Kobra 1000-R Light duty Rotary Trimmer Spec Sheet by monomachines


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        Light duty Trimmer

        KOBRA 1000-R
        Cutting width (in.):              40
        Cutting thickness:                0,8 mm, approx. 8 sheets
        Paper press:                      automatic
        Hand protection guard:            yes
        Dimensions (in.) :                48x16,5x4
        Weight (lbs.):                    17,5

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         Large size rotary trimmer. Can cut paper sizes larger than the rated cutting through a special side opening. A
         convenient built-in housing can accommodate paper rolls for easy cutting operations of large sizes of
         continuous paper. Equipped with a special sharpened carbon steel blade unaffected by the wearing action of
         the materials to cut for long-lasting cutting operations with the same cutting precision through the years.

          •    Transparent and automatic paper press
          •    Side bars for easy alignment of material to cut
          •    Solid steel base with screen printed photographic and paper sizes in mm. and inches
          •    Special side openings to cut paper sizes lager than the rated cutting width
          •    Built-in housing can accommodate paper rolls
          •    Sharpened carbon steel blade, easily replaced by the push-button mechanism
          •    High quality materials according to ISO 9000 Standards
          •    Built in accordance to the Safety Standards BS 5498 (British Standards)
          •    Trade Agreement Act (TAA) Compliant
          •    Accessories: steel blade code D-3011/F

          Special side opening to cut paper sizes larger than   Convenient built-in paper rolls housing for easy
          the rated cutting width                               cutting operations of large sizes of continuous paper

                                                                                                                          MADE IN ITALY


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