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					                                                       Frenchtown School District
                JANUARY 2008

•   Public Library Opens At The High
                                              FROM THE DESK OF THE SUPERINTENDENT,                                         Bids for Building Project
•   January School Board Meeting Date         RANDY CLINE

•   Bids for Building Project                 Welcome Back and Happy New                PM. She will alternate weeks       Bids on concrete, structural
                                              Year                                                                         steel, masonry, and the new
•   School Mental Health Services                                                       between leading Tiny Tales
                                                                                                                           vocational    building    were
•   6th Grade Ski Trip                                                                  and Story Time.     These pro-
                                              Public Library to Open in the                                                opened on December 6, 2007.
•   Geography Bee Winner                                                                grams will begin on the first      The bids were favorable and
                                              High School in January
•   Jr High Honor Roll                                                                  Tuesday in February!        For    between the four a total of
•   RTI Team Established                      The School Board has approved             more information or any ques-      $278,000 below estimates.
                                                                                        tions about the opening of         The Board approved the bids
•   Tutoring Lessons Offered                  the opening of the Frenchtown
                                                                                        Frenchtown School and Com-         at the December 11th Board
                                              School and Community Library
                                                                                                                           Meeting. The remainder of
                                              (High School Library) for 20              munity Library (High School
                                                                                                                           the general contract bids will
                                              hrs. a week. The opening of the           Library), please contact Steve
                                                                                                                           be available on January 3 for
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                                                      White, FHS librarian, at 626-      the contractors to review with
                                              Frenchtown School and Commu-
                                              nity     Library       (High     School   2683.                              a submission deadline of Janu-
                                              Library) is scheduled for the                                                ary 31, 2008.      Actual con-
MONTH’S NEWSLETTER)                                                                     Date of January School             struction on the new junior
                                              January 14, 2008.             The first
                                                                                        Board Meeting Moved                high, high school wing, and 7-
JANUARY SCHOOL BOARD MEET-                    week of operation will be a “test
ING AGENDA                                                                                                                 12 vocational building is
                                              run”     and    will   give    everyone   A Special Board meeting will       scheduled to begin on March
DECEMBER SCHOOL BOARD                         involved time to develop ques-            be held on January 10, 2008        3, 2008.
                                              tions needing answers about the           to open the bids to sell our
JANUARY HOT LUNCH MENU                        operation. “The Grand Opening”            remaining      building   bonds    Schools Team with AltaCare
                                              will be at 7:00 PM on January             ($4,000,000) that we had to        to Provide Mental Health
                                                                                        wait to sell. The district could   Services
LUTION FOR DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC                 22nd (Tuesday evening, after
PROPERTY                                                                                not sell these bonds until
                                              Martin Luther King Jr. Day).                                                 New to the Frenchtown school
ADULT EDUCATION CLASSES                                                                 January, 2008 due to IRS
                                              Heather Tone has been hired as            rules limiting the amount of       district this year is AltaCare,
FRENCHTOWN LITTLE GUY                         the public librarian for the              bonds a school district could      a program that works with the
DATES                                         Frenchtown School and Commu-              sell in any one year to less       district to provide school-
                                              nity     Library       (High     School   then $15,000,000. Approval         based mental health services.
                                                                                        for the sale of the bonds will     The Frenchtown program is
                                              Library).      The hours of opera-
                                                                                        be scheduled for the next          staffed by Cindi Woods, men-
                                              tion will be:
                                                                                        regular Board meeting. We          tal health therapist, and
                                                                                        needed to move the date of         Vickie Day, mental health as-
                                                     Saturday, 10-3                     that meeting from January 8        sociate. This school-based
                                                     Tuesday, 3:30-7:00                 to January 15, 2008 to accom-      Comprehensive School and
                                                     Wednesday, 5:00-9:00               modate the sale of the bonds       Community Treatment (CSCT)
                                                     Thursday, 5:00-9:00                after opening the bids on          therapy program replaces a
                                                                                        January 10, 2008.                  mental health program previ-
                                                                                                                           ously contracted through the
                                              Heather Tone will lead kids’ pro-
                                                                                                                           Bitterroot Valley Cooperative
                                              gramming on Tuesdays at 4:00                                                 and eligible students now re-
                                                                                                                                    AltaCare Continued on Page 2
FRENCHTOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                                                                                  PAGE 2

AltaCare Continued from Page 1
                                                 pation is nearing an all-time high in the    team will be assigned to the high school.
ceive a level of service previously unavail-     elementary district. This statistic is       AltaCare currently administers 68 pro-
able to Frenchtown students during the           commonly used to determine eligibility       grams in Montana, including programs in
school day.                                      for certain federal and state programs       Ronan, Noxon, Thompson Falls, and Polson.
                                                 and as a measure of a community's pov-       One reason for the popularity of the pro-
The program assists elementary, junior           erty or wealth level. Administrators also    gram is that it requires very little finan-
high, and high school students who strug-        see the local student population becom-      cial backing by the district. The school
gle with severe emotional needs. These           ing more transient, meaning students         offers support such as office space, sup-
struggles can impair relationships, school-      enter and leave the district at a higher     plies, and computer and telephone access,
work, self-esteem and general well-being.        rate than in the past. Often these char-     but does not pay the salaries of the
According to an informational pamphlet,          acteristics correlate with the life chal-    staff. Instead, the program is supported
life challenges including divorce, loss of a     lenges mentioned before.                     by insurance, Medicaid and private pay-
loved one, neglect, family mental or physi-                                                   ments from the clients served by the
cal illness, family substance abuse, physi-      A major advantage of the new program         program.
cal abuse, learning disabilities, or peer        is that students can have their thera-
discord could contribute to emotional            peutic needs met with minimal disruption     First Semester Ends January 18th 2008
problems that compel students to seek            to the school day. Normal school atten-
mental health assistance.                        dance and interaction can be maintained      The first semester comes to an end on
                                                 while a child's emotional disturbances       January 18th. Finals will be completed,
If a student is referred to the CSCT a           are addressed in the least restrictive       assignments will be turned in and graded
team, including the parent/guardian, prin-       and most affordable environment possi-       and teachers will be averaging final
cipal, school staff, and therapist will re-      ble. In the past, students have had to       grades for second quarter and first se-
view the case. Other vested parties, in-         leave the school, and often the commu-       mester.    Expect report cards out by
cluding probation officers, other mental         nity, to receive professional counseling.    January 31st. If you do not receive your
health care providers, and child protec-                                                      child’s report card by that date, call your
tion workers may also be involved. If the        The AltaCare program is designed to          building administrator. But don’t wait
student meets criteria defined by the            complement and augment the guidance          until the end of a quarter to contact
state of Montana, the team will plan a           and counseling programs already in place     teachers if you have a question. You can
comprehensive course of treatment and            in the district. AltaCare can partner        always call teachers at school and they
determine how those services can best be         with the counselors to offer students        will get back to you, or go to the district
delivered in the mainstream school envi-         more services while freeing up time for      website at and
ronment as detailed in the program de-           the counselors to offer projects and         click on Staff in the upper left hand cor-
scription available from Alta Care of            programs to serve the broader student        ner. This will give you a menu, choose the
Montana.                                         population.                                  grade level your child attends, scroll down
                                                                                              to the teacher’s name, go across to their
Woods will provide group, individual and         Teachers and other staff members may         e-mail address and when you click on this
family sessions. She is also responsible         see behavioral indicators that can sug-      you will be able to send an e-mail directly
for general case management, behavioral          gest a need for therapy. These signals       to that teacher’s computer. We welcome
intervention, social skills training and         include low self-esteem; excessive an-       and encourage all of the input that we
crisis intervention.                             ger, worry, sadness, shyness or fear;        receive from our students’ parents.
                                                 immature behavior or behavior that in-
Day will lead psycho educational groups          terferes with the student's ability to       Martin Luther King Day, January 21st
where students will learn about managing         make friends; eating or sleeping prob-
anger and building relationships. She will       lems; physical symptoms with no known        Mark your calendars; there will be no
also teach study skills, character develop-      medical causes; difficulty adjusting to      school on Monday, January 21st in honor
ment, coping skills, life skills, and conflict   family changes; or talking about not         of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There will
resolution. Day is also on call whenever         wanting to live. Due to an increasing        be another 3 day week-end in February to
Woods is unavailable for situations re-          caseload in the school district, in Janu-    honor President’s day and there will be no
quiring immediate attention.                     ary, AltaCare will be adding an additional   school on Monday February 18th.
                                                 mental health therapist and mental
The program was brought to Frenchtown            health associate to the Alta Care team       Curriculum Development
to address changing community needs. For         in the district. One two-person team
example, free and reduced lunch partici-         will be at the K-8 campus and the other      This year the Curriculum Consortium is
                                                                                                          Curriculum Development Continued on Page 3
JANUARY 2008                                                                                                                                        PAGE 3

Curriculum Development Continued From Page 2
                                                           If you have questions about the con-             2008 MULLAN TRAIL LITTLE
working on the area of Mathematics.                        tents of the report, please contact the           LEAGUE REGISTRATIONS
Judy McKay, 4-6 Building principal,                        Montana Missing Person Clearinghouse
serves as the administrator on the con-                    at 406-444-1526.                               Feb. 13th, 3:30-6:30 Frenchtown H.S.
                                                                                                          Feb. 16th, 11:00-2:00 Frenchtown H.S.
sortium committee as well as teacher                                                                      $20 Family Membership Fee, PLUS a Player
representatives from each of the build-                    Keeping our Children Safe             –        Participation Fee:
ing levels. If you have any questions                      Registered Sex Offenders
                                                                                                          ♦T-Ball (Ages 5-6) & Farm Leagues (Ages 6-
about the process please contact Judy.                                                                    8)=$10 per player;
The first step in the process is to re-
                                                                  The Montana Department                  ♦Minor (Ages 9-12) & Major Leagues (Ages
view the current curriculum, the state
standards and then align the curriculum                    of Justice has a website that you              10-12)=$15 per player.

to the state standards. Then the teams                     can access and by just putting in              ♦Junior (Ages 13-14) & Senior Leagues
begin the process of looking and                           your zip code it will give you a               (Ages 14-16) & Big League (Ages 16-18)
                                                                                                          =$20 per player.
changes, additions, deletions that need                    listing of any registered sex of-
to be made at the local level to meet                                                                     *$10 LATE REGISTRATION FEE WILL
                                                           fenders and violent offenders liv-             APPLY AFTER MARCH 1ST.
state requirements.
                                                           ing in your area. This website is
                                                                                                          An original certified birth certificate is required
Missing Children's List                                    updated by the Department of                   at registration.
                                                           Justice regularly so you might                 Questions? Call:
44-2-506, MCA requires the State Su-                       want to check it on at least a                 Michele Blood at 626-5584
perintendent of Public Instruction to                                                                     Tera Pyron at 626-5634
                                                           monthly basis. The website is en-              Julie Evans at 542-7548
assist the Missing Children Information
Program by distributing the list of miss-                  titled Sexual and Violent Offend-              Rachel Jacobs at 626-5991.

ing school children on a monthly ba-                       ers Registry and in addition to                Everyone is expected to participate in our
                                                                                                          fundraiser or pay an extra participation fee.
sis. School districts are required by 44-                  the ability to find the names and
2-506(2), MCA to post the list in each                     addresses, it has many other in-
of the district's school buildings. If you
                                                           teresting facts and information.
have questions concerning the posting of
this report, please contact Bev Marlow                     Go to
(OPI) at 406-444-3172 or email bemar-                      for this information.
The Missing Children's list is updated on
a monthly basis. The current list can be
found      at

                                                  THANK YOU MISSOULA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE! 
                                                 Missoula Electric Cooperative donated $750.00 to the Frenchtown School and Commu-
                                          nity Library Fund as seed money for future library projects. Doug Bardwell, representing
                                          MEC, presented a check to Steve White to help with the transition from a high school library to
                                          a School/Community library. The fund will be used for such things as books, DVD’s, Books
                                          on tape and other needs of the new library.

                                                 The Frenchtown School and Community Library (High School Library) will be open
                                          evenings and Saturdays starting January 22, 2008. (Hours: Tuesday 3:30-7:00, Wednesday &
                                          Thursday 5:00-9:00 pm, Saturday 10 am-3 pm.) Donations and volunteers gladly accepted.
                                          Summer reading programs will be offered to the public. Please call Steve White or Jodi Teeple
                                          at 626-2683 for information.
FRENCHTOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                                                                                                             PAGE 4

                                                 FRENCHTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS DISTRICT #40
                                                     REGULAR SCHOOL BOARD MEETING
                                                     ELEMENTARYLIBRARY ……7:00 p.m.
                                                      TUESDAY …… January 15, 2008
             I.      CALL TO ORDER.
             II.     PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.
             III.    CONSENT AGENDA
                     A. Approval of minutes
                     B. Approval of warrants
                     C. Approval of financial report
                     D. Approval of new substitutes
                     E. Approve temporary workers for extracurricular activities
                     F. Ratify Resignations
                     G. Administrative Reports
                             1) K-3 Principal                        4) High School Principal                7) Activities Director
                             2) 4-6 Principal                        5) Technology Director         8) Transportation Supervisor
                             3) Junior High School Principal         6) Maintenance Supervisor               9) Superintendent

                     A. PTSA Report
                     B. Student Council Report

             V.      BUSINESS
                     A. OLD BUSINESS:
                            1) Review/Action: Resolutions for the sale and financing of remaining school building bonds
                            2) Review/Action: Short Term Funds Investment Update
                            3) Review/Action: Sell of School Bus
                            4) Review/Action: Action items from CTA and/or the Building Committee

                     B.   NEW BUSINESS:
                             1) Information/Discussion: MHSA proposals for January meeting
                             2) Review/Action: Hiring Staff
                             3) Review/Action: Results of problems at State Dept of Revenue
                             4) Review/Action: Superintendent’s Evaluation and Contract

             VI.     PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD


             VII. POLICY REVIEW
                  A. Second Reading: Revised Policy: 1100, 2100, 2168, 3231, 3416, 3630


             IX.     COMMITTEE REPORTS:
                     A. Policy (Evan Jordan, Steve Gingell, Bill Hodges)
                     B. Insurance (Jean Ann Pfahler, Bill Hodges)
                     C. Negotiations/Labor Relations (John Mazzola, Dianne Burke, Steve Gingell)
                     D. Transportation (Jean Ann Pfahler, Stella VanLoh)
                     E. Safety (Evan Jordan, Stella VanLoh))
                     F. Building Committee (John Mazzola, Dianne Burke)
                     G. Library Committee (Stella VanLoh, Evan Jordan, Steve Gingell)

             X.      CORRESPONDENCE.
             XI.     BOARD RECOGNITION.
             XIII.   ADJOURNMENT.

   NOTE 1:           The Board shall make a copy of the minutes available within 5 working days following the approval of the minutes
   NOTE 2:           Please contact the Superintendent 48 hours prior to the meeting to be heard on an agenda item appearing on the scheduled agenda. This is not required, but
                     is a scheduling courtesy for the Superintendent and the Board
   NOTE 3:           To be placed on the agenda for a future meeting, please contact the Superintendent at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting.
   NOTE 4:           A brief public comment period will be allowed for each item under the following agenda areas:
                               IV. Individuals and Delegations to address the Board
                               V. Business
                                    A. Old Business
                                    B. New Business
                               VII. Policy Review
   NOTE 5:           The Board Chairman will set time limits and regulations for public comment periods
JANUARY 2008                                                                                                                                                     PAGE 5

  The following are unofficial summaries of the Board Meetings for the Month of December 2007. Official minutes will be approved at the January 15, 2007 Board
                                      meeting. Patrons with questions/concerns may contact Supt. Randy Cline at 626-2600.

Consent agenda: The consent agenda included: Minutes from regular board meeting of 11/13/07 & special board meetings 11/6/07 & 11/26/07; warrants in
the amount of $480,602.06; Financial Report for the month of November 2007 with total expenditures in the amount of $1,160,366.70; hire substitute teacher
Michelle Daniels pending successful completion of a background check; ratify resignations-none; and Administrative Reports. District Clerk Cindy McMurray
requested pulling the Financial Report. She gave an update on the status of the problem with 2006 tax revenues not received by the District due to the State
Department of Revenue’s failure to notify the appropriate agencies of a change in the taxable value after certification. Motion made to approve the consent
agenda. Trustee Evan Jordan made a comment that it might be more appropriate to have the consent agenda at the end of the meeting to allow for more ac-
tive participation at the beginning of the meeting for the public. Motion carried-Unanimous (Unan)
Individuals & Delegations to Address the Board: PTSA: Principal Cindy Worrall noted that Cindy Babon has been elected president of PTA. Student
Council: The High School report is included in the board packet.
Business: Old: --Set 2007-08 District Goals-It was noted that the District goals had been discussed previously at a couple of meetings. The consensus from
the public and trustees was to continue with the goals previously set. Approved accepting the 2007-2008 District Goals as stated. Unan --Resolution to
declare school bus obsolete-Supt. Randy Cline noted that per the District’s 10 year turnaround schedule for school buses, the district has a 1998 Bluebird 84
passenger bus to obsolete. The board has three options: Use the bus as a trade-in on the purchase or a new bus or pass a resolution to obsolete it for sale by
either sealed bid method or by on-line auction. The district has received a quote of $7300 for a trade-in value. In regards to offering the bus for sale, the on-
line website auction reaches a much larger group of prospective buyers than our regular sealed bid method. There is a charge for the use of the website. It is
7% of the bid amount. The district would need to make sure that when they listed the minimum bid it would include the 7%. Approved resolution 121107-1
to obsolete the 1998 Blue Bird bus, sell it by the on-line website method and deposit any proceeds in the Miscellaneous Funds. Unan Approved
awarding the sale of the 1998 Blue Bird bus to the highest bidder over the minimum amount of $7811 and after the public notice period has been
completed. Unan --Items from CTA, Martel and/or Building Committee-None.
New: --Short Term Investment pool (STIP)-Supt. Randy Cline noted that Florida and Montana STIP funds have recently been in the news because monies
were invested in high risk Structured Investment Vehicles (SIV) investments. Many of these SIV notes have been downgraded in value because they are in
default. The State of Florida STIP account was hit dramatically. Montana’s STIP account is not affected that much but many of the public schools, cities and
counties are pulling their monies out of the fund anyway. Most of the District’s Building Fund monies are deposited in a STIP account. Roger Cox, Raymond
James (he is the district’s Insurance Trust Fund advisor) provided the Board with an update of what is going on in regards to STIP accounts and what other
cities, schools and counties are doing. If the district moved the money back with the county, it most likely would be invested in STIP. He noted that there were
other investment options such as investing with local banks and/or with investment firms. Until a committee can get together to develop a long-range portfolio
for the building fund monies the general consensus of the board members was to pull the District’s monies out of STIP and invest elsewhere. Approved mov-
ing the District’s Building Fund monies out of STIP and placing them with Raymond James to invest short-term for the district for approximately
one (1) month. Unan --Hiring staff-Supt. Randy Cline mentioned that in Nate Fry’s Activities Director report there was the need in regards to the numbers of
students turning out for Wrestling to warrant a third coach. The administration recommended hiring Zach Long. He also recommended hiring Kelsey Gaswint
and Michael Sewell as bus drivers. In addition, the administration failed to get approval for a substitute maintenance hourly rate of pay this year and recom-
mended paying them $10/hour. Approved hiring Zach Long as assistant wrestling coach for 2007-08 pending successful completion of a background
check, hiring Kelsey Gaswint & Michael Sewell as bus drivers pending successful completions of background checks and setting the rate of pay for
substitute maintenance workers at $10/hour. Unan --Award bids for building project-Nick Salmon, CTA Architects Engineers, provided the board with the
bid results for four of the building projects. Low bidders were as follows: Concrete-Martel Construction, Masonry-Anderson Masonry, Steel supply-Anderson
Steel, and Building the new VOED building-Structural Systems. The total of the low bids is approximately $280,000 below the estimate. The remainder of the
projects will be bid out in January. Approved awarding the bid for concrete to Martel Construction for $767,739, the bid of masonry to Anderson Ma-
sonry for $1,450,051, the bid for steel to Anderson Steel for $706,512, and the bid for building the VOED building to Structural Systems for $264,550.
Unan --Authorize DA Davidson to bid on the upcoming School bond sale-Supt. Randy Cline noted that since DA Davidson is our financial advisor for the sale
of the building bonds, they need authorization from the Board to allow them to bid on them. Approved authorization for DA Davidson to bid on the upcom-
ing District bond sale. Unan --Resolution calling for the sale of the remaining bonds-District Clerk Cindy McMurray noted that the law required the Board
approve a resolution to sell the remaining $4,000,000 bonds. The total amount approved by the voters at an election held 11/6/06 was for $18,935,000. The
district sold $14,935,000 last January. The remaining $4,000,000, per the resolution, would be sold in January of 2008. Approved Resolution 121107-2 au-
thorizing the sale of $4,000,000 in bonds. Unan --Appoint Dorsey & Whitney LLP as Bond Counsel-Approved appointing Dorsey & Whitney LLP as the
District’s Bond counsel. Unan --Incentives to attract new bus drivers-Supt. Randy Cline noted that it was getting more and more difficult to entice new bus
drivers due to the up-front cost to the prospective employee for CDL training ($50) and their medical physicals. District Clerk Cindy McMurray noted that per-
manent employees were also responsible for paying for the cost of fingerprint background checks which are now around $30. The background check cost
making it a permanent employee responsibility is per current board policy. The intent of potential enticements is to obtain new bus drivers and to also retain
them. Transportation Director Andi Kelly noted that Dr. Doxy has proposed an agreement to do bus driver physicals for $60 each for the next 2 years. This is
lower than most physicals cost elsewhere. Approved waiving the $50 cost for continuing education CDL training and the cost of physicals for new and
existing drivers with the stipulation that if the new employee did not stay for at least 2 years they would be required to reimburse the District for
those costs out of their final paycheck. Unan --Request for out-of-state travel for JH trips-Supt. Randy Cline noted that the 7th and 8th grade physical edu-
cation classes usually went to Lost Trail Ski Resort as part of the curriculum. Principal Cindy Worrall noted that this is part of the Health & Enhancement cur-
riculum to ensure that the students sample different types of activities. The 8th grade trip to Silverwood is a class trip that is paid out of student funds primarily
raised through a one day jogathon. Approved the 7th and 8th grade out-of-state trips to Lost Trail Ski Resort and the 8th grade class trip to Silverwood.
Unan --Workers Comp Risk Retention rewards program-The Montana School Group Insurance Association (MSGIA) has instituted a rewards program that if a
school district agrees to belong to their workers comp risk program for 3 years, they have the potential of obtaining a 10% rebate in the premiums. The reduc-
tion would be based on whether the district had a good claim record. Approved the agreement to remain a member of MSGIA until June 30, 2011. Unan --
Resolution to allow School District to purchase surplus items from the Department of Administration-Approved resolution 121107-3 and Superintendent as
purchasing agent for State Property & Supply Bureau’s Surplus Property Program. Unan --Move date of January regular board meeting-Supt. Randy
Cline that noted because the sale of the bonds was to occur on January 10th, it would be efficient to move our regular board meeting from 1/8/08 to 1/15/08 to
be able to approve the resolution for the sale of the bonds. Approved a special board meeting for 1/10/08 at 12:00 p.m. in the Superintendent’s office,
moving the regular board meeting for January from 1/8/08 to 1/15/08 and having a special board meeting on 1/14/08 for training with Montana
School Boards Association. Unan --Superintendent’s evaluation-Approved tabling the Superintendent’s evaluation until the regular January board
meeting. Unan
Public Comment Period: Supt. Randy Cline noted that there would be a special board meeting in the Elementary Library on 12/13/07 at 6:00 p.m. for a stu-
                                                                                                                                              Minutes Continued on page 6
FRENCHTOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                                                                                                    PAGE 6

Minutes Continued from Page 5

dent discipline appeal.
Break: 10:00-10:10
Policy Review: First Reading: Revised policies 1110-Board of Trustees-Taking Office-Identifies when a trustee takes office, 2100-Instruction-School Year Cal-
endar and Day-School Fiscal Year-Clarifies professional development days, orientation, and required minutes per week for obtaining full High School credit,
2168-Distance, Online & Technology-Delivered learning-Updated language for policy, 3231-Students-Searches and Seizure-Additional search language based
on a recent Ninth Circuit decision on strip searches, 3416-Students-Administering Medicines to Students-Administration of Glucagons-Clarified prior policy
language, & 5226-Personnel-Drug-Free Workplace-Removed $5000 reference in drug-free workplace requirements since there isn’t such a requirement for
Federal grant recipients. Supt. Randy Cline also noted that he will be further investing cell phone policies and bringing back possible suggestions for a memo-
rial policy after reviewing MCPS proposed new policy.
Update on Progress of Goals for 2006-2007: Supt. Randy Cline noted that since the goals weren’t adopted until this meeting, updates weren’t included in
the packet. They will be for the next board meeting.
Committee Reports: Policy- They recently met to review the policies presented for first reading today. They will also need to meet before then next board
meeting. Insurance- Will need to meet to go over carryover deductible in the future. Negotiations-Trustee John Mazzola noted that there had been Labor Rela-
tions meetings with both the Frenchtown Education Association and the Frenchtown Classified Association. Not negative items were brought up. Transporta-
tion-None. Safety-Trustee Evan Jordan noted that Principal Jon Fimmel brought back a lot of information from a workshop dealing with having safer schools.
Many of the recommendations by law enforcement dealt with lock downs, restricting access to the school, identifying visitors, etc. Many of the items recom-
mended were expensive and for the Frenchtown Community could be viewed as threatening and objectionable. However, there were some suggestions that
could be implemented to help ensure the safety of the students and staff. Mr. Fimmel also noted that safety issues brought up at the meeting, such as ade-
quate lighting and icy conditions, were being dealt with. Building Committee- The next meeting will be 1/31/08 when the final round of bids for the building pro-
ject will be opened. Library Committee-High School Librarian Steve White noted that the Missoula branch library at Frenchtown would probably be initially
open to the public between 4-9pm weekdays and 9am-2pm on Saturday. These hours are subject to change and will be public driven. On Tuesday, Wednes-
day or Thursday they will try to initiate Tiny Tales. Bill Strothman and Russ Faris have offered to build shelves for the branch library books at around $500
lower than the estimate. They are planning on a public opening on 1/22/08 hopefully with media coverage, etc. The committee is continuing to meet to work
these issues out.
Correspondence: The Board received a thank you note from Dalene Normand for the flowers sent by the District upon the death of her mother. Nancy O’Neill
noted the three families that would like to host foreign exchange students for 2008-2009. MSGIA sent a letter notifying the district that there would be an up-
coming worker’s compensation audit. Montana Correctional Enterprises provided brochures and a letter describing what services, etc. they have to offer the
Board Recognition: Principal Rory Weishaar recognized Stenerson Construction for leveling a new practice football field for the school. Trustee Bill Hodges
recognized Troy Bashor, Ellen McKenzie, the students, the orchestra and any other individuals that performed or provided assistance for the play Annie. It
was noted that Jim Stanicar would be interviewed on KECI for winning the gold star teacher award. Trustee Bill Hodges recognized Allegiance Benefit Man-
agement Plan for sending the gift baskets to the board members.
Approved motion to adjourn. Unan

            The purpose of the meeting was to hear a level 4 (Board) appeal from a student over disciplinary action taken against him by the high school admini-
        New Business: Met with student #2008-06 at 6:08 pm. The meeting was closed at 6:10 pm to go into executive session when it was determined by
the Board Vice-Chair to protect the student’s right to privacy. Meeting re-opened at 8:04 pm. Moved by Evan Jordan, seconded by Steve Gingell to grant stu-
dent 2008-06 appeal. Approved to grant appeal from student 2008-06 over disciplinary action taken by the high school administration. Unan
Approved motion to adjourn. Unan

FROM THE DESK OF THE                                    to our families in the New Year.                                    Mrs. Unsworth’s first graders are
GRADES K-3 PRINCIPAL,                                              First graders in Ms. Richardson’s class        starting out 2008 with a New Year’s Resolu-
CINDY WORRALL                                           have had a very busy December. We continued               tion. “Always do our best in everything we
                                                        to practice reading EVERY day and complete                do.” In reading we will be working hard on
Grades K-3 January News                                 our math plus…we became authors. We created               fluency which in turn will help with our com-
                                                        a story (similar to author, Laura Numeroff’s              prehension. Number patterns and place value
First Grade                                             writing). We wrote the following story. If you            will be the focus in math. Students will also
          During a language arts lesson in De-          give Santa a sleigh he will ask for some rein-            continue to work on earning their dog tags
cember Mrs. Hedrick’s students alphabetized             deer to pull it. Then he will ask for Rudolph to          for the Principal’s Math Challenge. A new
the reindeer’s names. The class decided it was a        lead it. If Rudolph leads him Santa will ask for          unit will begin in science with the study of
good thing that Santa didn’t hitch the reindeer         gifts for his sleigh. As Santa delivers presents          Balance and Motion. So much to do! It’s a
to his sleigh in alphabetical order                     he will see a plate. He is going to ask for some          good thing everyone got rested up over the
because Rudolph would be at the end                     cookies on the plate and when he eats his cook-           holiday break.
instead of leading the sleigh and they                  ies he is going to ask you for a glass of milk.                     With visions of sugar plums dancing
would wreck in outer space. We had                      As he finishes his milk he will go share his last         in our heads, we have still managed to do a
a BIG discussion about why books about Santa            cookie with Rudolph. When he visits Rudolph               lot of learning. Mrs. Pilsworth’s first graders
were listed as fiction and not non-fiction.             he will see his reindeer and ask them to pull his         have continued to make great strides in read-
Luckily for Mrs. Hedrick, we had to get ready           sleigh. As his reindeer get lined up to pull he           ing. They have learned to spell challenging
to go to PE. We’ll try to remember to ask our           will want to ask you for more presents to de-             words like “snow”, “reindeer”, and
librarians about it when we come back in Janu-          liver. Created and written by Frenchtown First            “winter”. They have also been busy with
ary. We read, we practiced our addition facts;          Graders in Ms. Richardson’s class!!!!!! Happy             seasonal art projects and handmade gifts for
we sang and counted our blessings. Best wishes          Holidays to all of you!!                                                      First Grade Continued on Page 7
JANUARY 2008                                                                                                                                        PAGE 7

First Grade Continued from Page 6                 countries around the world. Their favorite was      bles” in our reading book. We talked about
                                                  The Legend of Old Befana from Italy.                proverbs and sayings we use in our fami-
their families. Our class is looking forward to   Math has been exciting for them this month.         lies. Each child chose a saying or proverb and
the new year and to the fast approaching 100th    They have learned the term “quadrilateral” and      embroidered it onto fabric. We then sewed
day of school.
                                                  know that it’s a four sided shape with 4 sides, 4   them into pillows and took them home for our
                                                  corners, and 4 angles. They also have become        families to enjoy.
Second Grade                                      “fact family” experts! Half of the class has
         Mrs. Everett’s class had a busy De-
                                                  finished their AR point requirement and are         Book Fair coming soon
cember. We learned about Christmas tradi-         moving on to earn more prizes. Yahoo!               Mark your calendars! Frenchtown K-8 Book
tions in Holland, Italy and Mexico. We also                Mrs. Undem’s second graders have           Fair will be held Monday, Jan. 28th
learned about Hanukkah traditions and played
                                                  been reading to earn ornaments for their            through Wednesday, Jan. 30th at 12:00 noon.
the dreidle game. As a Christmas project all      Christmas trees. Our trees are so colorful!         Books for all ages! Percentage of proceeds
the 2nd grades collected toys for the “Toys for   We’ve read 209,388 words in December! We            goes to the library for purchase of new books.
Tots” program. On December 18th the Marine
                                                  are working hard in math sharpening our addi-       Each class will have a chance to hear book
Corp sent a soldier out to collect the toys. We   tion and subtraction skills. We are adding with     talks and look at the books. The library will be
collected so many they almost needed another      trading and working hard on our calendar,           open to the community on Tuesday, January 29
car to get them to town! Thanks to all who
                                                  counting money, and telling time. We are            from 3:30-8:00. Books may be purchased that
donated. We made a lot of children                good! Mrs. Nelson taught us how to play The         evening or the students may bring money to
happy. Mrs. Gustafson, our student teacher,       Learning Game. We look forward to playing           school to purchase books, after their class has
has finished her time with us. We will all miss
                                                  some more soon.                                     had the book talks and they have had a chance
her and wish her good luck in the fu-                                                                 to make a “wish list.” Come and look
ture. Happy New Year to all!                      Third Grade                                         at the latest in children’s literature
         Mrs. Long’s class has been learning              Mrs. Normand’s class enjoyed read-          and a few good adult choices.
about Christmas traditions in several different   ing “Sayings We Share: Proverbs and Fa-

      Happy Winter Break                          elderly.                                            parts of speech. Mrs. Eustance’s class wish
                                                                                                      that everyone have a wonderful winter

           From The                               James Fry reports Mrs. Murphy’s class
                                                  finished a unit on math skills. The students

      Intermediate Grades
                                                  then started a fund raiser for kids in Paki-        Mrs. Bruse’s class is studying early Eng-
                                                  stan and Afghanistan. In math the students          lish colonies to get ready for colonial pro-
                                                  finished an unit on measurement and                 jects in January. In science they are finish-
       Principal, Judy McKay                      started division. The students have just fin-       ing a unit on rocks, minerals, erosion and
__________________________________                ished Sarah Plain and Tall. Art has been            both renewable/non-renewable resources.
                                                  filled with holiday projects.                       A naturalist has visited them concerning
4th Grade                                                                                             the weather. They are classifying geomet-
Macey Newberry reports that Mr. Ander-            Mrs. Gaul’s class is studying matter in sci-        ric figures like polygons and quadrilaterals
son’s class in Social Studies is learning about   ence and measurement in math. Student’s             in math according to angles. They continue
the environment. In Science the students are      just finished reading Matilda. Multiplica-          to work on multiplication and division. The
studying sound and the parts of the ear. Also,    tion has been a hot topic in the computer           students just finished My Side of the
in math they are doing double digit multipli-     lab. Art projects have been creative and are        Mountain and caddie Woodlawn projects
cation. In reading they are doing AR reading      student unique for the holidays. Students           on the book are done. For English, students
and are working on reading comprehension.         have been studying map skills in social             finished possessives and are beginning di-
                                                  studies.                                            rectional writing. In the library the students
Macy says that in Mrs. Whaley’s class they                                                            are working on finding items in the Atlas.
are beginning an unit on the country’s envi-      5th Grade                                           Students are hoping to finish holiday pro-
ronment. In science they are finishing ther-                                                          jects before break.
mal energy. In math the students are working      Lindsey Shepard reports that Mrs.
on elapsed time. In reading the book was          Eustance’s class will be finishing The Ex-
about baby Orangutans. The students learned       plorers by winter break. They took a break
a great deal about orangutans and how to          from division and are working on Geome-
care for them.                                    try in math. Mrs. Eustance wants students
                                                  to continue to study math facts over the
                                                  break. The students finished the novel The          cheering in the
Both Mrs. Whaley’s and Mr. Anderson’s
classes are working on nouns, pronouns and        Borrowers. They are now reading an ex-              holiday perform-
proper nouns in English. The students are         cerpt from Island of the Blue Dolphin. It's         ance.
creating ornaments and holiday cards for the      great story. Students continue to work on
                                                                                                                           5th Grade Continued on Page 8
FRENCHTOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                                                                PAGE 8

5th Grade Continued from Page 7
                                            maturity and acceptance. In the new
Krista Hebnes reports that Mrs.             year the students will focus on verbs
                                            and preparing themselves for the                  Sixth grade students will be
O’Sullivan’s class is doing two plays                                                         going on a ski trip January
called “The recycled Christmas” and         spring testing.
the “Australian 12 Days of Christmas”.
They will be performed on Wednesday                                                           Permission slips and money
December 19th and Thursday Decem-                                                                will be due Jan 18th.
ber 20th in the band room. In Social
Studies they just finished learning
about the explorers. In science they are
studying rocks and minerals. In math
students have been learning divisibility
rules and order of operations. Reading
has students reading fairy tales and
holiday stories. In art the students hav-                                                        Mr. Nelson, Ms. Blass,
ing been making holiday gifts.                                                                     Ms. McKenzie and
                                                                                                 Mr. Bashor guided the
Mr. Schwisow’s class is studying early                                                           students through many
explorers in North America. In Science                                                             band and choir per-
they are studying the changes in eco                                                                   formances.
systems caused by human activity. In        Lexi Martello Reports Mrs. Paskey’s
                                            and Mr. Fegan’s class are working on                   All were unique and
math they are drawing geometric fig-                                                                       quite
ures. The students are reading a small      geometry in math class. They have also
                                            created math carols for the holiday sea-                  extraordinaire.
novel and doing related activities. In
English they are doing parts of speech.     son. They pick a math topic and ex-
                                            plain it using music from a carol.                    Thank you for allow-
                                                                                                   ing the students to
                                            In Science, they have been studying                    share their musical
6th Grade                                                                                                 gifts.
                                            customary units of measurement and
Kate Marcure reports that Mrs. Fry’s        the water cycle.
class is studying India in Social Stud-     In reading they have been studying the
ies. The students are working with the      novel The Cay . In Art they are doing
kindergarten children on art projects.      watercolors.
The students have just finished a
novel .
The students are in the process of                                                                The Geography Bee
drawing a cabin that they would build
if they were stuck in the woods for 30                                                                  Winner !
Mrs. Flint’s class won the builders club                                                              Max
decorating contest for making a bat                                                                   Meyer
mobile and a bat Turkey. The students
are studying India in Social Studies                                                                    Finalists
and in math class are doing Math Car-                                                              Eamon Thomasson,
ols. In English they are writing letters.                                                             Kilah Tierney,
                                                                                                     Morissa Trunzo,
                                                                                                  Mary Brooks, Tanner
Mrs. Keane’s class just finished The                                                              Finney, Jake Bova and
Night Before Christmas, for English.                                                                   Evan Wolf
The students had illustrated and oral
                                            Mr. Fegan Narrating at the holiday performance.
performances. In reading the students
are just finishing reading a novel called
The Cay. This is novel about survival,
JANUARY 2008                                                                                                                                      PAGE 9

FROM THE DESK OF THE                                A GREAT EVENING WAS FILLED WITH                     JHS BOYS’ BASKETBALL ENJOYS A
                                                    MUSIC                                               STRONG TURNOUT
GRADES 7-8 PRINCIPAL,                                                                                   Coaches Kyle Rausch and Mike Knopik con-
JON FIMMEL                                          The December 10th JHS Bands and Choirs              ducted “try-outs” for the JHS boys’ basketball
A SLIGHT INCREASE IN OUR JHS ENROL-                 concert (directed by Band Master, John Nelson;      teams. Forty-seven students participated. At
MENT                                                Choir Director, Ellen McKenzie; with Anne           this point in time… it looks like there are
                                                    Bashor, the Accompanist) was a most reward-         enough players to field six teams (an 8th grade
The number of students has slightly increased       ing event. The seventh grade choir performed        “A” team, a 7th grade “A” team, and four “B”
to 197. The seventh grade class has grown to        with solos by Arran Lake and Olga Chini-            teams—2 eight grade + 2 7th grade teams).
103 students while our eighth graders number        kaylo. Emma Oostdyk sang a solo with the            The season game schedule will be developed
94. The boys still outnumber the girls by twenty    eighth grade choir. Roudy Soule, Beth Rut-          on or around January 3rd with action to follow
seven!                                              tenbur, Ashlyn Beeler, and Sareece Heit-            shortly afterwards. The Copper League tourna-
                                                    mann performed solos in front of the combined       ment is scheduled for February 12th, 13th, and
BUILDERS CLUB MAINTAINS A RAPID                     voices of the Elite Honor Choir. Both the 7th and   14th, 2008.
PACE                                                8th grade bands performed magnificently. The
                                                    sounds of their instruments added that “special     JHS RTI TEAM ESTABLISHED
The Builders Club was busy this month deco-         touch” to the holiday atmosphere that filled the
rating the gym for the holiday concerts. These      gymnatorium.                                        ‘RTI’ is an abbreviation for RESPONSE TO
students took time out of their day to hang all                                                         INTERVENTION, a teaching system that pro-
the festive decorations made by elementary                                                              vides a comprehensive, adjustable approach to
students. The students carefully placed the         106  1ST  QUARTER   HONOR   ROLL                    instruction that adjusts the methods for teach-
decorations and then took them down and re-         STUDENTS RECOGNIZED FOR ACADEMIC                    ing required curriculum to students based upon
turned them after the concerts were com-            EXCELLENCE                                          measured student academic performance infor-
pleted. Leading this effort was: Kyle Cyr, Alex                                                         mation. Four teachers (Cynthia Babon, Mary
Marion, Cole Baker, Jack Nerison, Marissa           8TH GRADE HIGH HONOR ROLL: Brady                    Brannin, Tony Davis and Roberta Chapman)
Jette and many others. Thanks for all of your       Baughman, Austin Blank, Michaela Delaney,           and the principal (Jon Fimmel) will participate in
help Builders Club!                                 Justin Downard, Katelyn Grenager, Shana             five days of training this spring.
                                                    Harlan, Kayla Hodges, Kati Kees, Allison
MR. FRED RECOGNIZED SOME STUDENTS                   Klocke, Sarah Lester, Jackson Mahlum,               In other words… RTI truly attempts to see that
AT A RECENT AWARDS ASSEMBLY                         Emma Oostdyk, Jesse Pengelly, Jason                 “no child is left behind.” Hopefully our JHS will
                                                    Riter, Stephanie Schell, Victoria Stavish,          come closer to approaching this wonderful set
Scott Moua, Yer Vang, and Taylor Hawkins            Lana Tempel, Eamon Thomasson, and Car-              of goals then ever before. A team of teachers
received “ Great Attitude” and “Excellent Effort”   son Wabaunsee. 8TH GRADE HONOR ROLL:                from the elementary school will also participate
Awards. They are always pleasant, kind, and         Ryan Anderson, Devin Armstrong, Jennifer            in a series of training sessions that targets the
work very hard for what they receive.               Bell, Alexander Chinikaylo, Igor Chinikaylo,        age levels of the students they teach.
                                                    Cassandra Cleek, Sierra Evans, Jasmine
JHS STUDENTS SCORE WELL IN…                         Furniss, Taylor Hawkins, James Hebnes,
                                                    Jewelia Holsapple, Harmonee Johnson,
The results are in from the 2007 AMC math           Marley Keating, Keller Leishman, Zane Lem-
competition. 8 students who tied for the top        ons, Cadin Lundell, Meaghan Mazzola, Madi-
score at Frenchtown Junior high: The seventh        son McGuire, Meng Moua, Blake Normand,
graders are… Mary Brooks, Derek Jones,              Cade Parkinson, Raini Phelps, Ryan Ratliff,
Michael Rebarchik and Kilah Tierney. Justin         John Ray, Abigail Rose, Bethany Ruttenbur,                 NEED TUTORING?
Downard, Meng Moua, Blake Normand and               Roxanne Simmons, Roudy Soule, Danial
Carson Wabaunsee captured eight grade hon-          Treichel, Morissa Trunzo, Jessica Tucker,
                                                    Yer Vang, Dalton Williams, and Blake Yar-               The National Honor Society
                                                    nall. 7TH GRADE HIGH HONOR ROLL: David              is offering tutoring sessions from
Matthew Price and Evan Wolf tied for seventh        Anderson, Brennan Armstrong, Cole Baker,            7:45 a.m. to 8:25 a.m. every
grade, second place honors. Third place, eighth     Mary Brooks, Max Butler, Haley Dillree,
                                                    Abram Duncan, Katie Erbaugh, Logan                  Tuesday and Wednesday in the
grade awards were earned by James Hebnes
and Eamon Thomasson. Also qualifying for            Fisher, Briana Harris, Abby Indreland, Holly        counseling center. Right now
third place honors were seventh graders, David      Jacobs, Marissa Jette, Derek Jones, Daniel          they are assisting students with
Diehl, Daniel Tabert, and Zahra Tierney.            Lebsock, Alexandria Marion, Ashley Munoz,
                                                    Matthew Price, Michael Rebarchik, Kylie             U.S. History, but they can help
Mathematics teacher, Roberta Chapman ad-            Rhodes, Kyle Ricci, Secora Richardson,              out with other classes as well.
vised that this was a very challenging world-       Kyleigh Tripp, Amanda Warren, and Austin            Contact the counselors and/or
wide competition. Our student top scorers are       Weinant. 7TH GRADE HONOR ROLL: Ashlyn
                                                    Beeler, Caleb Bridgeman, Joshua Bridge-             Mr. Stanicar for more informa-
indeed among an elite group of mathematics
students.                                           man, Sophie Cruz, Kyle Cyr, David Dieh,             tion.
                                                    Jazmine Diller, Mariah Esterbrook, Kate
                                                    Guerra, Kevin Hillygus, Brianda Jackman,
                                                    Riley Jorgensen, Jake Clucewich, Melody             Dr. Rory A. Weishaar, Principal
SCIENCE STUDENTS                                    Maki, Jack Nerison, Jacob Pace, Callie              Frenchtown High School
                                                    Pengelly, Colby Peterson, Mickol Rathbun,           17620 Frenchtown Frontage Rd.
Veteran educator, Mr. Greg Kuehn, recently          Emalee Ratliff, Wesley Rigler, Brady Saw-
                                                    yer, Zahra Tierney, Kilah Tierney, Pia Vang,        Frenchtown, MT 59834
conferred “Great Attitude and Excellent Effort”
awards to the following eighth grade science        Connor Whitmore, Evan Wolf, and Matthew             406-626-2670
students: Tayler Betts, Michaela Delaney,           Wolter.
Colby Hagen, Tyler Hofer, Marley Keating,
Allison Klocke, Blake Normand, and Michael
FRENCHTOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                                                                                              PAGE 10

                                                              NOTICE OF BOND SALE
                                         $4,000,000 General Obligation School Building Bonds, Series 2008
                                                       K-12 School District No. 40 (Frenchtown)
                                                             Missoula County, Montana
         NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of K-12 School District No. 40 (Frenchtown), Missoula County,
Montana (the “District”), will receive bids for the purchase of $4,000,000 General Obligation School Building Bonds, Series 2008 (the “Series
2008 Bonds”) in the office of the District Clerk at the Frenchtown Schools Administrative Offices, 16495 Main Street, Frenchtown, Montana,
until 11:30 a.m., M.T., on January 10, 2008. Bids for the purchase of the Series 2008 Bonds may be submitted as written sealed bids or by
electronic transmission through Parity™. Bids will be opened or accessed and tabulated by the District Clerk and presented to the Board at a
special meeting at 12:00 noon on the same day in the District’s Board Meeting Room. Bids will be compared on the basis of true interest cost

         The Series 2008 Bonds are being issued for the purposes of (1) paying a portion of the costs of building a new junior high school facil-
ity and improving the existing K-8 facility to serve classes K-6, and paying costs associated with the sale and issuance of the bonds; and (2)
paying a portion of the costs of expanding and improving the existing high school facility, and paying costs associated with the sale and issu-
ance of the bonds. The Series 2008 Bonds shall be issuable as fully registered bonds only, in the denomination of $5,000 each or any integral
multiple thereof of single maturities. Amortization bonds will not be issued. The Bonds shall mature July 1, subject to redemption as hereinaf-
ter described, in the following years and amounts (unless combined into one or more term bonds):

                                               Year        Amount                 Year        Amount

                                               2009         $270,000              2014         $415,000
                                               2010          350,000              2015          430,000
                                               2011          365,000              2016          445,000
                                               2012          380,000              2017          465,000
                                               2013          400,000              2018          480,000

         Bidders will have the option of combining the Series 2008 Bonds maturing on and after 2009 through and including 2013 and on and
after 2014 through and including 2018 into one or more term bonds. If any Series 2008 Bonds are issued as term bonds, such term bonds will
be subject to annual mandatory sinking fund redemption in the principal amount set forth in the foregoing schedule on each July 1, concluding
no later than 2018, at a redemption price equal to the principal amount of such Series 2008 Bonds or portions thereof to be redeemed with in-
terest accrued thereon and payable on January 1 and July 1 to the redemption date, in installments and in the same amounts and on the same
dates as the Series 2008 Bonds would have matured if they were not included in a term bond.

         The Series 2008 Bonds will bear an original issue date of January 15, 2008, and will bear interest payable semiannually on January 1
and July 1 of each year, commencing January 1, 2009, to the registered owners of the Series 2008 Bonds as such appear in the bond register
as of the close of business on the 15th day (whether or not a business day) of the immediately preceding month. No interest rate may exceed
6.50% per annum, and the difference between the highest and lowest rate of interest may not exceed 3.50% per annum. No supplemental or
“B” coupons or additional interest certificates are permitted and rates shall be expressed in integral multiples of 1/8 or 1/20 of one percent per
annum. The Series 2008 Bonds maturing on or after July 1, 2014 will be subject to redemption on July 1, 2013, and any date thereafter, at the
option of the District, from such stated maturities and in such principal amounts as may be designated by the District (or if no designation is
made, in inverse order of maturities and within a stated maturity in $5,000 principal amounts selected by the Registrar by lot or other manner it
deems fair), at a redemption price equal to the principal amount to be redeemed plus accrued interest to the redemption date, without premium.

         The District will designate the Series 2008 Bonds as “qualified tax-exempt obligations” within the meaning of Section 265(b)(3) of the
Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

        The Series 2008 Bonds will be sold for not less than $4,000,000.00 with accrued interest on the principal amount of the Series 2008
Bonds to the date of their delivery. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive any informality in any bid, and to sell the
Series 2008 Bonds at private sale.

         A good faith deposit in the form of money, cashier’s check, certified check, bank money order, or bank draft drawn and issued by a fed-
erally chartered or state chartered bank insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or a financial surety bond in the sum of 2% of
the amount payable ($80,000) to the order of the District is required for each bid to be considered, as further specified in the Official Terms
and Conditions of Sale.

        Copies of the Official Terms and Conditions of Sale and additional information may be obtained from D.A. Davidson & Co., 402 East
Main Street, Suite 202, Bozeman, MT 59715, (406) 556-6965, financial advisor to the District. Prospective bidders should consult the Official
                                                                                                                 Notice of Bond Sale Continued on Page 11
JANUARY 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                 PAGE 11

Notice of Bond Sale Continued from Page 10

Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Preliminary Official Statement for a detailed description of the Series 2008 Bonds, the security therefore,
and the form of legal opinion proposed to be rendered by Dorsey & Whitney LLP, of Missoula, Montana, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, as bond
counsel. To the extent any instructions or directions set forth in ParityTM conflict with this Notice of Bond Sale, the terms of this Notice of Bond
Sale shall control. For further information about ParityTM, potential bidders may contact the Financial Advisor, D.A. Davidson & Co., at (406)
556-6965 (Bridget Ekstrom), or ParityTM at (212) 404-8102 (Client Services). In the event of a malfunction in the electronic bidding process,
bidders may submit their bids by sealed bid including facsimile transmission to the District Clerk, Cindy McMurray, at facsimile number (406)
626-2605 (phone (406) 642-2600).

           Dated: December 11, 2007.

                                                                              BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                                              /s/Cindy McMurray
                                                                              Cindy McMurray, School District Clerk
                                                                              K-12 School District No. 40 (Frenchtown),
                                                                              Missoula County, Montana
Publish:         December 27, 2007
                 January 3, 2008

                                                  “RESOLUTION #121107-1 FOR DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC PROPERTY
                                                           FRENCHTOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT #40

Whereas, Frenchtown School District #40, Missoula County, presently owns one school bus (1998 84 passenger - Bluebird) that has become undesir-
able, unsuitable or obsolete for school purposes. The bus is determined to be unsuitable for school purposes.

Now, Therefore, Be it Resolved, that the Board of Trustees of Frenchtown School District #40 intends to sell or dispose of said property in full com-
pliance with the laws of the State of Montana, §20-6-604, by on-line auction from 1/1/08 through 1/14/08.

Be it Further Resolved that all monies resulting from the sale of this property shall become part of the district’s Miscellaneous Fund for the purpose
that best meets the current needs of the District.

The Trustees of the Frenchtown School District #40 further resolve that notices of the resolution shall be published on the 16th day of December,
2007 in The Missoulian.

This resolution shall become effective 14 days after publication of the notice identified above (Effective date is December 31, 2007), unless appealed
anytime prior to that date to the District Court by a taxpayer in compliance with and as provided in §20-6-604, MCA.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Frenchtown School District #40 this 11th day of December 2007.

/s/ John Mazzola
Vice Board Chair

/s/ Cindy L. McMurray
District Clerk”

Interested parties can bid on the District’s surplus school bus on-line at

                   ADULT EDUCATION “CERAMIC BIRD HOUSES”                                                       ADULT EDUCATION PARTICIPANT RESTRICTIONS
                                                                                                          Per state law (MCA 20-7-701), “Adult education” means the instruction of persons 16 years of age or older
  Class Description: Build a slab, coil, or wheel thrown bird house or feeder for your spring      who are not regularly enrolled, full-time pupils for the purposes of ANB computation. A separate “Adult Education”
time feathered friends.                                                                            Fund has been established by Frenchtown School District for this purpose.
                                                                                                          These courses are being offered for the main reason of instructing “adults” and funding laws prohibit the use
Class time: Wednesdays from 5-7pm, 6 classes, February 6th to March 12th. No open studio           of these monies for pupils under the age of 16. Because of this, the following restrictions for Frenchtown Adult
time is available, no exceptions. Expect direct instruction and hands-on learning!                 Education participants apply:
                                                                                                          All pupils must be 16 years of age or older who are not regularly enrolled, full-time pupils for the purposes of
Where: Frenchtown High School, room 202.                                                                         ANB computation.
Supplies: You will be provided with Clay, tools, and limited glazes for bird houses and feeders           Only those who have paid for the class and are capable of actively participating in the class may be present
                                                                                                                 in the classroom.
only. Those desiring a specific color or effect need to purchase their own low fire glazes, cone
06-05.                                                                                             REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT FOR ADULT EDUCATION CLASSES
                                                                                                          The Administration is required to provide our instructors with advance notice on whether the class has
Payment: The cost is $15, due upon registering for the class by calling                            enough participants to warrant holding the class. Therefore, all participants must register and pay for the adult
Debbie Tholstrom at the Frenchtown District Office at 626-2600. You must                           education classes in advance at the Frenchtown School District Administration Office. Course fees will not be
                                                                                                   accepted by the adult education instructors during class hours. If there aren’t any participants that have both
register and pay for the class by 3:00 pm February 1st.                                            registered and prepaid prior to the deadline, the adult education class will be cancelled. Refunds will only be
Questions? Contact Nicole Whitescarver at,, or 626-                              issued if the class is cancelled for a reason beyond the control of the student.
2670.                                                                                                    For further information contact the Administration Office at 406-626-2600.
                                      Our mission is to foster effective learning in a safe environment where students,
16495 Main St.                        parents, staff and the community share in a commitment to life-long learning and
P.O. Box 117                          responsible citizenship.
Frenchtown, MT 59834
Administration Office Phone:406 626-2600
Administration Fax: 406-626-2605
Elementary Office Phone: 406-626-2620
Elementary Fax: 406-626-2625
                                                                    CURRENT RESIDENT
Jr. High Office Phone: 406-626-2650
Jr High Fax: 406-626-2654                                                 OR
High School Office Phone: 406-626-2670
High School Fax: 406-626-2676                                         BOX HOLDER
                                                                                                                              Schoolmaster Parental Access and
                                                                                                                                        Support System
              FRENCHTOWN LITTLE GUY WRESTLING REGISTRATIONS                                                                                  (PASS)
                                                                                                                             Get the current information about
                         1st—8th grade registration dates at Frenchtown High School:                                         your child’s progress directly from
                                             Jan 10th @ 6:00pm                                                               the grade book of the teacher. Call
                                              Jan 17 @ 6:00pm                                                                the school office to get your login
                                              Jan 26 @ 6:00pm                                                                name and PIN number then go to
                                                                                                                    . Chose
First Practice is on Monday, February 11th.                                                                                  the link for the appropriate school on
$20 first wrestler / $15 second Family Member. $30 uniform deposit required (separate checks                                 the right side of the page and it will
please). Wrestlers will be weighed in at sign-up. Uniform/shoe handout, picture info, T-shirts/                              open a world of current information
sweatshirt orders taken.                                                                                                     about your child’s progress.

Questions? Call Bruce Truett at 543-5552, Tanya Lemons at 626-5942, Dawn Ishler at 722-3349,
Mindy Pritzkau at 626-4160, or Jason Newbary at 542-0737.

                                                            FRENCHTOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                                                    JANUARY 2008
                                                                  HOT LUNCH MENU
 Mon                                       Tue                          Wed                             Thu                                Fri

                                           1                            2    Corn Dogs                  3    Chicken Fried Steak           4   Waffles
                                                  NO SCHOOL             Low Fat Potatoes                Mashed Potatoes                    Cheese Omelet
                                                                        Pears          Milk             Green Beans                        Oranges
                                                NEW YEARS DAY                                           Roll            Milk               Milk

7    Tomato Soup                           8   Wiener Wraps             9     EARLY OUT 12:30           10       Spaghetti                 11    Chicken
Grilled Cheese Sandwich                    French Fries                       Grab and Go               Tossed Salad                       Seasoned Rice
Peaches    Milk                            Applesauce     Milk                                          Bread Sticks      Milk             Carrots
                                                                                                                                           Roll      Milk

14       Cheeseburgers                     15   Burrito                 16     Sub Sandwiches           17     Turkey & Gravy              18     Chicken Rice Bowl
Tater Tots                                 Veggies & Dip                Tossed Salad                    Mashed Potatoes                    Pineapple
Mixed Fruit                                Mandarin Oranges             Pears                           Corn                               Fortune Cookie
Milk                                       Milk                         Milk                            Roll       Milk                    Milk

21         NO SCHOOL                       22    Ham & Cheese San       23     Taco Salad               24     Chicken Nuggets             25
                                           Chicken Noodle Soup          Mandarin Oranges                Very Berry Salad
Martin Luther King Day                     Applesauce     Milk          Oatmeal Cookies Milk            Carrot Sticks & Ranch

28       Beef Steak Fingers                29    Chili                  30     Mac & Cheese w Ham       31     Chicken Sandwich
Mashed Potatoes                            Corn Bread                   Broccoli Normandy               Tossed Salad
Green Beans                                Peaches                      Biscuits & Honey                Apple Crisp
Roll         Milk                          Milk                         Butter          Milk            Milk