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									Case Studies
Out Reach

Reverse Outreach Through Twitter [Real Examples]
[Real Examples] Here's How You Get An Influencer To Send You 200 Visitors
How To Find Influencers Who Already Want To Share Your Content [Case Study]
How I Reach Out To Busy People And Get Responses
How To Get Blogger Reviews [Real Outreach Examples]
Using Images For E-mail Outreach
How to Write the Perfect Outreach Email: The 9-Step Script for Emailing Busy People
Outreach Through Twitter And Facebook [Real Examples]
[Traffic Case Study] How to Quickly Explode Your Traffic By Connecting With Top Bloggers
How I Convinced 120 Influential Entrepreneurs to Give Their Advice For Free in Under 3 Weeks
3 Ways to Drastically Improve Outreach for "Big Content" [Case Study]
How I Get Social Shares And Links From Influencers Just By Asking
Outreach Letters for Link Building [Real Examples]

Case Study: Can You Launch a New Site With Twitter Alone?
Case Study: How I Used Twitter to Generate 35,967 Extra Hits to my Site in Just 14 Days
Case Study: How One Local Coffee Shop Uses Twitter
Twitter: 5 Business Case Studies
Does Twitter Drive Traffic to Your Blog?
How I Attracted 10,000 Twitter Followers in a Year (My 5 Step Process)
How @ThanMerrill added 9k new email subscribers in 5 months from Twitter
Twitter Drives Traffic, Sales: A Case Study
Superdry Tweet Fuel - Converting Your Tweets To Fuel [Twitter Case Study]
[Case Study] The Headline News Twitter Integrated Cup Sleeve

Link Building
Link Building Case Study: How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days
How I Got My 10 Best Links
How to Build Links to Your Blog - A Case Study
Case Study: Does Building Links to a Local Listing Help Rank?
An Outreach Experiment for Paid Links in the Travel Industry
[Unnatural] Links are DEAD - A Case Study
How I Picked up a PR4 domain for $12 Thanks to Buzzstream
How We Got a Link from The New York Times
Offline is the New Online Link Building Strategy [Case Study]
How I Landed on the New York Times and What It All Means
Using Contests To Build Links
Post-Penguin Anchor Text Case Study

How To Grow a New Website to Over 100,000 Organic Visits Per Month
How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 44% In Under a Month
How to get more than 100,000 visits from Google per month (Case study)
150,000 Monthly Pageviews And No Backlink Building
The Case for Content: 620% Organic Growth
Increasing Organic SEO Traffic by 400,000 Unique Visitors a Month!
How We Skyrocketed Website Traffic 2200% in 1 Year [case study]
How I Picked up a PR4 domain for $12 Thanks to Buzzstream
Case Study: The Impact of HrefLang Tag
Google Plus Search and Google Authorship Case Study
Effect of Showing Date Stamps On Blog Traffic [Case Study]
How To Sucker Punch Google With Fake Branding
The Disavow Tool Works! Real Sites, Real Recoveries!
Can Google Authorship Really Cause A Huge Traffic Drop? [Case Study]
A Case Study In B2B SEO Keyword Analysis
Continued Proof That Inbound Marketing is The New SEO [Case Study]
Case Study: How I Went From 1000 To 10000 Page Views Per Month
The True Power of Evergreen Content - A Case Study
An Evergreen Content Case Study
How to Drive Organic Search Traffic to an Affiliate Site in No Time [Case Study]
Improving The Impact Of Links In Old Content

Facebook Traffic
From 1 To 94 Leads Within 90 Days On Facebook
Deeper Dive On A Facebook Marketing Case Study
Facebook Case Study: From 517 to 33,000 fans in two weeks (plus media coverage)
In-Depth Small Business Facebook Case Study And Strategy: Mykidstime
Multiple Photo Posts Increased Clicks 1290%: Facebook Case Study
Using Facebook Contests to Drive Fans, Engagement, and Website Traffic [Case Study]
How To Make Your Status Update Go Viral On Facebook [Case Study]
6 Simple Tips for Increasing Facebook Traffic to Your Blog [Case Study]

Guest Post Traffic
Case Study: An Inside Look into My Most Successful Guest Posts
How I Used Guest Blogging to Grow a Site’s Search Traffic by 342.35% in One Year
Triple Your Traffic by Guest Blogging for Backlinks [Case Study]
How and Why You Should be Guest Blogging [With Case Study]
The Only Benefit To Guest Blogging That Matters (With Case Studies)
Guest blogging - A real life case study
The Power of Guest Blogging
The Secret To Building A Popular Blog
Case Study: My Guest Post on the SEOmoz Blog
How Savvy Inbound Marketers Get Results From Guest Blogging
Putting Guest Post Outreach Theories to the Test [With Some Real World Data]
Does Guest Blogging Really Work? - A Live Case Study
The Real Benefits Of Guest Blogging
Does Guest Blogging Really Build Traffic? The Stats Say Yes!
Case Study: An Inside Look Into the Results of 31 Guest Posts in One Week

Social Media Traffic Case Studies
Going “Viral” On Tumblr: A Microblog Micro-Case Study
How Google+ Influencers Helped My Unknown Page Get Into 500 More Circles In A Weekend
My Viral Content Buzz Case Study: How To Get Found On The Internet
Slideshare Traffic Case Study • From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days
How Constant Contact Uses Pinterest to Reach A B2B Market
How I Got 25,000 Blog Subscribers From Pinterest - In 2 Months Flat
How One Infographic Received 30,000 Repins on Pinterest
Using Pinterest To Attract And Retain Valuable Website Traffic (Case Study)
[Case Study] Infographic + Social Outreach = Huge Traffic Gains
How To Get Over 50,000 Visits To Your Blog In The First Month
Be Everywhere: How I Got 2000+ NEW Visitors To My Site
How I got over 80,000 clicks to one blog post
Case Study - Following Rand's Advice On Virality
Social Networking Stats: Facebook Drives More Dollars, But Twitter Drives More Traffic
Social Media Showdown: Google+ Beating LinkedIn Closing In on Twitter, Facebook
Who Generates More Traffic For Your Website - Twitter or Facebook
Case Study: Twitter + StumbleUpon = Massive Traffic
Becoming a Top Influencer with Triberr - an IBM #SmarterCommerce Case Study
How I Doubled My Traffic by Finding My Audience

Ad Traffic Case Studies
$1K Profit almost in one week: My PPC Case Study
How to Increase your Facebook Likes with a Small Budget: Case Study
How I Got 35X ROI on Facebook Ads
LinkedIn Ads vs. Facebook Ads - A Case Study
105 Facebook Advertising Case Studies
How We Got To 40,310 Facebook Fans In 4 Days
Facebook vs StumbleUpon - Paid Traffic
Sports news site sees a 997% higher than average CTR on Facebook Ads
Google Adwords: A Case Study On Quality Score
Free Hosting - Facebook Ads Case Study
Results from 13 paid traffic tests [Case Study]

Misc Traffic Case Studies
How to Write an eBook That Goes Viral and Gets You Tons of Traffic
How I Grew Quick Sprout From 121,311 to 244,923 Readers In 30 Days
Case Study: How A Headline Made The Difference Between 100 and 5000 Visits
30 Day Blog Challenge Results: 100% More Traffic, 30% More Sales, and #1 On Amazon
The Formula I Used To Write A Post That Got 95,000 Views
How I Got Over 11,908 Visitors In My Blog's Third Week
6 Months of Blog Growth: Results and Lessons Learned
[Weekly Case Study #1] How I Got 1,325 Unique Visitors, 159 Facebook Likes, 70 Retweets
Contest Case Study Part 1
17 Ways To Improve Your Blog - Case Study
Case Study: Which Source of Web Traffic Converts the Best?
How I Generated 1,861 Visitors from a Single Forum Post [Traffic and Conversion #10]
How I Increased My Blog Traffic by 30%
The 35 posts in 21 Days Case Study - God of SEO
5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic Even If You Abandon Your Blog for Fifty Days [Case Study]
How We Got A Link From CNN And Drove Loads Of Traffic With Infographics
50 Posts In 25 Days Project: Week Five Results
Need More Website Traffic? Move Your Site To WordPress
How I Generated 4000 Website Visitors With 28 Press Releases In 45 Days
Case Study: 13 Pre-Launch Traffic Strategies For Startups
How Content Marketing Saved A Brick And Mortar Business
How To Build A Successful Blog With More Than 250,000 Unique Visits Per Month
Case study: How a site redesign doubled returning visitors
How Much Traffic Does the Misspelled Domain of a Popular Blog Get? [CASE STUDY]
Cross Marketing Optimization - Search And Social [Case Study]
How I Tapped Into The Fitness Market in a Weekend
Word Of Mouth Marketing Case Study: Epson & Sparkplugging
How I won the TechnShare Guest Post Competition
Project: “Throw Money At It” – Part 1
The Blogging “Magic Number”: Increasing Website Traffic 1,000% In 8 Weeks [Case Study]
How To Generate Massive Traffic, Excitement, and Even Jealousy With A Launch Trailer

200 Visitors
30% shares and 2 links
50% response rate
Post on Life Hacker + much more
27,875 Visitors
Replies from 120 Influencers
Too many different stats
Share by NameCheap

4099 Visitors
Generate 35,967 Hits
100% increase in clients
10,000 Twitter Followers
9k Subscribers
$1 Million
2.8% higher subscription

Traffic by 110%
10 Epic Links
PR4 domain
Link from The New York Times
15 Links
Link from The New York Times
52 Links
#2 ranking for a moderately difficult keyword

100,000 Visitors/Month
44% increase in Traffic
100,000 visits
150,000 Monthly Pageviews
620% Organic Growth
400,000 Unique Visitors
Traffic 2200%
PR4 domain for $12
50% Increase in traffic
44 Links
10000 Page Views
N/A (Too many different kinds of stats)
500 Visitors/Day

94 Leads
33,000 fans
1290% Increase in CTR
49% increase in visitors
Facebook Traffic

3980 Visitors from 5 posts
Traffic by 342.35%
300% more traffic
13075 Visits
1000 Subscribers
400 Visitors the first day
267% Increase In Search Traffic
N/A (Too many different kinds of stats)
41% Increase In Direct Traffic
31 Guest Posts

20,000 Visits a day
500 Google+ Circles
2792 Unique visitors
25,000 Blog Subscribers
30,000 Repins on Pinterest
3952 More Visitors per Month
2382% More Direct Traffic
50,000 Visits
2000+ NEW Visitors
80,000 visitors
Shared by 19 Influencers
200 -500 visitors/day
163.12% more visitors

$1K Profit
10,400 Facebook Likes
97 Visits total
40,310 Facebook Fans
46 Unique visitors
997% higher CTR on Facebook Ads
76 Unique visitors
3800 Unique visitors
2523 Unique visitors

244,923 Readers
5000 Visits
100% More Traffic
11,908 Visitors
22576 Unique Visitors
1,325 Unique Visitors
1784 visits / 373 leads
588 Visits
1,861 Visitors
Traffic by 30%
2478 Unique Visitors
3500 Links + CNN Link
481% Increase In Traffic
1,600 Visits (100% increase)
4000 Visitors
250,000 Unique Visits
Doubled returning visitors
17 Unique Visitors
3762 Visitors
Ranked #1 For Build Muscle, #5 For Muscle Building, #7 for Weight Loss
1st Place in a Guest Post Competition
Traffic 1,000%
Massive Traffic

ely difficult keyword
kinds of stats)

kinds of stats)
cle, #5 For Muscle Building, #7 for Weight Loss


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