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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hrs/ # of
Job Title                                      Job Description                                                               Dr. First      Last        Phone          Email                Department                        Wk Jobs Received Job Description

                                               Has   the  responsibilityof  working  with  prospective  students  in
                                               various roles includingbut not limited     to:  giving tours of campus,
                                               filingdocuments, running                         
                                                                           errands,  inputtingdata, working    on mail-
                                               outs, helping   with admission  based events, answering     phones, and
                                               calling prospective  students.   Applicants  should  be   dependable
                                               and   able  to   manage  confidentiality.Dress   should  be   neat  and
Admissions Student Assistant                   modest.  Hours are flexible;   some evening     hours available.                  Michael    Price       583-3268       Admissions                           0    4   *
                                               Student  will  run  errands  to   post   office  giving and  receiving the
                                               mail.  Student will also be asked to type correspondence, file, act    
                                               within the  parameters  of  the  English groups  such  as   Sigma  Tau
                                               Delta,  Creative  Expressions,  and/or  Oracle.   Will  also  perform
                                               computer tasks working on the Departments web pages.  Other
Arts and Letters (Assistant to the Chairman)                    
                                               miscellaneousrequests from the professsors in this division.                      Ruth       Porter      583-3101      Arts and Letters                          1   *
                                               1)    Office   Assistant   2)   Laundry   Person   3)   Game   Day
                                               Management Staff 4) Gym Maintenance             5) Field Maintenance     6)
Athletics                                      Athletic  Training 7) Lee Center Management                                       Sheila     Simmons     583-3184     Athletics                                     *
                                               Need  Students to provide supervision     of Briscoe Center as well
                                               as activities/programs held in the building.  Responsibilities include
                                               some   administrative work   such   as   answering  phones,   taking
                                               messages,  helping  with  mail  outs   and   some   general  cleaning/
                                               straighteningup, setting up for events.   Students can work M-F
Baptist Christian Ministries                   from 1 to 5 PM and 6 to 10 PM                                                     Glenn      Wallace     583-3211     Baptist Christian Ministries              3 *
Baseball                                       See Sheila Simmons                                                                Sheila     Simmons     583-3184     Baseball                                  2 *

Basketball (Men's)                             See Sheila Simmons                                                                Sheila     Simmons     583-3184     Athletics                                 2 *

Basketball (Women's)                           See Sheila Simmons                                                                Sheila     Simmons     583-3184     Athletics                                 2 *
                                               Dusting,  vacuuming. Loading  and   unloading  boxes,   stocking,
                                               helping  customers, pricing                  
                                                                             merchandise, receiving   goods, various
                                               deliverieson campus, filing    and other duties that may be required
                                               to   operate   the   bookstore   and   maintain  customer  satisfaction.
                                               Must be able to liftitems up to 50 lbs.                                           Michelle   Selph       (912) 583-3285       Bookstore                                 4   *
                                               Provide  adminitrativeassistance  to   business  division faculty  and
                                               planning &   IR   staff.   Duties  include: copying,  filing, document
                                               scanning,  answering  phones,   greeting  visitors  and   assist  with
                                               directions  as needed, run errands, preparing mail  outs, document
                                               delivery  to   other  campus  offices,  and   other  duties  assigned  by
Business-Teachers                              supervisor.  Student must be able to maintain
                                                                                                  confidentiality.               Chastity   Davis       583-3118       Business Division/Planning & IR           1 *
Business Office                                Office help; typing, filing, knowledge of Word and Excel a plus                   Natasha    Mason       583-3291       Business Office                           2 *

                                               Filing, copying, grading, mail pick-up, word processing, document
                                               delivery to other campus offices, personal library management for
                                               the Christian Studies faculty, and occasional library research.  It is
Christianity                                   helpful to be a Christian Studies or Ministry major.                   Dr.  Hal              Ostrander   (912) 583-3116   Christianity                              2   *
                                               Assist in typing,  filing, answering    phone, copying, and any other
                                               general  office  work   that  is  assigned.   Knowledge  of  Microsoft
                                               Word  & Excel a plus.  Assist in planning        & execution   of events.
                                               student  is  required  to  provide  a   work  schedule  and  abide  by  it
College Advancement                            barring emergency                                                                 Kim        Lajiness    583-3255    College Advancement                       1   *
                                               Basic computer knowledge; Intro to Information Systems; MUST
                                               BE DEPENDABLE; courteous attitude toward faculty, staff, and
                                               fellow students.  Assistant will monitor computer labs in the
                                               Jordan Building.  Must be able to enforce rules and standards in
                                               the labs; assist students that need help with the computers
                                               (printing, saving to disk, Word, Excel etc)  May work with
Computer Lab                                   technology services on help desk and other tasks.                                 Ryan       Relihan     583-3123     Technology                                5   *
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hrs/ # of
Job Title                                         Job Description                                                      Dr. First         Last            Phone           Email                 Department                     Wk Jobs Received Job Description
                                                  Cover the front desk, greeting any students/staff/faculty, answering
                                                  phones and scheduling appointments.  In addition the work study
                                                  student will assist in making copies, running errands and picking
                                                  up tests for disablity students.  Due to the importance of strict
                                                  confidentiality within the office, upperclassmen are preferred.
Counseling and Career Center                      Dependability is imperative.                                             Kathy         Cunningham      583-3218   Counseling and Career Center           2   *
                                                  Assist in scanning, typing, filing, updating databases,
                                                  completing large mailings, answering phone, copying, and
                                                  any other general office work that is assigned, including
                                                  assisting in planning and execution of events. Knowledge of
                                                  Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as experience in event-

Development Office
                                                  planning, a plus. Student is required to provide a work
                                                  schedule and abide by it, barring emergency                 Dr. Lee                    Cheek           583-3256        Development                            1 *
                                                  Student shall complete office administrative duties assigned by the
Education                                         chair and administrator of the Education Division                   Dr. David          Moffett         583-3160      Education                              4 *
                                                  Applicant  must  be   a   self-motivated, hard   working  person   w/
                                                  computer  experience.   Must   be   able   to   file  papers   correctly.
                                                  Person  should  be   dependable  and   responsible.   There  may  be
External Programs                                        
                                                  manuallabor required at times.                                              Sadia      Ajohda          (912) 583-3216        External Programs                      1   *
                                                  Applicants must have good people skills, basic computer skills, be
                                                  a fast learner, dress professionally, have proper telephone skills,
                                                  and a self starter.  Student must be attentive to detail and be able
                                                  to answer in-coming telephones calls in a professional manner.
                                                  Also run errands, file, prepare mail-outs, help student and cover
Enrollment Services                               the office occasionally.  This student must be responsible.                 Jennifer   Blaylock        583-3210     Enrollment Services                    1   *
                                                  Student needed to file, answer phone, run errands, prepare mail-
                                                  outs, help students and cover the office occasionally.  Must be
Financial Aid                                     responsible                                                                 Inez       Adams           (912) 583-3209         Financial Aid                          3   *
                                                  Applicants must have good people skills, computer skills, be a fast
                                                  learner, dress professionally, have good telephone skills, be a self-
Fiscal Affairs                                    starter                                                                     Karen      Mock            583-3298         Fiscal Affairs                         1
                                                  Mel Blount Youth Home/Must have transportation and be able to
Hand to Hand                                      work off campus.                                                                                                                                                                    2   *
                                                  Aid the Assistant Director of Learning Assisitance in maintaining
                                                  records and running Academic Support Center.  Business or
                                                  Education major preferred.  Job consists of: filing, running errands,
                                                  compliling packets, overseeing Academic Support Center on
Learning Assistance                               Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 3.  (Other light duties)                   Regina     Wood            583-3103         Learning Assistance                    1   *
Liberty County Campus                                                                                                         Felecia    Jemison-Jones
                                              Assist with daily acquisition duties including: making order cards,
                                              searching for duplicate items, receiving new books, creating gift
                                              lists for donors and other duties assigned by the director of the
                                              library.  Must have the following: basic office skills, (filing,
                                              copying, alphabetizing), excellent computer skills, good
                                              penmanship, excellent reasoning and deduction skills, able to
                                              accept and implement directions from supervisor.  Student is
                                              required to provide a work schedule and abide by it barring
 Library                                      emergency.                                                                      Ann        Turner          583-3230       Library                                2   *
                                              Student to assist with the greenhouse plants, assist with care of the
                                              fish, help prepare solutions for the evening college, pick up
                                              division mail and will assist in the set-up of the laboratories; assist
Math/Science                                  with the preparation of brochures for the division                              Jon        Shuman          583-3148       Math & Science                         2 *
                                              Monitor Music Tech Lab 4 nights a week from 6-9 PM Mon.-
Music                                         Thurs.                                                                          Mary       Jones           583-3165        Music                                  5 *
                                              Grounds maintenance: which includes weed eating, picking up
                                              trash,  picking up sticks and limbs.  Helps with set ups if needed.
                                              Housekeeper:dusting, emptying trash, cleaning toilets, sweeping,
Physical Plant (Ground Maintenance and Housekeeper)
                                              vacuuming etc.                                                                  Beth       Griffin         (912)583-3280      Maintenance                            3   *
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Hrs/ # of
Job Title                                        Job Description                                                        Dr. First     Last      Phone      Email              Department                     Wk Jobs Received Job Description
                                                 Looking for dependable, patient and hard-working persons.
                                                 Requirements:  computer skills, light cleaning, sorting mail,
                                                 delivering packages (light lifting required), and must have proper
Post Office                                      phone etiquette.  Hours are M-F from 8 AM ato 5 PM                         Rosalie   Selph     583-3170     Post Office                            3   *
                                                Works with the Office of News and Public Information to take
                                                photos on the campus as directed, includes sporting and divisional
                                                events.Some design experience or InDesign/Photoshop/
                                                QuarkXpress skills required.Must be quick learner, courteous and
                                                professional.  Must be able to meet deadlines.  Some office work
                                                hours.  MS Office experience a plus.  Team player and expected
Public Relations (Photographer/Photo Archivist) to produce quality work.                                                    Kelley    Arnold    583-3263    Public Relations                       1   *
                                                Student must be very attentive to detail, be able to handle in-
                                                coming telephone calls in a professional manner, will work with
Registrar's Office                              retired files, sorting, and shredding, and will run general errands         Sara      Crowe     583-3240     Registrar's Office                     1   *
                                                Duties include grading exams and quizzes, entering data, filing,
                                                typing, running errands on campus (mail pick-up and delivery),
                                                must be familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel; Internet research
Social and Behavioral Science                   skills desired.                                                             Rolando   Tiu       583-3156       Social & Behavioral Sciences           1 *
Soccer (Men's)                                   See Sheila Simmons                                                         Sheila    Simmons   583-3184   Athletics                              2 *

Soccer (Women's)                                 See Sheila Simmons                                                         Sheila    Simmons   583-3184   Athletics                              2 *

Softball                                         See Sheila Simmons                                                         Sheila    Simmons   583-3184    Athletics                              2 *

                                                 Assist in planning and promoting activities for the students of the
                                                 Mount Vernon campus.  This person will work directly with the
                                                 SAC Coordinator and under the supervision of the Director of
                                                 Student Activities.  The candidate should be dependable, honest,
                                                 reliable and creative.  Duties include making advertisements for all
                                                 events, planning events and homecoming.  This person will serve
Student Activities Center                        as Vice President of the Student Activities Council.                       Sherrie   Helms     583-3206     Student Activities Center              8   *
                                                 Answer telephones, run errands, some clerical work, prepare
                                                 flyers, make copies, confidentiality a must.  May need to work
Student Affairs                                  after 5pm during campus events                                             Ken       Talbert   583-3221   Student Affairs                        5

Volleyball                                       See Sheila Simmons                                                         Sheila    Simmons   583-3184   Athletics                              2   *

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