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									Disclaimers (please, make sure to read all):


2. In regard to possible accusations in connection with the so-called “anti-Semitism”.

This book might appear “anti-Semitic” to many people who got used to our routine “political
correctness”. It shall be understood that I did not intend to make it “anti-Semitic” even to the
slightest extent and I insist that it is not “anti-Semitic”. I myself have a lot of relatives of Jewish
blood, including my grand-mother, so according to the Jewish tradition I could be even
considered a Jew as well. In addition, I have relatives who permanently live in Israel. In this sense
it would be really strange to expect any anti-Semitism from my humble self. This book may only
appear “anti-Semitic” because I just freely talk here about involvement of some descendents of
Jacob into modern terrorism activities. However, I am not defaming anybody and I can prove all
of my accusations in the course of legal proceedings in any country, including even in an Israeli
court (providing that proceedings are indeed legal, of course). I am not against the State of Israel,
and, unlike many Arabs and Muslims, who believe that Israel is an unlawful entity, I sincerely
believe that the State of Israel has its undeniable right to exist. Being a reasonable person, I even
understand that this very State of Israel, being a small country surrounded by overwhelmingly
large number of enemies, has to employ extraordinary means to ensure its defense and its
eventual survival. Nonetheless, I believe that this time the small pitiable state of Israel has gone
far beyond boundaries of any reasonable defense. Moreover the State of Israel, which according
to the very sense of Judaism should have served as an example of freedom, has became the
most important tool of those behind the curtains who want to enslave the entire human kind on
this Planet. Upon its creation the state of Israel was hoped to become an outpost of freedom fight
but it did not take long from imperialists to transform this new state into their most formidable
weapon which they turned against the very freedom. It is by no means a “promised land” into
which the people could escape from slavery in the house of slave-owning Egypt. It became the
very military base where elite troops of the New Global Egypt are stationed. The Star of David
which is still depicted on the Israeli flag should not mislead you. It has nothing to do with David. It
is no more than a relic and from the point of view of logic the Israelis supposed to have depicted
on their flag the very Egyptian pyramid with an eye of Satan – right from the US one dollar bill.
There shall be no doubt that Israel has become a criminal enterprise in every possible sense
judging from either the point of view of the ancient religion or from the point of view of the modern
criminal law and it has to be stopped. I hope this book will help to do it. Indeed this book might
seriously harm the state of Israel, but even this does not make this book “anti-Semitic”. I don’t
even believe that the term “anti-Semitism” has any sense in the modern world at all - as it had at
the beginning of the XX century when the Jews, who attempted to continue to abide at the feudal
freedom under the Law of Moses amidst constitutional environments, were subjected to officially
approved persecutions in many post-feudal countries. It shall be understood that modern so-
called “Jews” do not practice the Law of Moses in excess of the Masonic constitution any longer
and as such they actually lost the very right to be called “Jews”. Moreover, the very reason for
which these so-called “Jews” might differ from the rest of inhabitants of their respective countries
ceased to exist.

Unfortunately, it appears that some “clever” people would still try to somehow exploit that old and
nearly forgotten concept. It seems that some Jewish criminals make a cunning use of the old
term, trying to ascribe to it an entirely new sense: “Anyone who caught a criminal that
happens to be a descendant of Jacob and did not release that criminal immediately, right
on the spot, upon being informed that he has accidentally caught a Jew, is apparently an
anti-Semite”. Actually, such a concept does nothing else but gives a Jewish criminal an
extremely unfair advantage over a non-Jewish criminal. One must not be surprised if he gets to
know that the Mossad supplies the biggest share of heroin, cocaine, and hashish to the world’s
black market, for example, in comparison with any other drug organization. Such an
implementation of this “slightly modified” concept, understandably, allows Jewish criminals to act
with an unprecedented impunity for many years since the end of the World War II. They can

make bombings at the times of peace (and even make it as bold as to admit them) – but they are
not terrorists; they can assassinate – but they are not murderers; they can abduct – but they are
not kidnappers; they can massacre civilians – but they are not war criminals; they can attack first
– but they are not aggressors; they can conduct illegal surveillance in independent countries – but
they are not spies; they can divide humanity into Jews and Goyim – but they are not nationalists;
they can give lesser legal rights to fellow Israeli citizens of Arab blood – but they are not racists;
they can displace entire populations – but this is not qualified as “genocide”; they can transport
tons of heroin or cocaine via a civilized country – but this is not a drug-trafficking. Why? The so-
called “Jews” are no longer Jews; they are just normal citizens of a constitutional community,
moreover perfectly integrated into the modern multi-national political landscape. Why should they
differ from others and based on which point should they claim any difference from other citizens
of similar societies?

For example, an unprecedented campaign of state-sponsored terror unleashed by Israel almost
50 years ago is in its full swing today – but nobody dares to duly label it as the “state-sponsored
terrorism” – the right name it truly deserves. Why are the Israelis allowed to do all of it and enjoy
such an unprecedented immunity from any prosecution whatsoever? Only because great-grand-
fathers of some of them have been persecuted by Hitler and his proxies in the first half of the XX
century? Or because their ancestors openly practiced the Law of Moses and were persecuted for
that in early capitalist societies that managed to enslave former Christians, but not the Jews? You
are badly mistaken if you think that this is the real reason for allowing today’s Jewish criminals to
proceed with all their crimes unpunished. The Jewish criminals mostly escape their due
prosecutions because of entirely different reason: they managed to cunningly implement a new
concept of the former term “anti-Semitism” – so, the prominent people nowadays are simply
afraid to criticize Jews for any of their wrongdoings because they are afraid to be labeled “anti-
Semites” (which in the most cases could mean an end to their political or bureaucratic careers).

And you, are you really sure, dear readers, that if some acclaimed murderer, child molester, drug
dealer, spy, and war criminal – all-in-one – is eventually caught red-handed – let’s say in an
attempt to exchange a stolen thermo-nuclear warhead for a couple of tons of heroin and a couple
of underage concubines in addition – he has to be released with excuses just only because his
great-grand-father was a Jew persecuted 70 years ago? Or it would be better to bring such an
evil guy to the Justice - at last? I am of the second opinion. But the fact that I prefer to call a
spade a spade does not make out of me any so-called “anti-Semite” – especially considering that
my grand-mother was a Jew, considering that I understand perfectly well what a Jewish legacy is,
that I have a lot of friends and relatives of Jewish blood, and that I have never ever in my life
allowed any uneducated idiot to speak up anything against the Jews in general in my presence. I
simply can not tolerate any anti-Semitism in its former sense at all. That anti-Semitism is (was)
really disgusting. But this clear understanding of mine does not make me stupid to allow any
criminal Jews to abuse this very concept of anti-Semitism and to enjoy their impunity in regard to
common crimes for which non-Jews are expected to be prosecuted. All I want to say here is that I
simply do not make any distinction between a Jewish and a non-Jewish criminal (unlike many
others who do) and nothing more than that. What could we do if it were indeed the Israelis who
were hired by those behind the curtains to make 9/11 and so to create a nice-looking pretext for
your future enslavement? Try to avoid mentioning it and to find some other “culprits” who are not
Jew? Would it be reasonable to claim that it was religious fanatics who carried out 9/11 thus
giving ungodly imperialists a very good pretext to create a global concentration camp named
“New World Order”? Why should we sin against the justice and blame innocent? Why don’t we
simply point to the real perpetrators who did the actual job? Especially when they were caught
red-handed and we have an abundant proof of it? Are you really afraid of the so-called “Jews”
that much that you are ready even to accuse innocent people in order to cover up their crimes?
As for my humble self, I am not. But it does not mean that I am an “anti-Semite”. Please, do not
accuse this book of being “anti-Semitic”, because it is certainly not, and neither is its humble
author personally. I guess I managed to make this clear enough.


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