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Introduction to WebTrips Software - Haverford Township School


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									School District of Haverford Township
Transportation Department

       Introduction to WebTrips
WebTrips Software will be used for
Field Trip requests.

This presentation will show how to use the

We are only using Web trips to request Field Trips.
         How the software works
•   Request is made for a field trip
•   Software notifies the School Principal of the
•   Once the School Principal has Approved the trip
•   The trip request will automatically be forwarded
    to Dr. Rotoli’s Office for approval
•   Final approval will be made by the
    Transportation Department
•   Requestor can check on the Trip at anytime
• Each School has a user name and a password. Ask
  the School Secretary for your school’s log in name and


              Enter Username and Password

                          Select Enter a New Trip
Customer: Is always your school
Requestor Email address: Complete using District Email Address
Contact:: Person making the trip Request
Before you enter your trip request
Click on the View Calendar button
The Calendar will indicate days that are closed or filled for Field Trips
         The 2005/2006 Calendar is entered for this year
Click on the drop down box to pick your Destination
Click on the desired field trip location

Fund: Click on Fund
Under Selected: Click on your School Name
   Page down to the end of the page
      click on Return when finished
The boxes that are highlighted in Yellow must be filled.
       Use the drop down boxes to complete.
Make sure that you have correctly clicked on AM or PM
                                             Reason for the trip must be
                                              completed by all teachers
                                        Do not use – Directions in the
                                          system will be displayed

Trip Comments / Teacher Coverage Number of Busses:
Use this box to inform the Principal if you need Class Coverage
Trip Category:      Select FIELD TRIP
Grade:             Grade of the students being transported
Once all of the information has been entered select the SAVE button
           Always Print a copy for your records
Every field trip request will have a Trip Request number. The Trip Request
Number will be on your printed copy.

At anytime during the process you can log into the system and check on your
request by using the Trip Request Number.

Click on Trip Request Inquiry and enter the request number. This will
allow you to see what the current status of your field trip request.

The Principal approves the trip = Status Approvial1
Asst. Superintendent approves trip = Pending

                                      Trip Request Inquiry
 This product must be used now for your field trip requests

To log onto the system : Open your internet
Address bar type in
Add to Favorites
Email any questions that you have and I
will answer them as quickly as possible.

Thank you

George Ramplin
Supervisor of Transportation

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