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					                                                                                                             PA Newsletter
                     University of Wisconsin-Madison
                     School of Medicine and Public Health

                                                                                                                                               Winter 2008 | Vol.1, No.2

IN THIS ISSUE                          Community-Based Learning Program Supporting the Wisconsin Experience
Community-Based                                                  UW-Madison PA Program’s unique Community-Based Learning Program (distance education,
Learning Program .....1                                          or DE option) is designed to extend PA education into medically underserved communities.
                                                                 Currently, we are the only PA program in the country to offer this opportunity in this format.
Message:                                                         Distance students complete 90% of their education in their home communities over a three
PA Program Director ....1                                        year period. The first summer session (10 weeks) is completed on campus and allows them
                                                                 to work closely with faculty and campus classmates. Distance students return to campus
Comments:                                                        twice each semester. Community mentors help to reduce isolation, provide professional role
Student President .....1                                         models, and act as supplementary resources to instruction. Students complete the clinical
                                       Jerry Noack, PA-C,        year on a full-time basis in preceptorships in or near their home communities.
Distance Education                     Director of Distance
                                       Education         The Health Sciences Learning Center housing medical school programs, including PA,
Student Experiences ..2
                                       opened in mid-2004. This state of the art building permits the technological capture and delivery of course
The Class of 2010                      content and the dedicated staff continues to explore and encourage the application of emerging technologies.
Officers & Chairs .......3             While one (6%) student is ethnically diverse, seven (39%) of the 18 students in the first six cohorts report
                                       educationally disadvantaged backgrounds and five (28%) students report being economically disadvantaged.
Student Awards .........3              Forty four percent of the students were raised in medically underserved communities. Early analysis of grades
                                       and academic progress showed that distance students perform as well, or better than, campus students. All DE
PA Program and
                                       graduates passed the NCCPA national board exam in their first attempt and 6 of the 7 students in the first three
Wisconsin Academy
                                       cohorts are employed in or near their home community.
for Rural Health .........4
                                       We have developed a strong infrastructure for delivering our curriculum by distance. Our project is well organized
New Community                          and designed to address the needs of students, faculty, and all other involved parties. The Distance Education oversight
Education                              committee meets weekly to monitor progress, make plans, and address concerns. Through a committed faculty and
Coordinator ...............4           staff, strong community and university partners, incorporation of emerging technologies, and engaged students we are
                                       meeting our goal of educating top quality health care providers committed to their home communities.
Did You Know ...........5

Local SAAAPA News ..5                  Message -- PA Program Director                                            CoMMents -- Student President
                                                            Winter greetings from the PA                                               Wow, what a year! Back in
New Clinical
                                                            Program! Here’s hoping you                                                 May, I remember coming to the
Instructor ...................7
                                                            are experiencing a great start to                                          University for the first day of
Admissions Update ...7                                      this new year! The PA Program                                              summer classes. I was one of 34
                                                            is moving into the new year                                                students starting on our way to
Spring Calendar ........8                                   with great enthusiasm regarding                                            fulfilling our dreams of becoming
                                                            current initiatives and the pursuit                                        a PA. We all were excited to start
Upcoming Issue ........8                                    of collaborative opportunities,                                            and in a few short weeks we all
                                       Virginia Snyder,     many of which focus on                               Brian Beardsley, PA-S had made some lifelong friends.
                                       PhD, PA-C          
                                                      Class of 2010
                                                            PA students truly functioning                                              We have come a long way since
                                       with other healthcare professionals as                                    then and have jumped right into student life. A large
                                       interdisciplinary team members.                                           number of PA students have been willing to take an
                                       One of the major concepts to strengthening the                            active role in the student government, and an equally
                                       foundation of primary care today is a delivery                            large group of students are interested in going to
                                       model called the patient-centered medical home.                           Guatemala in May for a medical mission trip. Here is
                                       As we know, primary care is challenged nationwide                         what we have been up to:
                                       to respond to the increasing demand of aging                              • We began fundraising for our trip to Guatemala
                                       boomers and a decreasing supply of physicians. It                           and had a very successful silent auction at the
                                       is estimated that an insufficiently low number of all                       fall Wisconsin Academy for Physician Assistants
                                       graduating medical students plan on practicing in                           (WAPA) conference. We were able to get a lot
                                       primary care. Reasons stated in surveys are: high                           of donations from local businesses and class
                                       patient loads, long office hours and relatively low                         member’s families. We are happy to report raising
                                       pay. The PA profession has similarly experienced a
1278 Health Sciences Learning Center
750 Highland Avenue
                                                                                   Continued on Page 6                                                   Continued on Page 6
Madison, WI 53705
800.442.6698                                                  PA Newsletter | | 800.442.6698 | Winter 2008 Vol.1, No.2                p. 1
                           Community-Based Learning Program Supports the Wisconsin Experience
                           with Enhanced Access to Education with Emerging Technologies

                           “The distance education advantage”
                           What attracted me to the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Physician Assistant (PA) program was
                           the Distant Education (DE) option of study. This option let me take classes from home over a two-year
                           period, allowing part-time study, with the traditional full time clinical year [or medical preceptorship]
                           in my home community. We don’t have to uproot our lives to complete the PA program. During the
                           first two years there are some campus visits required but they are infrequent, concise, and yet full
                           of learning. DE students are afforded enough time to be involved in community opportunities and
       Michael Korbel,     maintain obligations. It’s a win-win-win situation for the student, the university, and the community.
       Eau Claire, WI
       DE Class of 2009    Being a DE student does not detract any quality from the learning experience as compared to the
                           students attending full-time on campus. The DE student can take advantage of the outstanding PA and
                           Medical School faculty, expert community lecturers and clinical instructors. Curriculum is presented
                           through many modes of on-line learning, being driven by a professional, savvy, and innovative
                           information technology staff. Though most teaching is accomplished on-line, there are still other
                           invaluable modes of instruction available, including access to a huge medical library database, its staff,
                           workshops, live lectures, e-mail, conferences, one-on-one faculty and staff connections, and much
                           more. And for an older student such as me, there is also help available the old fashioned way, only a
                           telephone call away!

                           “Honoring community commitments”
                           I am a returning to UW-Madison for a second degree, Physician Assistant, as a student in the Distance
                           Education option. This option makes it possible for me to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant
                           because of the flexibility it offers when trying to balance school, work and family life. In addition to
                           being home to care for my family, I can continue to honor the commitments I’ve made to serve in the
                           local Emergency Medical Service and working at our area hospital. I appreciate the opportunity to stay
                           connected to my community, the place where I feel invested, supported, and where I hope to be of
       Agnes Kanikula,     continued service.
       Black Earth, WI
       DE Class of 2010

                           “Why I chose the distance education option”
                           I was offered a seat in either the traditional or distance education (DE) program. I chose the distance
                           ed. option. I found the staff to be incredibly receptive regarding tech issues and suggestions, especially
                           the dedicated tech support staff. Each semester presents its own tech obstacles, and each semester
                           provides its own improvements on the past semesters. In my opinion, these are advantages of the DE
                           1. Ability to continue to work in allied health care field
       William Smoot,         (in my case, full-time as a paramedic).
       Iron Mountain, MI
       DE Class of 2009    2. Ability to further connect to my hometown/
                              community, network with local physicians, etc.
                           3. Ability to more readily incorporate didactic material
                              with clinical experiences.
                           4. Ability to set up own clinical rotations.

                           “A dream come true”
                           The UW-Madison Physician Assistant program is truly
                           life-changing both for me and for those I will soon be
       Sheryl Gauthier,    able to help. With the distance education opportunity, I
       Neenah, WI          can do my part to impact the issue of care for those who
       DE Class of 2010
                           cannot afford health care and to help people when they
                           need it most. I currently am employed in a full time job,
                           have a family, and participate in community volunteer                         Distance Education students
                           positions. With 120 miles between me and the nearest PA                       are drawn from geographically
                           program – distance education is a dream come true.                            diverse communities.

p. 2                                            PA Newsletter | | 800.442.6698 | Winter 2008 Vol.1, No.2
                                                                                                         Students Today

The Class of 2010 (DE 2011) Officers and Chairs
Body.                                        Chairs
President - Brian Beardsley                  WAPA Reps .......... Emily Johnson, Chelsea Klos
Vice President - Anne Becker                 Historian (Archivist) ....................... Jane Alesch
Secretary - Sarah Westby                     Fundraising Committee .................Ryan Holeon
Treasurer - Susan Boebel                        ..................................Stephanie Lake Melton
National Delegate - Shelly Schmoller         Social Activity Committee.............Rachel Elbing
                                                 ..............................................Juliane Nevers
                                             Diversity Rep ................................. Chelsea Klos
                                             Medic Rep ................................... Danielle Hare
                                             Employment Reception .................Alissa DeVos
                                                 .............................................. Danielle Hare
                                             Volunteer Coordinator ...................Alissa DeVos

                                                                                                                Back (left to right): Brian Beardsley, Chelsea Klos, Juliane Nevers
                                                                                                                Middle (left to right): Rachel Elbing, Danielle Hare, Anne Becker,
                                                                                                                Ryan Holeon, Alissa Enz
                                                                                                                Front (left to right): Sarah Westby, Linda Bresser, Susan Boebel

Student Awards
Wisconsin and neighboring states benefit from                       Ben Lawton Award – Chelsea Klos                                              Words of
having PAs joining interdisciplinary healthcare
teams. The health and wellness needs of local
                                                                                       A $1000 Scholarship in memory                             Wisdom
                                                                                       of Dr. Ben Lawton who was an
residents are served by Physician Assistants that
                                                                                       early supporter and proponent of
graduate from the UW-Madison program. The PA                                                                                                     Live Your Beliefs!
                                                                                       the PA profession in Wisconsin is
Program is proud of student accomplishments. It is
                                                                                       given to a didactic year student
a rigorous academic program. Congratulations to                                                                                                  If you believe that
                                                                                       from each of Wisconsin’s three
students who received the following awards:
                                                                                       PA programs at the annual Fall
                                                                                       CME conference. It is based                               people everywhere
Andy Stolper Award – Julie Jackan Thomas
                                                                    Chelsea Klos       on financial need, taking into
                      In memory of Andy Stolper                     Class of 2010
                                                                                       consideration academic standing,                          are entitled to a good
                      who would have graduated in                   work ethic and integrity. The WAPA-Foundation
                      1997, this award is presented                 Ben Lawton Scholarship is decided by the WAPA-                               quality of life, it’s
                      to a student in the first year of             Foundation board of trustees.
                      the professional program who                                                                                               possible to achieve
                      most emulates the attributes
                      and values of Andy, including                 AFPPA Representative – Susan MacDowell
                                                                                                                                                 this through your
                      optimism, service, perseverance,                                    Susan MacDowell applied for,
Julie Jackan Thomas   and dedication to the PA                                            was selected and has served as                         commitment and
                      profession.                                                         the new Student Representative
                                                                                          for the North Central Region                           actions. Touch your
WAPA Leadership Award – Aaron Browne                                                      of the Association of Family
                                                                                          Practice PAs (AFPPA). The                              patients’ lives by
                      Awarded by the Wisconsin                                            primary role of this position is
                      Academy of Physician Assistants                                     to promote AFPPA membership
                      and selected by program faculty,                                                                                           treating not only their
                                                                    Susan MacDowell       and its benefits for students
                      this award recognizes the student             Class of 2009,       in the region, with an initial
                      who demonstrates both personal                selected as Student
                                                                                         focus on students in the UW-                            pathologies but their
                                                                    Representative for
                      and professional leadership at                AFPPA                Madison Program. There are
                      multiple levels.                                                   also opportunities to be involved                       minds and spirit as well.
                                                                    in the current strategic planning, as the AFPPA
Aaron Browne                                                        sets future goals to establish the organization as                           - anon
Class of 2009
                                                                    a primary resource for PAs working in all areas of
                                                                    primary care (including pediatrics, women’s health,
                                                                    and emergency medicine). Thank you, Susan!

                PA Newsletter | | 800.442.6698 | Winter 2008 Vol.1, No.2                                                               p. 3
                           PA Program and the Wisconsin Academy for Rural Health
                           Interdisciplinary Health Care Teams
                                                As the Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine (WARM) begins its second year with medical
                                                students at the School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH), it is an opportune time to
                                                look at collaboration with other health professional programs to prepare health care teams
                                                to meet the need of citizens in rural Wisconsin. WARM has been developed to address
Interdisciplinary health                        the health care needs of rural Wisconsin by addressing the rural physician workforce
                                                shortages and will increase the medical school class size by 25 students per year when
care teams, medical                             fully implemented. WARM selects students with a strong potential for practicing in rural
                                                Wisconsin and the program will develop curricular opportunities to nurture students’
homes and chronic          Byron Crouse, MD,    interest in rural health.
                           Director of the
                           Wisconsin Academy   Interdisciplinary health care teams, medical homes and chronic care management are
care management are        for Rural Health
                                               examples of trends as we strive to improve the health of rural Wisconsin in the 21st Century.
                                               This also aligns with goals and initiatives of the UW Physician Assistant Program. WARM
examples of trends as      has been supporting the Rural Health Interest Group which brings in speakers to discuss rural related topics
                           as well as will be offering an elective course on rural health topics this spring. Both of the activities represent
we strive to improve       opportunities for medical students and PA students to begin learning about rural practice together. As the
                           clinical years of WARM begin in 2009, another opportunity will exist to identify opportunities for health
the health of rural        professional students from different disciplines to work on team skills to address the health needs of rural
                           residents and communities. With aligned goals between WARM and the PA Program, now is the time to
Wisconsin in the           develop interdisciplinary health care teams to support medical homes and address the health care needs in
                           rural Wisconsin.
21st Century.
                           New Community Education Coordinator                                                Outreach Coordinator
                           Michelle Hauser, PA Class of 1991                                                  Position Opening
                                             Michelle joined the UW PA program as                             The call for PAs to consider
                                             Community Education Coordinator with                             joining our team has been
                                             funding support from the 2008-2011 HRSA                          partially answered, at least we
                                             Title VII, PA Training Grant. Michelle will                      are halfway there with Michelle
                                             assist the PA program in the development                         Hauser filling one grant-
                                             of rural primary care track curriculum.                          funded position. The Outreach
                                             The goal is to increase the number of                            Coordinator position is posted
                                             students who originate from underserved,                         in the Wisconsin Academy for
                           Michelle Hauser,  rural settings or urban areas and show a                         Physician Assistant (WAPA)
                           MPAS, PA-C,
                           Class of 1991
                                            strong interest in returning to their home                        Spectator and on-line through
                                            community to practice primary care                                the UW-Madison Human
                           medicine upon graduation.                                                          Resources office. Consider
                                                                                                              this great part-time opportunity
                           A second goal of Michelle’s is to further strengthen and
                                                                                                              to work with Michelle, the PA
                           expand the community-based distance education training
                                                                                                              faculty, and local communities
                           programs in underserved rural settings, as well as promoting
                                                                                                              to explore a medical home
                           the PA profession by establishing clinical preceptorships in
                                                                                                              model which, with increased PA
                           these areas.
                                                                                                              presence, provides solutions to
                           Michelle graduated from UW-Madison PA program in 1991                              Wisconsin’s primary care health
                           and received her MPAS from the University of Nebraska in                           professional shortages.
                           2001. She has practiced family medicine at Medical Associates
                                                                                                              For position information see the
                           Family Practice Clinic in Darlington, Wisconsin since 1991.
                                                                                                              University of Wisconsin-Madison
                           She is also involved with patients at the Memorial Hospital of
                                                                                                              Position Vacancy Listing:
                           LaFayette County, where she rounds on inpatients, assists with
                           her patients’ surgeries in the OR, as well as staffs the Emergency       
                           Room on a regular basis. She has been involved with Lafayette                      pv_060137.html
                           County Board of Health, Southwest AHEC and has served as a
                           Preceptor for PA students for 18 years.
                           Michelle happily rounds out her days with the activities of her
                           family; husband, Scott, three children, Hunter, 12; Hannah,
                           11; and Cashton, 4. In her free time she enjoys watching her
                           children’s sporting events, being a Girl Scout leader, walking,
                           gardening and camping.

  p. 4                                          PA Newsletter | | 800.442.6698 | Winter 2008 Vol.1, No.2
PA Facts                                                                                           Student News

Did You Know?                                Local SAAAPA NEWS
1975: The UW-Madison PA                                          Student Academy of the American Academy of
program provided its first                                       Physician Assistants
educational program.

1977: The UW-Madison PA                                       SAAAPA provides information which will be helpful
program graduated its first cohort          to current PA students. Look through these resources periodically, as
in May of that year.                        they are updated with the newest information as soon as SAAAPA
                                            receives it.
1990: The UW-Madison PA                                      While the fall semester has been a busy one for
program joined the Department                                the Physician Assistant class of 2010, we have
                                                             managed to find some time for fundraising events
                                                                                                                     The Wisconsin
of Family Medicine.
                                                             as well. This past September hurricane Ike hit
                                                             Galveston, TX. The University of Texas-Galveston
                                                                                                                     Experience —
2008: Virginia Snyder, PhD,
PA-C, ‘01 graduate of the UW-                                PA program lost 90% of their belongings in the
Madison PA program, and former                               disaster. The Class of 2010 raised $250 in a noon-      the idea that, together,
PA-C with the Neurosurgery                                   hour pizza sale for three days in the health science
Department of Mercy Hospital in                              learning center atrium. All proceeds were sent to       we create and apply
                                            Anne Becker,
Janesville is now the full-time PA          Class of 2010    the PA program at the University of Texas Medical
Program Director.                                            Branch-Galveston. We would like to thank                learning inside and
                                            everyone who helped support this cause.
From 1979 to 2008: The UW-                  Another fundraising event for the year consisted of selling PA program   outside the classroom
Madison PA program has trained              apparel. The clothing featured Bucky the Badger with a headlamp
and conferred degrees to a total            and stethoscope and the words UW-Madison Physician Assistant.            to make the world a
of 831 students.                            The apparel sale was quite a success, and we were able to raise
                                            approximately $400 for the PA class fund which helps send students       better place.
Two graduates from the early                every year to the national PA conference. Our program is selling PA
70’s foundational years, Jerry              apparel again this spring so anyone that is interested and would like
Noack, PA-C and Honorie Coté,               to be contacted for our sale in the spring can contact Anne Becker at
PA-C continue with the UW-        
Madison PA program as faculty               Lastly, the PA students are preparing for our biggest fundraiser this
members.                                    spring, which consists of an employee reception for students to
                                            network with prospective employers. This event contributes greatly
There are 143 accredited PA                 to our class fund and is a wonderful opportunity for all health care
educational/training programs in            professionals to explore prospective jobs.
the United States.                          The PA Class of 2010 would like to thank everyone who has helped
                                            or contributed to our fundraising events thus far and making them a
                                            To order PA program apparel contact
                                             Anne Becker at
                                            To view the apparel logo and order:

               PA Newsletter | | 800.442.6698 | Winter 2008 Vol.1, No.2                               p. 5
                                 Message froM the Director                                        coMMents froM the stuDent PresiDent
                                                     ......Continued from Page 1                                          ......Continued from Page 1

                                recent trend toward fewer graduates choosing primary               almost $3000! We are waiting to hear results
                                care medicine. This results in health care being less              of two grant applications requesting funds to
                                accessible for everyone.                                           purchase medical supplies as a donation to the
                                The ‘patient-centered medical home’ concept allows                 patients we will serve in Guatemala. These grants
                                for patients to have continuous access to a primary                were written by students in both the class of ‘09
                                care healthcare team. The concept promotes proactive,              and ‘10.
                                coordinated, integrated, longitudinal quality care, and          •	We	have	several	other	fundraising	activities	in	the	
                                an attempt to provide more equal access and health                 works ranging from a jewelry sale to a concert
                                cost savings. This model can be applied to most any                organized by one of our more musically talented
                                setting, but likely has strong application to rural and            class members and his band. We held a fundraiser
                                underserved areas, with particular emphasis on chronic             before Thanksgivings to assist the PA students
                                disease management.                                                of the University of Texas. Most PA students lost
                                Some PA-Cs currently practice as the primary health                everything in the Hurricane Ike. We sold pizza
                                care professional in rural, underserved communities.               and soda for three days at lunch in the HSLC.
                                Others will increasingly play this role in Wisconsin’s           •	Chelsea	Klos,	‘10	was	awarded	the	Ben	Lawton	
                                future. Rural communities are ideal settings for                   scholarship and Aaron Browne, ‘09 received the WAPA
                                interdisciplinary care and the medical home approach.              Leadership Award at the Fall Conference. I was lucky
                                What this may mean to patients is fewer, but longer                enough to win a laptop computer in the raffle.
                                face-to-face visits, more emphasis on preventive care,           •	Several	students	have	been	involved	in	the	Medic	
                                and increased access to healthcare professionals via               volunteer program, serving low income families in
                                e-mail and phone. What this may mean to practitioners              the Madison area.
                                is increased efficiency of care, sharing of the load,
                                better management of chronic disease, and thus,                  •	Our	fall	picnic	was	a	success.	We	were	able	to	
                                greater job satisfaction.                                          send the Class of 2009 off to their clinical rotations
                                                                                                   with some brats and burgers, and a rousing game
                                We all need to start thinking about how the medical home           of kick-ball. Of course, our class also ended
                                model would potentially affect us in the future and how to         their winning streak and started one of our own.
                                better serve as collaborative healthcare teams, as well as         Hopefully, it will get longer than the current one
                                how to best engage patients in a team environment.                 game when we welcome in the Class of 2011
      The Patient Centered
                                This issue of our PA newsletter will introduce unique              this spring.
           Medical Home:        programs and new approaches to prepare students
       History, Seven Core      and health care teams to meet the present and future             As you can see, we have been busy. I am sure I
    Features, Evidence and      medical needs, particularly in rural, healthcare shortage        am leaving some things out, but the rest will have
 Transformational Change,       areas of Wisconsin. Many of the program’s current                to wait for future newsletters. It has been a great
  Center for Policy Studies     grant initiatives and curricular enhancements will               experience for all of us so far, and I am sure it will
   in Family Medicine and       support training and investment in interdisciplinary             continue. We have been so excited to start our
              Primary Care,     collaboration. The UW-Madison PA Program is very                 journey and have been very thankful for the many
    Robert Graham Center,                                                                        guest lecturers who have shared their expertise with
                                proud of its community-based distance education
                 Nov. 2007.                                                                      us. We also appreciate the hard working faculty and
                                program, a premier program nationally, that promotes
  Patient-centered Medical      commitment to rural healthcare professional shortage             staff that have gone above and beyond the call of
        Home is Where the       areas, and early connection with practitioners in a              duty to prepare us to be great PAs. Best wishes for
    Health Is, J. Rodrigues,                                                                     the New Year. I look forward to updating all of you
                                community model.
 AAPA News, Vol. 29 (21),                                                                        in the next newsletter with more successes!.
            Nov 30, 2008.       I hope this edition of our PA Program Newsletter is
  Doctors get the time they     informative and inspirational. Thank you for making a
  crave with patients, Vitto,   positive difference in Wisconsin’s healthcare. The PA
  Seattle Post Intelligencer,   program invites and welcomes your submissions and
             Dec.21, 2008.      suggestions – at anytime.


p. 6                                                 PA Newsletter | | 800.442.6698 | Winter 2008 Vol.1, No.2
                                                                                                 Program News
New Clinical Instructor
Diana DuPont, PA Class of 1998                                   Admissions Update
                      Diana DuPont has joined the                                       Since 1979 there have been
                      UW PA program as a Clinical                                       831 graduates of the UW-
                      Instructor for this 2009 spring                                   Madison PA program. Applying
                      semester. She is excited to                                       to the PA Program is a rigorous
                      be coordinating the PA 440                                        and highly competitive
                      Laboratory Medicine course.                                       process. In each of the past
                      Diana was quoted as saying, “I                                    several years, the PA Program
                      appreciate the high-energy level                                  has reviewed approximately
Diana DuPont,         and eagerness of the PA students            Erin McCarthy,        230 applications for just
MPAS, PA-C                                                        Instructional
                     to learn and offer their own                 Program Manager       28 campus and 6 distance
experiences. This paves the way for a well-rounded                                      seats. Competitive applicants
educational experience.” Diana encourages student                                       demonstrate strong evidence of:
and practicing physician assistants to consider                   •	the	ability	to	complete	rigorous	academic	work
academic medicine as a career option, and to
work with instructors and the program to uncover                  •	health	care	experience	sufficient	to	develop	an	
strategies which can facilitate such a transition. She              understanding of the PA profession, the health
models her goal by returning to the PA program and                  care environment, and their own aptitude for the
participating in clinical education.                                PA profession
Diana is currently employed as a physician                        •	outstanding	and	altruistic	commitment	to	service	
assistant at UW Health Gastroenterology, working                    and volunteerism
in the GI clinic. She provides GI services for                    •	a	high	level	of	personal	and	professional	maturity	
patients at Select, a local long-term, acute care                   and aptitude for the program and profession
inpatient facility. Diana graduated from the UW
Physician Assistant program in 1998. Prior to                     The selection process for the Class of 2011, the
that, she received a BS in Medical Technology                     UW-Madison PA Program’s 33rd admitted class
from Marquette University, and since PA program                   is well underway. Application materials were
graduation, received the MPAS degree from                         submitted through the Central Application Service
University of Nebraska in 2008. She has previously                for Physician Assistants (CASPA) online service
worked in Emergency and Family Medicine settings                  of the Physician Assistant Education Association
as a Physician Assistant.                                         (PAEA). A supplemental application was also
                                                                  required by the October 1 deadline. Applicants
                                                                  were notified of their application status in
                                                                  December, and interviews took place the second
                                                                  and third week of January.
                                                                  The Campus Class of 2011 and Distance Education
                                                                  Class of 2012 have been named.
                                                                  Congratulations and Welcome Class of 2011/
                                                                  DE 2012.

               PA Newsletter | | 800.442.6698 | Winter 2008 Vol.1, No.2                   p. 7
                           What’s Up

                             SPRING 2009 CALENDAR -- PA PROGRAM
Editor: Joey Johannsen           March 12         PA Employment Fair
                             March 14-22:         2009 Spring Break
Graphic Design:
Media Solutions                  April 1-3:       WAPA Spring Conference, Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells
                               May 10-16:         Finals Week
Submission deadline for
                                   May 16:        Class of 2009 Commencement Ceremony, HSLC Atrium, UW-Madison
the next newsletter is
May 1, 2009. Send all          May 23-28:         AAPA, 37th Annual Conference, San Diego Convention Center, CA
submissions, comments,             May 26:        Class of 2011 Orientation, PA Program Office, 750 Highland Avenue
and related questions
to PA Newsletter editor,
Joey Johannsen at:           Mark your calendars            for May 16, 2009 for the
                             PA Program Commencement Activities
                             Health Sciences Learning Center Atrium
                             UW-Madison, 750 Highland Ave., Madison
                             Event details will be sent to everyone later this spring.

                             In the next issue of the
                             PA Program Newsletter, Fall 2009
                             – Clinical Year Activities
                             – Preceptor Spotlight
                             – Rural Community Primary Care Rotations
                             – Rural Track Curriculum
                             – Community Practice Advisory Council
                             – Graduate Placement
                             – ARC-PA Accreditation Site Visit Report
                             – HRSA Title VII Grant Report: Year I
                             – Honorie Coté, PA-C, Director of Clinical Education

                             Keep in touch:
                             Give us a call toll-free, 800-442-6698; in the Madison
                             area at 265-4510 or better yet, visit the office and say
                             hello! We are located at 1278 Health Science Learning
                             Center, 750 Highland Ave. on the west UW-Madison
                             campus area near the UW Hospital and Clinics.

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