table that lays out the chronology of the accusations against the Mayor by xiuliliaofz


									                                                         Date of Alleged                                                                                  Date
         Name             Age        Occupation                               Allegations                      Detailed Allegations                                                      Source
                                                          Harassment                                                                                    Reported

                                                                                              Jackson described Filner's penchant for putting her
                                                                                              into a headlock and pulling her about, while
                                                                           Groping,           whispering sexually explicit comments in her ear. She
                                                                           attempted kissing, said the mayor often told her he loved her, wanted to
                                Director of                                Sexual comments, kiss her, told her he wanted to see her naked and that
                                Communication,                             Workplace          she should work without panties at City Hall; and that
Irene McCormack Jackson   57    Mayor's Office           Jan-June 2013     harrassment        he wanted to "consummate their relationship."          July 22

                                                                                               Fink states that Filner groped her buttocks while at a
                                Political Consultant,                                          fundraiser. She later reported it to Filner's chief of
                                Former Filner campaign                                         staff. No disciplinary actions were taken, although
Laura Fink                      staff                  February 24, 2005 Groping               Filner later said "I'm sorry."                           July 23

                                                                                             Rose states that Congressman Filner started staring at
                                                                                             her at a restaurant. He then said, "your eyes have
                                                                                             bewitched me." He stood up, walked over to her side
                                                                                             and sat down next to her and wanted to kiss her. "He
                                                                                             tried to move my face towards his to kiss me on the
                                                                                             mouth," Rose said. She turned away from him and
                                                                                             remembers negotiating for him to stop. "Would you
                                                                                             please go back so we can continue this meeting? This
                                                                                             is an important topic," she said. Congressman Filner
                                                                           Groping, Asking   said he would not move until "you kiss me."
                                School Psychologist for                    for dates,        Congressman Filner tried to kiss her four separate
Morgan Rose               67    SDUSD                   Jan 2009           Attempted kissing times.                                                 July 24

                                                                                               Bernie-Cloward recounted that Congressman Filner
                                                                                               approached her at a National City event in 2010, told
                                                                                               her she was beautiful and that he "wanted to date
                                                                                               me" after his re-election. "He came up to me after the
                                                                                               event was over. I was talking with friends and he gave
                                                                                               me a hug. And then he touched me, actually groped
                                President of the San                                           me on my backside inappropriately," Bernie-Cloward
                                Diego Port Tenants                         Groping, Asking     said. "I was left there startled and fearful. In fact, I
Sharon Bernie-Cloward     58    Association              2010, 2012        for dates           actually had someone walk me to my car that night." July 25

                                                                                               Roscoe states that "On numerous occasions, he put in
                                                                                               me what I guess now is the famous headlock; and I
                                                                                               felt fearful, even as well as I knew him, because it
                                                                                               was an invasion into my space," Roscoe said. "And he
                                                                                               would come in and try to kiss me on the lips and I'd
                                                                                               have to squirm to get away. And just as recently as a
                                                                           Groping, Forced     few months ago this happened. I turned and he just
Patti Roscoe              70    Businesswoman                              kissing             slobbered down my chin."                              July 25
                                                                                               Froman states: “He stopped me and he got very close
                                                                            Unwanted           to me. And he ran his finger up my cheek like this and
                                Retired Rear Admiral,                       touching,          he whispered to me, ‘Do you have a man in your
Veronica "Ronne"                Former COO of City of    "A couple of years inappropriate      life?’” Froman said. “I jumped back. I was very, very
Froman                    66    San Diego                ago"               questioning        startled."                                             July 25

                                                                                             Gattas described a series of "interactions with Bob
                                                                                             where he's held me too tight, a kiss on the cheek
                                Dean of the College of                     Unwanted          which is inappropriate, hands on the knee that last
                                Professional Studies                       touching,         too long." Also reports hearing inappropriate sexual
Joyce Gattas              68    and Fine Arts at SDSU                      Attempted kissing comments from Filner.                                      July 25

                                                                                             Curtin states Filner "Asked me if [my wedding ring]
                                                                                             could come off while I was in D.C. and if I would go
                                                                                             out with him," Curtin said. "I said I really didn't think
                                                                                             so. And at that point, he pulled my hand closer to him
                                Director of government                                       and he reached over to kiss me. I turned my head at
                                and military education                                       that moment and on the side of my face, I got a very
                                at San Diego City                          Asking for dates, wet, saliva-filled kiss including feeling his tongue on
Lisa Curtin               60    College                2011                Unwanted kissing my cheek."                                                 July 30

                                                                                               “He grabbed me a little too tight, then proceeded to
                                Marilyn Monroe                                                 slide his hand down my arm and then did a little grab
Emily Gilbert             29    impersonator             Dec 2012          Groping             on my derriere,” Gilbert said.                        Aug 2

                                                                                               Estill-Sombright states Filner told her she was
                                                                                               beautiful, he could not keep his eyes off of her, and
                                                                                               asked her out.
Renee Estill-Sombright          Bank worker              June 2013         Asking for dates                                                             Aug 5

                                                                                               Tyler recounts that Filner offered to help with the
                                                                                               care of a wounded veteran in exchange for a
                                                                                               relationship with her, the veteran's caketaker. “He
                                                                                               made it very clear that his expectation was that his
                                                                                               help for Katherine depended on my willingness to go
                                                                                               to dinner with him, spend personal time with him and
                                                                           Asking for dates,
                                                                                               be seen in public with him,” Tyler said
Michelle Tyler                  Nurse                    June 11, 2013     Dates for play                                                               Aug 6

                                                                                               Fernandez states that Filner told her, "you're
                                                                                               beautiful, and I can't take my eyes off you, and I want
                                                                                               to take you to dinner" According to CNN, Filner left
                                                                                               her a voicemail saying, "Hi, it's your newly favorite
                                                                                               congressman, Bob Filner. You know, the one who fell
Eldonna Fernandez               Retired Air Force        2012              Asking for dates    in love with you at your last speech."                  Aug 7

                                                                                               Tindley states: Filner "got as close as he could to me.
                                                                                               His jacket was touching my jacket," Tindley said. "I
                                                                                               was bent down. He was bent down with me, rubbing
                                                                           Unwanted            like he cared, like he was consoling me." Tindley said
                                                                           touching,           she felt uncomfortable as Filner moved closer and
                                                                           Uncomfortable       closer. So close, she said, that she nearly fell off the
Gerri Tindley                                            2012              Confrontation       couch trying to move away from him.                      Aug 7

                                                                                               Stacy, a San Diego City employee, claims that Filner
                                                                                               took both her hands and held them at the wrist and
                                                                                               then asked her out on “a date”. He then proceeded to
                                                                                               put her in what is known as “The Filner Chokehold,” in
                                                                                               which Filner put his arm around her neck and held her
                                                                           Asking for dates,   other arm back. Stacy was very upset by the incident
Stacy                           City Employee            2013              Filner headlock     but she told no-one for fear of losing her job.        Aug 8
                                                                                               Shannon says Filner grabbed and kissed her.
                                                                           Groping,            "I knew he was engaged and I felt very shocked," she
                                                                           unwanted kissing,   said. "On the day that Mayor Filner grabbed me and
                                                                           Sexual comments,    kissed me, I went home and cried."
                                                                           Workplace           Filner approached Shannon one time and said, "Do
Peggy Shannon                   City Employee            2013              harrassment         you think I could go eight hours, straight?"         Aug 15

                                                                                               Vaughns states that Filner "came up to me and I had a
                                                                                               very uncomfortable moment with him," Vaughn said.
                                                                                               "And at the time, I froze and looked around for my
                                                                                               husband and there were a lot of other people in the
                                                                                               room." "He made an inappropriate movement on my
Kathryn Vaughn                  Attorney                 2003              Groping             body." she said.                                      Aug 15

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