate cuts, and makes a welcome addition to print shops and                                       in-plant finishing operations.
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                                                                                                                                                Pressure Seal Solutions • Mailing Solutions • Data Destruction Solutions • Digital Print & Finishing Solutions
                    LED Cutting Line                                                                Automatic Paper Clamp
                    Shows exactly where the blade will cut,                                         Push-button automatic clamping is quicker
                    allowing for precise adjustments                                                and easier than with a hand wheel clamp

                    Hand Crank Back Gauge Adjustment                                                Crisp, accurate cuts
                    Fine-tune control for precision cutting                                         Hardened steel blade for razor sharp cuts

                                                     Two-Hand Operation
                                                     Automatically engages clamp and blade, keeping hands
                                                     away from the cutting area

                                   Cutting Action:                     Dual-button electric
                                   Maximum Cutting Width:              18.9” (480mm)
                                   Maximum Paper Stack Height:         3.15” (80mm)
                                   LED Cutting Line:                   Yes
                                   Clamp Style:                        Automatic
                                   Back Gauge Adjustment:              Manual crank
                                   Back Gauge Reading:                 Digital readout, in both inches and metric
                                   Blade Change Safety Tool:           Included
                                   Dimensions:                         51” H x 36” W x 39” D (1300mm H x 920mm W x 1000mm D)
                                   Weight:                             550 lbs. (250kg)
                                   Power Supply:                       110V, 20A dedicated line
                                   Safety Certifications:              CE approved, UL pending

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