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									          10th And 12th Students Construct Your Career Path through Counseling

As soon as the student start appearing for 12 or 10th board exam parallel thought process of what
is going to happen after school keep mounting in his or her mind. All kinds of pressure built in
at the time of taking decision related to your future and potential career .choosing a right stream
for higher studies in India is not an easy task before even asking a student about it, parent’s
teachers and eventually society decide for them, by imposing their own decision on student.
External influence is evidently visible in families and society. Trend followers are found more in
number than a trend Setter.

Doctors, Engineers, lawyers etc. are like status symbol instead of treating them as a professional
or a stream of higher study. Every household wants their kid to prepare for civil services, to join
defense services or become topmost scientist. Pressure of Cracking IIT, IIM, NET, GATE etc.
completes the circle of fulfilling expectations of parents and peers. It’s important for students to
realize that there are career beyond conventional career, channelization of such opportunities is
becoming a growing need in today’s time.

Career motivators are very essential at this point as it serves the basis of choosing the right field
according to your interest and aptitude. Career motivator influence different people in different
ways, for some it’s just a matter of earning big numbered salary, for other whole motivation
behind their ambition is to earn name and fame , for many it’s essential where they don’t have
any another option but to follow most safe and secure path of becoming a professional.

Therefore some major questions that every student needs to ask are
   1.   What is that you really want to do and not what your parents want you to do?
   2.   What are your goal and objectives?
   3.   What are your strengths and weaknesses?
   4.   Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years?
   5.   What attracts you more in regard to career field?
   6.   What kind of student are you in regards to your grades and ranking?

By answering these entire questions you will have an idea of want you want to pursue. To be
sure you can always go for an authentic online psychometric assessment and career counseling

Career Guidance After 12th is as a Career Guidance After 10th these are two most confusing
point of students life correct guidance is thus essential Counselors open a different ways for you
by using multiple tools to plan out your career. Many on line and off line portals provide students
with the facility of assessment and interviews and quizzes in order to create the right set of
guidelines to choose a right career option. If we particularly talk about different streams than
each field carries, a vast number of option in itself every field’s options and ventures are
increasing day by day.

Fear of opting out for new age careers like photography, footwear designing, animation etc. is
also another question that bother lots of students. But at this point they need to understand the
impact of their decision on their future life. Doing something against your will and interest is
equal to being confused for the rest of their life. No matter what stream you are studying in
school science, art, commerce etc but there is a whole lot of diversion in these fields after school.
It is advisable to go for career guidance for making proper decisions regarding your career with
the help of experts and professionals.

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