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    New Info for
    2009 Rule
                     Hang In!
                     I am sure a good many of you are making plans to head South, if you haven’t already left. For
                     those of us still lucky enough to remain in the frosty North,
                     there appears to be lots of great weather left! The OHTA has
                     been very busy this winter getting everything ready for the
                     2009 competitive season– which promises to be great! As
                     always– if you have anything you would like to add or a com-
                     ment you would like to make, please feel free to contact me.
                     Thanks, Casey.

Inside this          Peter Gray to coach 2009 Ontario Young Rider Eventing Team
                     This is great news for all those interested and involved in the Ontario Young Rider
oung Riders     2    Program. Peter has a vast amount of competition and coaching experience both Nationally
Registration         and Internationally which makes him a wonderful resource for the riders and their
Young Rider 2        coaches. The Ontario Young Rider Program will surely be a key component to helping
Meeting              develop new and upcoming Young Riders!
Young Rider 2
                     2009 OMNIBUS ON ITS WAY
Event           3
                     You can expect the 2009 Omnibus to be in your student’s hands by mid to late March this
2009       3         year. In the meantime, there is a list of all upcoming events on the OHTA website. Please
Membership           feel free to access the information and use it to help you and your students organize the
                     upcoming show season!
New Rule        3
Volume 5, Issue 1                                                                                                 Page 2

Ontario Young Rider Information
On the Young Rider registration forms this year the riders are being asked to include their coach’s name , contact infor-
mation and level. The plan for the Young Rider Committee is to involve the coaches on a much more communicative
level, beginning with the knowledge that their student has indeed joined the 2009 Young Rider Program. Coaches are
encouraged to go through their students’ plans and goals with them early on in the year, especially if they include Young
Riders. All coaches need to ensure they are as involved and well informed as possible. Linda Plank can be easily reached
via email at: if you have any questions or need clarification.

With Peter Gray as the YR coach, it is important that as many coaches are involved in the clinics and the development of
the Young Riders as possible. When your student registers in the 2009 Young Rider Program you will receive notification
through email, as well as a short communication inviting you to be involved in the developmental process. Coaches are
encouraged to attend clinics along with their students; there is no doubt that if the program is supported by the coaches
everyone will benefit. For further incentive, the clinics can be used by the coaches for updating hours!!


There will be a meeting for all Young Riders registered in the 2009 program at
12:00 on April 10 at Foxcroft Farm in Millgrove, ON. A lot of important
information will be covered, so please encourage your riders to attend.

2009 Young Rider Challenge Series
Linda Plank-

Back by popular demand, we have 6 organizers who have agreed to be part of the Challenge Series for
2009. The dates and locations are as follows:

May 23-24       Grandview

June 27-28      Woodwinds

July 11-12      Will O’ Wind

July 26         Oakhurst

August 9        Canterdown

Sept 19-20      Glen Oro

With the reintroduction of Intermediate courses back in Ontario the Intermediate YR’s will be included
in year end results along with Pre-Training, Training and Preliminary. Keep an eye on the OHTA web-
site for points after each competition.
Volume 5, Issue 1                                                                                              Page 3

New Course Information for 2009
Checkmate Horse Trials will have all new courses for 2009. That should prove to be quite
exciting . Dreamcrest will be running this year as well, at the Entry and Pre–Entry levels.
The reintroduction of this event, even if only at the lower levels, is great news . Cedar
Ridge is another new event that is added to this calendar year. All event competitors and
coaches should understand and appreciate the enormous time and effort that goes into de-
veloping and hosting the events in our Omnibus. That organizers are willing to do it year
after year is truly appreciated ( though not always obvious on show day!) and an opportu-
nity to say Thank You should never be overlooked.

                                                                                                      on the

2009 Memberships Now Due!
With the introduction of Online registration, becoming a member of the OHTA has never
been easier! Please make sure all your students are up to date on their memberships.
Regular OHTA memberships can no longer be taken out at events ( day memberships are
still fine), so it is even more important than ever to be organized.

New Rules For 2009
Be sure to have your students go to the OHTA website and read up on the new rule modifications for 2009. Not
knowing that a rule is in place is no excuse, so please help your students to be successful. Greater explanation of the
2009 rule changes will be available in the April Newsletter.
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