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Reference DC1 – Complaint against Councillor Carol Williams

Please note that the complainant and the member who is the subject of
this complaint, should exercise care in passing on information that is in
the notice or about this notice to any third party.


On 13th August, 2008, the Standards Assessment Sub-Committee of this
authority considered a complaint from Councillor Garth Oxby concerning the
alleged conduct of Councillor Carol Williams, a member of Doncaster Borough
Council. A general summary of the complaint is set out below

Councillor Carol Williams is alleged to have made an offensive and derogatory
comment regarding Councillor Oxby at a public meeting of the full Council on
14th July, 2008.


In accordance with Section 57A(2) of the Local Government Act 2000, as
amended, the Standards Assessment Sub-Committee decided to refer the
allegation to the Monitoring Officer for investigation. The reason for this
decision is that the Sub-Committee is of the view that potentially if the
allegation were proven, this may amount to disability discrimination against
Councillor Oxby and consequently it is considered appropriate for this
allegation to be investigated further.

Potential breaches of the Code of Conduct identified

We have identified below the paragraph of the Code of Conduct which may
apply to the alleged conduct.

           Paragraph 3(1) - failing to treat others with respect

This decision notice is sent to the person or persons making the allegation
and the member against whom the allegation was made.


S: Committees\2008-09\STANDARDS\Complaints\DC Complaints\Complaint Ref DC1\Assessment\Decision Notice
Referral for Investigation.doc
What happens now?

The Monitoring Officer will arrange for an investigation to be undertaken.
Following the appointment of an Investigating Officer, contact will be made
with relevant parties in due course but in the meantime, please see the
attached Standards Board for England guidance on the investigations

Terms of reference

The Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 amends
the Local Government Act 2000, which now provides for the local assessment
of new complaints that members of relevant authorities may have breached
the Code of Conduct. The Standards Committee (England) Regulations 2008
relate to the conduct of authority members and the requirements for dealing
with this.

The regulations set out the framework for the operation of a locally based
system for the assessment, referral and investigation of complaints of
misconduct by members of authorities. They amend and re-enact existing
provisions in both the Relevant Authorities (Standards Committee)
Regulations 2001, as amended, and the Local Authorities (Code of Conduct)
(Local Determination) Regulations 2003, as amended.

Additional Help

If you need additional support in relation to this or future contact with us,
please let us know as soon as possible. If you have difficulty reading this
notice we can make reasonable adjustments to assist you, in line with the
requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 2000.

We can also help if English is not your first language.

Signed …………………………………………                            Date 18th August, 2008

Chair of the Standards Assessment Sub-Committee

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