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					Job Submitter Introduction

          July 17th, 2012
                                      Features of Job Submitter

•   Support all solvers included in Dynaform
•   Support SMP/MPP of LS-DYNA
•   Support multi-stage jobs of LS-DYNA
•   View the job message
•   View the job summary
•   Open job result file with eta/POST
•   Submit jobs from different groups
•   Specify the floating license server of LS-DYNA
•   Display the job's submit command
                                   GUI of Job Submitter

       Solver Path     Toolbar for Jobs      Solver Parameters

Job's Submit Command                      Job List
                                                          Supported Solver

Supported Solver:
    •   Single precision LS-DYNA solver
    •   Double precision LS-DYNA solver
    •   Utility Batch solver
    •   MSTEP solver
    •   INC solver

ü Allow the user to select the solver path for different jobs.
ü The solver path is specified automatically after installing the Dynaform.
                                               LS-DYNA Control Parameter

LS-DYNA Control Parameter:
    •   Memory - Specify the memory for LS-DYNA jobs.
    •   Auto - Allow the LS-DYNA to allocate the memory automatically.
    •   CPU Number - Specify the CPU number for SMP.
    •   Pause between Jobs - Specify the pause time between jobs.
    •   MPP - Define MPP parameters for LS-DYNA.
                                                                      MPP Parameters

MPP Parameters:
    •   Use MPP - Use the settings of MPP.
    •   Edit Host File - Edit the host list file for MPP.
    •   Reload Host File - Reload the host list file after the list
        file is changed.
    •   Stop Running - Stop the running jobs to wait for the
        user's input. It is like CTROL +C in SMP.

 ü The user needs to config the host file with text editor firstly.
 ü If a host has 4 cores, write the hostname 4 times in the config file.
                                                        Toolbar of Job Submitter

Toolbar of Job Submitter:
         Open the result of the selected item with eta/POST.   Submit the LS-DYNA job.
         Setup the network license server.                     Submit the LS-DYNA restart job.
         Delete the selected item.                             Submit the MSTEP job.
         Delete all of the items.

         Move up the selected item.

         Move down the selected item.
                                                                                               Job List

Job List:
     •      Job Name - Display the job's name.
     •      In Folder - Display the job's path.
     •      Solver - The selected solver for current job.
     •      Mstages - Open the multi-stage job dialog box.
     •      Memory - The specified memory for current job.
     •      Status - The status of the jobs.
     •      Message - View the job's message.
     •      Summary - View the job's summary.
     •      Iforce - Toggle on/off the interface force option for LS-DYNA job.
     •      Other Param - Key in the submit option for LS-DYNA job, such as NCPU=4 D=NODUMP.
                                                            Job's Submit Command

Job's Submit Command:

    •   When the user clicks a row in the job list, the program will prompt the user with the submitting command
        of the current job.
    •   For multi-stage jobs, the job command is under the Multiple Stage dialog box.
    •   For LS-DYNA, the unit of memory is WORD and a WORD equals to 4 bytes.
                                                               Multi-stage Job

Multi-stage Job:
    •   Start From - Select the stage as the start job.

  ü If the previous stages are terminated normally, the user can start the job
    from the next stage.
                                                   Job Status

Job Status:
     •   Aborted - Job is terminated abnormally.
     •   Finished - Job is terminated normally.
     •   Running - Job is running.
     •   Queued - Job is in the queue.
                                                                      Configure File

Configure file:

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\ETA\Job Submitter 2012 R1 (XP)
C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\ETA\Job Submitter 2012 R1 (Win7)

     •   js_init.config - the primary config file of job submitter.
     •   js_host.txt - config file for MPP.
     •   js_groups.txt - group info for Job Submitter.
     •   js.log - log file of Job Submitter.

ü The configure file will be updated after closing the Job Submitter.

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