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Flat Fee Executive Search
Correct Hire is an Atlanta based flat-fee executive search service that
guarantees companies large and small make the correct hire.

We make hiring fast, easy and affordable - $4,000 Flat Fee

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     Correct Hire provides the best talent for a
     fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting.

     Full service performance at a self service price
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 Hiring Consultation   Pre Screen Questions   One Way Video Interviews   Schedule Interview
Recruitment Content       Resume Scoring        Assessment Reports           Offer Job
Content Distribution    Professional Review     Background Checks        Onboard Employee

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                 To find a great employee, you need to do more
                 than just post your job and hope for the best. At
                 Correct Hire we use extensive data to customize
                 your recruitment content to insure it conveys
                 the advantages of your opportunity and
                 provides a positive job seeker experience.
                 Compelling recruiting content will consistently
                 produce the highest quality candidates.

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                 Your time and effort are valuable. You don’t
                 need to waste it laboring through stacks of
                 resumes, playing phone tag or doing phone
                 screens that go nowhere. We marry cutting edge
                 technologies with twenty years of expertise to
                 evaluate candidates and pinpoint the best
                 matches for your position.

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                 We’ll identify the best candidates so you don’t
                 have to. We use world-class recruiting and
                 screening tools including one-way video
                 interviews, skill and personality based
                 assessments, background checks, and more. We
                 do the heavy lifting. You enjoy the benefits of a
                 well defined professional process.

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                  Correct Hire provides a complete profile of your
                  top candidates. Everything you need to make an
                  informed decision is included. You interview and
                  meet with the candidates of your choice, and
                  then you hire the best.

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                     SAVE TIME
Why Correct Hire
   You Ask?           Like most professionals you’re busy doing your job and
                      adding value to your business. You don’t have the 35-40
                      hours that it typically requires to hire a top notch new
                      employee. Correct Hire takes care of all the recruiting
                      details so you can focus on value-added elements like
                      top candidate review and sit-down interviews. Your total
                      time commitment is dramatically reduced and only
                      invested in meaningful review and hiring activities.

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                      SAVE LOTS OF MONEY
Why Correct Hire
   You Ask?           Traditional recruiting services or internal Human
                      Resources staff are expensive and can easily cost you
                      tens of thousands of dollars if not more. With Correct
                      Hire you pay a fixed fee of just $4000 per job to
                      outsource your recruiting needs. There’s no subscription
                      or long-term commitment. We leverage innovative
                      tools, digital technologies and twenty years of
                      successful recruitment to provide a complete but
                      affordable alternative to standard recruiting.

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                      HIRE BETTER PEOPLE
Why Correct Hire
   You Ask?           At Correct Hire we find great candidates and help you
                      turn those great candidates into great hires. We know
                      how to reach, appeal to, and vet the best applicants. We
                      positively position your company and highlight your
                      employment value proposition. We also provide
                      guidance and assessments to show you how to optimize
                      a candidate’s skills and expertise.

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                      BENEFIT FROM THE BEST TOOLS AND
Why Correct Hire
   You Ask?
                      Correct Hire uses cutting edge digital hiring tools and
                      technologies so you get the benefit of big box
                      enterprise recruiting without having to invest a kings
                      ransom. Massive job board exposure, social media,
                      video interviewing, assessment tools and more. Correct
                      Hire expertly pulls together and leverages these tools so
                      that you don’t have to.

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                      DO WHAT YOU DO BEST
Why Correct Hire
   You Ask?           Let’s be honest, if you’re like most business managers,
                      then recruiting is not what you do best. While you
                      recognize how important it is to hire the right people,
                      you’d rather focus your time and energy on your area of
                      expertise. Correct Hire solves the problem and allows
                      you to do just that.

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Why Correct Hire
   You Ask?           We believe in technology and innovation, but we
                      recognize that they’re is no substitute for a skilled
                      human manager. With Correct Hire, you get an expert
                      professional Account Manager to help oversee your
                      recruiting and hiring efforts. Your Account Manager will
                      understand your business, provide anytime updates, do
                      the initial candidate screening and is your single contact
                      person for all recruiting matters.

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                      APPRECIATE A FAST, EFFECTIVE, AND
Why Correct Hire
   You Ask?
                      CLEARLY DEFINED PROCESS
                      On average, the Correct Hire proprietary recruiting
                      process takes only 20-40 days. Our customers demand a
                      combination of quality, speed and value. Correct Hire
                      thrives by expediting the process at every step and
                      seamlessly integrating powerful recruiting technologies.

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Why Correct Hire
   You Ask?
                      RECRUITING EXPERTS
                      Correct Hire was created by recruitment experts with
                      over 40 years of professional recruiting experience. After
                      3216 candidate placements for 167 different companies
                      we know first-hand the struggles companies have
                      finding and hiring great employees. Our singular goal in
                      creating Correct Hire is to help companies by providing
                      the tools and services needed to make the correct hire
                      at an affordable flat fee.

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                                 PRICING                         16/18


•   Hiring Consultation
•   Recruitment Content and Written Pre-Screen
•   Professional Job Posting
    Applicant Tracking, Screening and Scoring
    One Way Pre-Recorded Video Interviews
•   Assessment Reports and Background Checks
•   Live Webcam Interviews or Onsite Interviews

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 Correct Hire

 11175 Cicero Drive
 Alpharetta, Georgia 30022

 Tel: 888-848-4358

Make the Correct Hire!

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Description: Atlanta executive search firm provides flat fee executive search and recruiting. Make the correct hire every time.