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									Benefits of Having an Energy Star Certified Modular Homes
Why do you need to look for the label of Energy Star in every home? What is the
significance of having Energy Star home?

Every modular home should pass certain requirements to be considered as high quality
and energy efficient. In America, one of the agency that checks and certifies whether a
home is build in superior performance is Energy Star. It is a U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency voluntary program, which helps businesses like Legendary Homes,
and individuals in saving money and protecting the environment through quality built
and energy efficient structures. It's home performance program is focused in providing
and improving good indoor quality while minimizing cost of energy bills.

Owning an Energy Star certified modular homes gives many benefits to you and the
community. These benefits are concerned in giving the society a better home.

Lower Utility Cost
A modular home, that has an Energy Star label, gets lower cost of energy bills. The
energy efficient home eats lesser energy while giving excellent heating, ventilation, and
air- conditioning (HVAC) quality. It is estimated that an Energy Star certified modular
home saves about 200USD to 400USD per year.

More Comfortable

Because of its temperature regulation, the consistency of heat an cold needed by your
home is great in Energy Star homes. This type of home has also reduced noise since
Energy Star sees to it that builders use quality made materials. Comfortable living with
no thrills and frills to live in a noisy, hot, or cold home, thereof.

Builds a Better Tomorrow

The major purpose of Energy Star is to build a better future for every family in America
by shifting to own an energy efficient home. When you buy an Energy Star certified
modular home, you will become one of the millions who have started the move in
making a greener and cleaner world by reducing the nation's energy expenditures.

Owning an Energy Star certified modular home is significant because it guarantees that
you have a quality built house. It also gives your house a high resell value when you
decide to sell it later on. All you need to do is to look for a certified Energy Star home

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