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Introduction to SPSS - Boston University


									Introduction to SPSS

       Fall 2012
           SPSS for Windows
• Versions : 19 (IT Common @Mugar)
                20 (IT Common @Mugar)
              : 20 (site license distribution)
• SPSS 21 will be available later in Fall 2012 or early
  spring 2013
• SPSS 16+ supports both Macintosh and Windows
• Site license available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux
  and only to Boston University faculty and staff
• Limited number of individual licenses are available for
  sponsored graduate students for research purpose.
• SPSS offers discounted student versions
• Information and Documentation are available
              Accessing SPSS
• Undergraduate and Graduate
  - IT Common @Mugar
  - Certain Departmental Labs
  - Discounted student versions from SPSS for purchase
• Windows and Macintosh full version trials are available
  for download before purchasing
• Boston University Faculty and Staff
  - BU Site License download
• JMP ( available since February 2010
  - Available campus wide free for academic use
  - Supports Windows, Macintosh and Linux
  - From SAS Institute, BU Site License distribution
  - Download from
      SPSS Statistics for Windows
•   How to invoke SPSS/PASW
•   Data View vs Variable View
•   Define Variables in Variable View
•   Variable Labels in Variable View
•   Value Labels in Variable View
•   Input Data in Data View
•   Analysis Exercises
•   Import and Export Data using Excel
•   Syntax files : create, edit, run
• Help -> “About”
  - For current version
• Help -> “Statistics Coach”
• Online tutorial and documentation link on
  distribution site:
• Mathematics Department Tutors Hours

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