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The Crucible Test Review - Brookwood High School


									                                         The Crucible Test Review

I.       Characters
Write a short description of each character (for example, who are they related to, who do they work for,
what was their main role in the witchcraft trials, etc.)
1. Betty Parris Rev Parris’ daughter; “ill” at the beginning of the play; supposedly been seen flying

2. Tituba Rev Parris’ slave from Barbados; sings her songs while the other girls dance

3. Mary works for Proctors; tries to save Parris

4. Reverend Hale witchcraft expert from Beverly; quits the court after Proctor is arrested; accuses court
      proceedings of being evil

5. John Proctor brings ruin on himself to save his wife

6. Abigail drinks blood; leader of the girls; has an affair with John Proctor

7. Reverend Parris fears for his own life if John Proctor is hanged

8. Giles Corey never confessed to witchcraft; killed by being pressed

9. Martha Corey secretly reads books

10. Elizabeth Proctor John’s wife; suspects that her husband may have gone to Salem rather than work at

II.      Quotes
Who said the following?
11. “I’ll fly to Mama. Let me fly!” Betty Parris

12. “And I thought I saw- someone naked running through the trees!” Rev Parris
   13. “In these books the Devil stands stripped of all his brute guises.” Rev Hale

   14. “Oh, Mary, this is a black art to change your shape.” Abigail

   15. “Tonight, when I open my door to leave my house- a dagger clattered to the ground…” Rev Parris

   16. “I came into this village like a bridegroom to his Beloved, bearing gifts of high religion…” Rev Hale

   17. “…I counted myself so plain, so poorly made, no honest love could come to me!” Elizabeth Proctor

   18. “Is your husband a lecher?” Judge Danforth

   19. “I know you-you are a singing secret hallelujahs that your wife will hang!” Abigail

   III.      Questions
   20. Where does The Crucible take place (city and state)? Salem, Massachusetts

   21. From what country is Tituba? Barbados

   22. Who killed Abigail’s parents (she witnessed this)? How does she use this experience on the other girls?
   Indians killed her parents; she uses this experience to threaten the other girls into silence

   23. Why does Mrs. Putnam send Ruth to Tituba? To find out who killed her babies

   24. Why did Rebecca Nurse advise Rev. Parris to send Rev. Hale away? Because she knew his presence
          would cause more hysteria in Salem

   25. Who does Elizabeth urge her husband to tell that the girls’ accusations are a fraud? Ezekiel Cheever
   26. Mary Warren reports from the court that the people accused of witchcraft will not be hanged if they
          do what? confess

   27. Why does Elizabeth think that Abby would accuse her of witchcraft? Abigail wants to take her place as
          John’s wife

   28. What does Rev Parris replace the pewter candlesticks with? Golden candlesticks

   29. What commandment does John Proctor forget when asked to recite the Ten Commandments?

   30. Why is Sarah Good accused of witchcraft? When asked, she could not recite the Ten Commandments

   31. Why does Mary Warren enjoy her role in court? She likes the power and status she has in the village

   32. Why did Abigail stick a needle in her stomach? To accuse Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft

   33. Why is Giles Corey arrested? He refuses to name the person who accused Putnam of reaching out for

   34. How is Rev Hale’s attitude when he first comes to Salem? How does it change? He enters Salem as
          optimistic and confident; he then accuses the court proceedings of being evil

   35. When does Rev. Hale begin to doubt the morality and motivations behind the trials? He hears John
          Proctor’s story

   36. Why is it ironic to call the confessions of witchcraft “coming to God”? confessing to witchcraft is lying
          which is a sin
37. Why does Rev. Parris want to save John Proctor? Because his own life has been threatened if Proctor
   is hanged

38. Why does Danforth refuse to postpone the hangings? It might look as if he has wrongly executed
   innocent people

39. Why does Hale want Proctor to confess to witchcraft? So Proctor may save his own life

40. Why are cows wandering loose in Salem? Many farmers have been jailed and can’t take care of their

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