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Presentation 2


									2nd Semester Meeting 2
    Matt Bernstein, Paul Capelli, Jared Segal

January 22, 2008
   Obtained Access to Server hardware
   Selected subversion system
   Selected J2EE Webserver – Geronimo
   Modeled Object Oriented Structure of
   Wrote short SQL scripts for application
   Obtained Access to MySQL on server
   Got with Guy, obtained access to server
    (permission from Guy, login, password)
   Logged into server successfully
   Server is entirely Linux based (no GUI)
   Server currently has some PHP code already in
    its HTML directory (meaning someone is using
   Do not have permission to visit site
Server Todo
   What can we / can we not do on our server (Will
    have to ask guy how far we can go in terms of
    installing software)
   Can we install our subversion system on the
    server as well?
   FTP?
   Risks: Linux command line (its not fun but
    Jared knows it), dedicated hosting?
   Geronimo
          Java's fully J2EE 5 compatible web server
          Easy to use
          Comes with console web application to
           manage mySQL configuration, application
           EARs, ports
   May not be the best, can be cumbersome as it
    is very out of box
   May have speed issues, we shall see
Strongest Advantage of Geronimo
   Can compile your code using Eclipse or
    Netbeans into EAR (Enterprise Archive file)
   This is an easily deployed bundle containing
    your entire web APPLICATION
   Can go online to Geronimo console and simply
    redeploy your EAR on each build
   Can connect databases to Geronimo (to use
    out-of-box J2EE database configuration)
Object Oriented Model
   We discussed this last time but...
   Model – View – Controller
           Controller – web.xml and will
            forward requests based on POST data and
            URL and call model classes
           Model classes will inherit from base class –
            perform action and forward data to view
           View will be JSP with tags in it to take data
            from model object passed to page
MVC Diagram
MySQL Scripts
   Paul, the mastermind behind our data
    dictionary, has constructed short SQL scripts
    for our mySQL database
   Currently create the required tables
   R&D to be performed to determine where
    relationships may be necessary, indexing,
    primary/secondary keys, etc
Potential Risks
   Deployment of Geronimo to Server (medium)
   Getting permission from Guy to do a lot of what
    we are hoping to do (medium)
   Successful implementation of SVN on server
   Linux command line only? (low)
   Deployment of EAR to actual VUSE web server
    (medium but a long time from now)
Next Steps
   Install Geronimo on server and test
   Deploy a Hello World EAR on geronimo server
          Hello World to request data from
           database/write to database
   SVN on server
   Meet with David Lynn to discuss if an EAR is a
    good means of proving him our final code
   Code, code, code
   Prepare for PDR (discussion on what a good
    group will have...)

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