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									Braces Aren’t Always Just For Teenagers
The idea that braces are just for teenagers is a myth. Adults can also use the
power of braces to improve their smile and overall dental health. Did you know
that there are approximately one million Americans that wear braces and are
over the age of 18? If you are considering getting braces, speak with your
dentist. He or she can help you conclude if orthodontic treatment is the ideal
option for you. An initial consultation can help you determine what the costs will
be, how the braces will correct your particular dental problem, the potential
duration of the treatment, and an understanding of your particular dentist’s
knowledge and expertise with braces.

Why Some Adults Need Braces

In some cases, adults did not receive orthodontic treatment when they were
young to correct problems such as overbites, crowded or crooked teeth, incorrect
jaw position, under bites, or jaw joint
disorders. If these issues were not
addressed during their youth, these same
may result in gum disease, tooth decay,
headaches and earaches, as well as biting,
speaking, or even chewing problems.
Braces provide the same benefits for adults
that they do for children and teenagers. In
some case, however, treatment may last a
bit longer than it typically does for children.
On average, a typical adult wears braces for a time period between a year and
half to three years. Some adults may need to wear a retainer after the braces are
removed, similar to the case of some children.

The Different Types of Braces

The nice thing about braces is that they are custom made for each particular
person. They use applied pressure to correct your bite or make your teeth
                                   straighter. Most people are familiar with the
                                   very common metal braces, and those are still
                                   used and recommended by some dentists.
                                   However, new materials and some other
                                   advances in technology have produced other
                                   options, including smaller braces that are less
                                   noticeable. Instead of metal braces, people
                                   have an option to wear clear or tooth-colored
                                   ceramic braces or removable aligners that are
practically invisible. This last option is called Invisalign®. This product helps to
straighten teeth by using a series of aligners that are custom created for a
specific patient. These trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually
invisible plastic that the patient wears over his or her teeth. Wearing the aligners
will gradually and most importantly, gently, shift the teeth into place. With these
trays, there are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten. Basically the
patient just inserts a new set of aligners every two weeks, until the treatment is

If you are an adult, or if you have children or teenagers that might be in need of
braces, call Richards Dentistry in Mt. Pleasant, MI today. Dr. Richards is an
experienced dentist that will help you determine the best course of action to
improve your smile and dental health. If you’re in the Mt. Pleasant area, stop by
today and let us show you why we should become your dentist.

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