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									St Leonards School and Sixth Form College Newsletter

July 2006, Issue 21

                                   Nickie Ledger tells how her Senior School
                                   students took SHAKESPEARE in their stride
                                   and produced a memorable piece of
                                   In September 2005 I was excited
                                   to announce to my senior school
                                   drama group that the production
                                   they would be working on for the
                                   next year was 'A Midsummer
                                   Night's Dream' by William
Contents                           Shakespeare. The reception I
                                   received was a little lukewarm, to
Senior School drama          1–2
                                   say the least and I relied on my
Music news                     2   die-hard drama students to help
Official opening of SL-NP      3   me      motivate    the    ‘masses’
Y11 charities week             3
                                   towards a belief that ‘MND’ was a
                                   really good idea.
Kayaking trip                  4

Year 5 at Loch Leven           4   In order to set the scene and cultivate
German competition             5   some interest I sat and explained the
                                   story to the group - in the cold light of
Physics prize-winners          5
                                   day it sounded strange, even to me. I
Nursery news                   6   ended by saying "Trust me, I'm a drama
Olympic Day Run                6   teacher!" I knew I'd reached them
Art Exhibition                 7
                                   when a single, tentative hand was
                                   raised and I was asked, "Will the fairies
Fund-raising cookbook          7
                                   have wings?" Bingo…
Duke of Edinburgh

profile                        8
                                   So began the monumental task of
                                   bringing this play to the stage and
Summer Ball                    9
                                   developing the wonderful spectacle
Year 6 outings                 9   that was the finished product as
Year 4 outing                  9   viewed in May of this year. Contrary to
                                   popular belief, Drama is not about
Books go to charity           10
                                   flouncing ‘loveys’; it is about team
Loch Eil trip                 10   work and sweat. First to thank in this
Poetry on display             10   regard is Donna Rae - ‘prima donna’ so
John Purves MEP gives talk    11
                                   to speak; who, along with Rosie
                                   Dawson and many other passing
Tayside Classical             11
                                   bodies gave up the first week of their
Cricket                       11   Easter break and created a fantastic
Sport news              12 - 15    and magical set.

                                   (cont. below)
   Page 2 of 15                                   News

At the same time, across the country, parents of       be visual - traditionally the costumes for this piece
'fairies' were applying all sorts of beads, baubles,   were vibrantly coloured - and we knew that
berries and blooms to tee-shirts and head-dresses.     highlighting the humour was paramount. We
Anxiously I had produced some less than inspiring      wanted our audience to enter into the same
ideas and diagrams – I need not have worried as,       dream world that the lovers found themselves in
evidently, my vague instructions were quickly          and feel the joy of escaping the stress of everyday
discarded and the resultant costumes were much         life as audiences did in Shakespeare's day.
more imaginative than I ever anticipated.
                                                       After some rather obvious 'type' casting - for
Add Fiona Love’s original composition for the 'fairy   which I do not apologise - the cast set to work.
roundel' - just prior to producing her own 'fairy      Not only did they ‘block’ the scenes and learn
child' (minus wings) – and the production was set      their lines, they also analysed the words in detail
to look and sound fantastic. Now it just needed        so that they understood what they were saying - a
some acting skills – for a complex and verbose         process that required much commitment and
script that deals with love, betrayal and arranged     concentration. Remember, this was carried out
marriages…                                             alongside their normal academic studies.

Again my fears were misplaced - a wonderful cast,      There were some outstanding performances that
with an average age of 14, took Shakespeare in         those older and more experienced would have
their stride and produced a memorable piece of         been proud to claim, but it was the team effort by
theatre.                                               all involved - front and backstage - that was so
                                                       impressive and will stay with me forever.
It was decided from the outset that we would not
try to do anything 'different' or 'clever' with the    As anyone who attended will testify: yes,
piece but produce it as we thought Shakespeare         the fairies got their wings!
might have. We knew he would have wanted it to

Congratulations are due to both Beth Appleton L6       St Leonards Music School hosted another
and Alyson McKechnie U6 who, in an                     Music for All concert in the Auditorium on
unprecedented decision by adjudicator Ann Baird,       Sunday 11 June. As always with these
were joint winners of the Jull Solo Singing            concerts the atmosphere was light and fun
Award, held on 26 April.                               and all involved enjoyed themselves
Beth sang Après un Rêve by Fauré, in the original
French which is a very difficult song for a young      The Chamber Choir gave a wonderful Concert
performer, and Un Moto di Gioja, sung in Italian, by   in Old Leighlin Cathedral, Dublin, on Saturday 30
Mozart. Alyson gave a beautiful performance of         June. The programme of sacred music and string
Losing My Mind by Sondheim and a dramatic and          solos was given in memory of Dermot Goodwillie,
gripping performance of Waiting for the Music          a St Andrews University student who had played
from the Witches of Eastwick.                          in the orchestra on many occasions and tragically
                                                       died of a brain tumour in 1997. The Cathedral
Highly commended was James Johnston L6 for his         was packed with his family and friends as well as
performance of Caro Mio Ben and Stars (from Les        local music lovers. The new Director of Music,
Miserables). All singers who participated in the       Stuart Whatton, travelled to Ireland especially to
award are to be praised for the effort and             accompany the choir and the performances were
enthusiasm they bring to their singing.                extremely well received.
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                                                Pictured With some of
                                            the pupils are, from l – r:
                                              Roy Chapman (chairman
                                             of St Leonards-New Park
                                                Board), Louise Purvis,
                                                      Martin Passmore
                                               (chairman of New Park
                                              Trust), John Purvis MEP
                                            and Andrew Donald (Head
                                                             of SL-NP)

 On Friday 19 May, Member of European Parliament,           and particularly for the future of independent
 Mr John Purvis, officially opened St Leonards-New          education in the area. Instead of two schools
 Park, now the only independent junior school in Fife       working in competition we have the opportunity to
 following the merger of St Leonards junior and             work as one unit to build what we intend to be one
 middle schools with New Park.                              of the very best junior schools in the country.”

 At the time the merger was announced in spring             There are currently 185 pupils at St
 2005, Sir Fraser Morrison, chairman of the St              Leonards-New Park, with a waiting list for
 Leonards Council said: “The formation of St                Year 6 for this September's intake.
 Leonards-New Park is good news for all concerned

               Andrew Scott does his bit,
               busking in Church Square

                                                                          YEAR 11 CHARITIES WEEK
‘Charities Week’ marked the end of a busy                 Last year, the Summer Fete raised money for
academic year for all students in Year 11.                charity, but this year the students decided to take a
They devoted an entire week to raising as much            slightly different approach and to lay aside a whole
money as possible for those less fortunate than           week for fundraising activities, which included car
themselves. After 12 years compulsory education it        washing and sponsored events. One Year 11
was an opportunity for the students to look beyond        student, Alice Yang, explained she was enjoying the
school-life to the world outside, and to contemplate      group activities aspect of the venture; perhaps even
the issues faced by others in their everyday lives.       more so after working hard for GSCE exams in
Make a Wish Foundation, a charity that helps              recent weeks. She continued: “It has been a chance
terminally ill children, and the Duke of Edinburgh        for us to have some fun, as well as to raise money
Award scheme, a foundation that relies on voluntary       for worthy causes.” As part of these activities, a day
donations and voluntary leaders, were the charities       of busking and cake-selling went on in St Andrews
of choice for this year’s donations, and it is fitting    town centre on Wednesday 21 June. On Friday 23,
that they both aim to help children and young             the youngsters returned to the town to run a
people.                                                   sponsored relay marathon, of which the whole of
                                                          Year 11 ran at least 2 miles each.
Richard Myles, Year 11, said: “I feel that the work
we are putting into these events represents our faith     The events have raised more than £750 so
in the causes we are raising money for.”                  far…still counting!
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Stuart Mires, Tom Hazell and Kevin Farrell (pictured
right) recently completed a kayaking trip on the
River Isla. During the trip they were introduced to
the techniques needed to cope with moving water.
Although there were several ‘wobbles’ no one

Waiting patiently…finally they’re off!

                                                           YEAR 5P OUTING TO LOCH LEVEN
                                                                                     Seven students report
On the 16 of June Y5P set off on our history outing.      The ruin was amazing and it was so old but the walls
When we arrived at Loch Leven there was a bus             were still hard and strong. The walls were massive
load of retired people standing in a line for the boats   and very thick. We measured them using our hands.
so we went to the park and had fun.                       The walls were 16 of my hands and my hand is 14cm
Holly Milne                                               so 14x16 means they were 2m 24cm. Now that’s
Next we went back to the boats. Life jackets were         Elizabeth Clark
put on and we headed out to the island, through the
dark water. As we got closer I began to see the old       We went to the dock and while we were waiting for
castle peeking out from behind the trees.                 the boat my group and I found some foamy stuff on
Amy Mathewson                                             the water. We took a stick and used it for bush
                                                          shampoo. It was like candy floss and fun to play with.
I saw some sheep being carried by boat to take            Katie Simpson
them across to an island (not Loch Leven). They
were going to be left to graze so as to keep the          Eventually, we had our land legs again and walked to
grass down.                                               the park. We had fun playing games and (while he
Danny Stewart                                             was having a snooze on the newly mown grass) we
                                                          dressed Mr Davie in our overcoats so he looked like
After lunch we explored the ruins. It was fascinating     a monster; he wasn’t asleep once we took the coats
to think that Mary Queen of Scots had been on that        off!
very spot in the ruins.                                   Nina Duncan
Sophie McCulloch
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On 13 June, Frau Semper, together with Martin
Spieß and Frau Bavaj, led a group of 18 students to
participate in a ‘German Poetry, Prose and Role Play
Competition’, organised by the German Department
at the University of St Andrews. Students from
Years 9 – 12 took part; some recited poems by
Goethe or Fontane, and others performed short
sketches. Schools from all over Scotland also
participated. Special congratulations to Ella Johnston                 Miss Semper with her German students,
of Year 11 who won second prize in the senior                                           outside the University
level. Well done!

                                                         Pictured from left: Prof Alan Walker,
                                                         Stewart Mackenzie Shaw, Jonathon
                                                         Baird, Francis Dilley and Dr Dunn. The
                                                         other team-member, Joshua Lipworth,
                                                         was away on work experience at the
                                                         time of the photograph

                                                         ST LEONARDS PHYSICS TEAM WIN
                                                                  POSTER COMPETITION
                                                                   AND A VISIT TO CERN
Four bright minds from St Leonards produced a            commented: “the overall standard was very high.”
poster on ‘Dark Matter’ that won a schools poster
competition run by the SCI-FUN team at Edinburgh         Runner-up prizes were given to James Gillespie’s
University. Under the guidance of their physics          High School and Kirkcudbright Academy.
teacher, Dr Dunn, the team worked to create the
winning design which was rewarded on Wednesday           The posters were displayed at the Edinburgh
28 June when Edinburgh University’s Particle Physics     International Science Festival, as part of the SCI-
for Scottish Schools’ Professor Alan Walker visited      FUN exhibition, in the Museum of Scotland over the
St Leonards to run a science workshop and to give a      Easter period.
talk to pupils from the Sixth Form College. They
were joined by around 20 students from Madras            Dr Dunn said: “I would like to thank Edinburgh
College for the talk. The team will also visit CERN      University SCI-FUN team for their advice and skill in
(the European Organisation for Nuclear Research)         producing the poster. Through entering the
in Geneva, Switzerland with Dr Dunn later this year      competition, students gained much insight as to how
as part of their prize.                                  scientific knowledge progresses and the trip to
                                                         CERN will make them aware of the many facets of
Professor   Walker,    who    chaired   the   judging,   scientific research.”
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                                                                                     NURSERY NEWS
 On Wednesday 24 May, Nursery children enjoyed a fun day out at Camperdown Wildlife Centre
 (pictured left). Later in the term they competed in a golf competition on the Caithness Course – it’s
 good to start working on your handicap early!

                                                  Rhona Martin, in the
                                                    blue track-suit, is
                                                flanked by girls in the
                                                           Sixth Form
Iain Watson reports

On Thursday 23 June St Leonards hosted its third          back to school. All of this set ran in groups
Annual Olympic Day Run. For the first time we             escorted by Year 11 pupils. The sense of St
involved the entire school who ran a variety of           Leonards community was superb and the teamwork
distances in support of the Olympic Movement.             and motivation amongst the pupils was truly superb.

In brief, the purpose of the Olympic Day Run is to        Along the route, Lower and Upper 6 pupils who
instil a sense of team work and International             were free marshalled the course and talked to locals
sporting awareness in the participants. To this end,      and tourists alike; informing them of the St Leonards
none of the runs are timed and the emphasis is            Olympic Day Run.
purely based on maximum participation, enjoyment
and a sense of achievement. In the UK, we are the         The real bonus for this year however was the arrival
only school which is allowed to do this and all of the    of Rhona Martin MBE. Rhona was the Skip of the
pupils are supplied with a free Addidas T Shirt.          2000 Olympic Woman’s Curling Team at the Salt
                                                          Lake City Winter Olympics. (In addition to being a
In SLNP, the entire Nursery to Year 5 pupils ran a        National and World Champion!)
course in the St Leonards grounds. The aim in
terms of distance for this group of spirited souls was    Rhona was absolutely superb. She arrived and
to complete as many circuits of the course as             spoke with all of the Pupils in the Assembly Hall,
possible in the time allocated. As the time was           discussing commitment and the sacrifices you
inconsequential, most of the pupils jogged                sometimes have to make in the pursuit of
continuously in pairs or groups but there was still       excellence. She also brought in her Olympic Gold
scope for the more determined to push themselves          medal for the children to wear as they finished their
as far as they could. All of the Early Years staff were   runs.
actively involved in marshalling and organising their
run and I must convey my thanks for their superb          After the runs were completed, all of the pupils (the
efforts.                                                  entire school except some Lower and Upper 6th
                                                          pupils) met on Big Field where Rhona signed
All of our pupils in Year 6 to Year 11 also ran a set     everyone’s t shirts and photographs were taken with
course. This run took them down The Pends and             her and every year group. As an unpaid volunteer, I
followed the coastal path along The Scores to the         am exceptionally grateful to Rhona for the day she
West Sands. At this point they ran approximately 1        spent with us and for the excellent manner in which
mile following the road towards the Eden Estuary          she spoke to and enthused our pupils. We hope to
before retracing their steps along the beach and          repeat and expand again for next year.
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                                                                           ART EXHIBITION 2006
                                                                                       Donna Rae reports

  Once again, the students of St Leonards managed to     younger pupils to the exhibition. The work of these
  put together a terrific exhibition of their work for   talented young artists is an inspiration to us all. We
  2006. This year, we saw fine examples of the more      would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mr
  traditional arts such as drawing, painting and         Gordon Macdonald to the department and hope his
  sculpture as well as some less traditional works of    first year has been a happy one.
  art including textile, photographic and video
  installation.                                          May 2007 will be the last year the exhibition
                                                         includes the work of our A level Art and Design
  The annual Art Examination Exhibition, by its very     candidates as we see the introduction of Visual Arts
  nature, highlights the work of our GCSE, AS and A2     at IB level in September. Although sad to say good-
  level candidates, but also includes the excellent      bye to an old friend, the department looks forward
  work of our Art and Design and Design and              to the new examination and to the challenges it will
  Technology classes in years 8 and 9. This year, with   bring to our annual exhibition in the future.
  the SLNP merger, we introduced the work of our

                                         Some of the GCSE work exhibited, clockwise
                                          from far left: Emma Barclay, Xin Yu Chan,
                                           James Haldane, Melanie Hillis, Stephanie
                                              Macnaughton and Rhona Sinclair

A FEAST FOR FOODIES - Recipes from everywhere – only £7.50

The Modern Languages Department extends their warmest thanks to all those who provided
recipes for their fund-raising cookbook.

“We have received the most fantastic selection of your favourite recipes and have brought over 100 of them
together into what is a really brilliant cookery book. While most of the proceeds from the book are going
towards replacing our ancient language laboratory with a state-of-the-art resource, we are also supporting
the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the children’s cancer charity.”

The book will be available from the end of term. We have a lot of advance orders: make sure
you reserve a copy from either the SLNP or Main School office or from a Languages
Department teacher. “So many of you have supported us so far: please now help us to raise as
much money as possible for our two good causes!”
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                          Louise – our Head
                          Girl and gold medal

Nicola Montague interviews Louise Easton

What level have you reached in your Duke of              lightening, raging rapids, you name it, we’ve been
Edinburgh Award?                                         through it! You can’t say it was boring!
I have just completed Gold within the last few
weeks. I did Bronze and Silver although it is possible   Ever get lost?
to start at Silver, you just have to do a few extra      Only once seriously, but it is all part of the
months of certain parts. Bronze was a good tester        experience! At Bronze and Silver, it is easier to stick
to get you prepared for the higher levels. If you        to the tracks but at Gold you have to make up the
didn’t like Bronze there was no point in continuing      route entirely by yourself. If you are like me and
‘just to get the badge’. It is much more than that;      don’t know every hill and river in Scotland, it is
you have to have other motives.                          likely you will choose an interesting route, shall we
                                                         say. On our practice walk, we had some problems
The award consists of four sections; service,            and ended up going in a circle. When dawn was
skill, physical, recreation and the expedition.          coming we made a group decision to go and ask at a
What did you do to fulfil the different parts?           house if we could camp on their land as we knew
For Bronze I started to help out at my local Sunday      we wouldn’t make it to our proper site. Thankfully,
school, had piano lessons and went to jazz dancing.      the owner gave us a lift to our site but unfortunately
At Silver level, if you continue with one of your        Dr MacEwan caught us in the land rover! The
chosen activities from Bronze you have to advance        mistake that we had made actually taught us more
in it. I became an official Sunday School volunteer      and on the real walk we passed with no hiccups.
and had to attend certain meetings about child safety
and rights of the child. I started doing cooking for     Best memory?
my skill and attempted swimming for the physical         Sitting under a bridge like trolls eating homemade
part. In Gold, the time that you have to do each         mince and tatties while it chucked it down with rain
section is longer, usually between 6 and 18 months. I    outside!
chose lacrosse, and returned to piano in order to
achieve for my Grade 6. Again I did Sunday school        Are you going to continue in any way with the
because I had grown quite attached to it! I worked       Award after leaving St Leonards?
with the youngest nursery age group, finger painting,    Well, through my Church I have been able to plan a
singing (not one of my strong points!), reading bible    journey abroad to Peru with a group called The Vine
stories, and making cakes. Every week was different      Trust. In October I will be working on a medical
and I never knew what was going to happen!               ship called the Amazon Hope 2 as an interpreter
                                                         (Spanish to English) for the doctors and dentists.
And what about the expeditions?                          This ship helps the poorest street children in Iquitos
Well you can choose different ways of doing your         and if I hadn’t done the Award, I probably would not
expedition. There is walking, canoeing, sailing,         have started to help out at the Sunday school and
cycling, etc. My group did walking and we                have been given this opportunity.
experienced it all! Throughout the 4 years that I
have participated in the award, there has been sun,      St Leonards looks forward to hearing about Louise’s time
rain, floods, snow up to our thighs, thunder and         in Peru, and wishes her the very best of luck!
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The St Andrews Bay Hotel was the location for this      A wide range of music allowed everyone to kick up
year’s Summer Ball, held on Saturday 1 July.            their heels and the conversation was lively, as
                                                        parents enjoyed the opportunity to meet new
The Ball was organized by The Friends of St             parents and old friends.
Leonards and St Leonards-New Park - all volunteers
are parents and guardians from our school               Parents commented on a most enjoyable evening,
community.                                              complemented by the warm summer night that
                                                        allowed the patio doors to be open and view the
The evening began with a reception in the Atrium,       evening sky and views to the sea.
followed by dinner in the Robert Louis Stevenson
Room and dancing until 1 am!                            Thank you to all involved in making this a successful

                                                                   Y4 VISIT TO THE HANDS-ON
                                                                   EGYPTIAN SECTION OF THE
                                                                       MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND
YEAR 6 OUTINGS                                                                     by Robbie Ward, age 8

Scotland’s Secret Bunker…                               When we got there the first thing we did was to
In swirling haar Y6 set off for the Secret Bunker: in   all sit down on the steps outside so that so that we
thick mist we returned. These atmospheric weather       could be divided into groups. The quiz on the
conditions only enhanced the outing as we were          Egyptian gallery had lots of sections to it. It was fun
safely deep       underground during the morning.       trying to find the answers. I did this part first. We
There was much to see and learn about the Cold          had be like detectives looking for clues. Next, was
War including a reconstruction of the sound and         the hands-on area, where, in pairs, we had some
vibration of a nuclear explosion over Leuchars.         objects that were really old. They came from the
Fascinating but very sobering, the mood was             time of the pyramids. I couldn’t believe I was holding
lightened by the hands-on area where the class          things that were over 3000 years old. The canopic
could dress up and play with old telephone              jar was really heavy and we tried not to drop it. It
exchanges.                                              didn’t have a liver still in it!
…The Rock and Spindle
A week later, again in heavy haar, Y6 set out on        After lunch we went to the ‘Connect’ section of the
their geography field trip hardly able to distinguish   museum. This was science fun. There was a model
the path: in bright sunshine and with much learnt,      racing car with a steering wheel and you could drive
we returned. How privileged we are to have, right       the car as if you were on a track but it was on a
on our doorstep, examples of many coastal features,     giant screen .We all had a go. At the end there was
proof of erosion (3 caravans slipped down the cliff     a prize with lots of Egyptian activities, an old scroll
some years ago) and even a “n” shape rock               to colour in and moulds to make Tutankhamen’s
formation (anticline) where one might find oil!         face. I am glad my quiz won!
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On Wednesday 21 June, the English Department
donated a large number of unwanted books to
‘Books Abroad’. The books will be distributed to
schools desperately in need of books in some of the
world’s poorest countries. The charity has sent
over three-quarters of a million books abroad since
it was founded in 1974. Books are selected to meet
the needs of each individual school, and where
possible to meet the demands of the school with
shortages. Mrs Nicola Greener, Head of English at
                                                           Pictured filling up the van are, from l – r, front
St Leonards, said: “This scheme is fantastic. It‘s         row: Alyson McKechnie, Nicola Greener and Ian
great to know that more children will benefit from           Copland of Books Abroad with two volunteers
our old books.”                                                        holding up some of the ‘used’ books

                               The Year 7s enjoying
                               their activity break

                                                                  YEAR 7’S OUTWARD BOUND
                                                                           TRIP TO LOCH EIL
                                                                               report by Robert Clark, Y7
On Mon 12 , Tue 13 and Wed 14 of June we went           In the afternoon we did the crate climb. Adam and I
on a trip to outward bound at Loch Eil, near Fort       got the highest with 19 crates.
William. It was the best school trip ever!!!
                                                        We then got our equipment and packed our bags
When we arrived we had a meeting and were               ready for the camp. We had dinner and we then set
shown our dorms. The first thing we did was jump        off on our 5 mile hike with our bags on our backs. It
in to the loch, it was freezing. Later on we did team   was long and tiring but well worth it. At the
games; they were not quite so interesting. That         campsite in a field overlooking the sea we put our
evening we did orienteering to earn points to buy       tents up and had a camp fire, marsh mallows and hot
parts for a raft we were to make the next day. We       chocolate. At a little pond Josh managed to fall in
did not get many points but we were eaten alive by      and get soaked! After that we were skimming stones
the midges.                                             and Miss Cormack even had a go. Then we went to
                                                        sleep in our tents.
We had to build a raft to take us to the pier and
back. We managed to get there and back                  In the morning we packed our bags and went back
successfully. We then had to dismantle it. That took    to the Outward Bound Centre. We then did two
us 9 minutes. The other team’s raft fell apart. I had   more activities and went home tired but satisfied.
more fun watching the others fall apart than rowing
our raft!

Doge’s Palace, a poem written by Year 8 student Michael Overend, is on display in the Scottish Poetry
Library’s Poet in the Past exhibition in the Gallery at the Edinburgh World Heritage HQ. Several poems from
St Leonards were submitted for a schools’ poetry competition.
The exhibition continues until Friday 14 July 2006.
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                       AFTER OPENING

              On Monday 26 June, John Purvis MEP, returned
             to St Leonards-New Park to deliver a talk on the
                             European Parliament to Year 7.
                                      Pictured from l – r are:
                 Mr Donald, Year 7 students Emilie Chalmers,
                Alice Ferguson and Rebecca Taylor, Mr Purvis

On Tuesday 14 June, St Leonards students took part in an annual competition organised by the Tayside branch of
the Classical Association in conjunction with St Andrews University’s School of Classics. Over 100 young
scholars, from all over Scotland took part in the competition which involved Pictish fights, comic plays and the
traditional recitation and project heats.

Andrew Lang, Head of Classics, entered St Leonards students in the intermediate competition, resulting in
Lindsay Murray winning first place, and Jonathon Baird coming third, out of a possible three prize-winning places.

       Reports by Iain Watson


       During a very busy academic term, cricket fixtures were squeezed in and around A level and GCSE
       examinations. Unfortunately, nets sessions with the whole team were also difficult as this year’s
       team included players from various years, ranging from Year 9 to U6. However, in the end we
       managed to pull together and performed well in all matches. In our first match against Morrisons
       Academy, several first team players were unable to attend and as a result, various less-experienced
       cricketers were drafted into the team. Although the fielding performance was almost flawless, due
       to an extremely poor batting total we were unable to secure a victory. This proved to be the case
       more times than not. The batting however had improved in the match against Cupar Cricket Club.
       Even though we did not win the match, we can be very proud of ourselves as this was their first
       team which included a touring Australian professional. The team put up a very good fight and in the
       end lost narrowly.

       On the whole this cricket season was most enjoyable and was complemented by some
       glorious weather.
Page 12 of 15                              Sport News

  In PE, we are now offering a wider range of activities for both boys and girls than we have ever
  offered. Not only is there a larger diversity of sports, but the quality of the pupils learning is also
  improving. All pupils are now receiving reports highlighting their strengths in various activities as
  well as outlining their areas of potential development to enhance the quality of their educational
  experience. By focusing on continually developing and refining their skills and techniques, while
  enhancing their understanding of their body in action, the overall learning curve is now much
  improved from last year.

  I am always looking to enhance the sports experience for all pupils in St Leonards and
  have introduced handball this term for the Year 11 and SFC. It has been taken to by
  mainly our Chinese and German contingent, but I feel that it will also encourage integration with
  local pupils as they see it performed. In addition, volleyball on the grass court has been introduced
  in the SFC.

  The fixture list for extra curricular activities is also on the increase. Not only have we
  augmented the current girls fixture list to ensure that we offer competition every weekend, but we
  have also boosted the opportunities for boys to compete. So successful has the push on fixtures
  and activities been that we now have several boys playing club rugby for Howe of Fife Rugby Club.
  Jacky Chan, Georgy Melkumov and Thomas Chan are now regularly training with the club and I
  hope that this trend of integration with the Community continues.

  Now that rugby has been established on the curriculum, and also with the St Leonards-
  New Park teams coming through, Rugby fixtures will be available next year for U16,
  U14, U12 and U9.

  Our 1st XI Girls hockey team progressed to the second round of the Midlands Hockey
  Tournament beating Blairgowrie High School in the first round by 3 goals to 1. The
  match had to be played at Kinross High Schools ground due to the lack of floodlighting at St
  Leonards. It was also the first outing of the new St Leonards Games tops. All of the players and
  parents gave very positive feedback and felt that looking the part improved the quality of
  performance. Goals were scored by Rachel Myles (2) and Beth Fryberger (1). Unfortunately we
  were knocked out in the next round by the eventual winners, Strathallan.

  At the Scottish Independent Tournament early in the season, we came up against some very strong
  U6th sides but still manage some credible performances. Both Alison McKechnie (Goals) and
  Rachel Myles were singled out for praise and were counted as two of the top five players of the
  tournament. Kirsten Mackay was a late and very young addition to the team but was also highly
  praised as a potential player of the future. Rachel also went on to be selected for the Midlands U18

  In other age ranges, we also experienced varying degrees of success. We successfully fielded a 2nd
  XI Girls squad on a consistent basis. As a ‘Development Squad’, the girls worked hard to improve
  their individual skills as well as general team play. Our Year 10 and 9 teams also improved their
  results from last year. In those fixtures which were traditionally very difficult for us to compete in,
  the girls reduced deficits and in several matches turned the tables on the opposition. All of the girls
  demonstrated a more positive work ethic on the field of play and a much better sense of team.
  Players of particular note included Alex Addison Scott, Kirsten Mackay, Inga Rowan and Lucinda
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Our Year 9 team has worked very hard on individual skills and confidence building this year. This is
perhaps the weakest pool of players we have but they have shown great resolve and determination
to improve. The first few results of term were not highly positive but the girls worked hard on
their weakest areas and results started to improve. At our away fixture to Madras in November,
the Year 9 girls won their first match of the season. This was a good spring board for the rest of
the season.

Our current Year 8 Girls have worked very well together in both Hockey and Lacrosse. Playing 8
per side hockey on smaller pitches has allowed them to build upon a good basic level of individual
skill in a confined space. They have developed excellent team work which is enhanced by a
superbly competitive attitude in fixtures. Our top scorers include Morvern McCulloch, Amber
Wilson and Cassia Littler among others.

The larger number of girls playing this year also enabled a more competitive selection
process. Competition for places across the board in all teams is beginning to also
ensure players are giving 100% in every match and practice session. I expect numbers
to again increase next year and the enhanced fixture list demonstrates this confidence.

The Boys Hockey Teams also experienced a variety of successes in their hockey terms.
The 1st XI played several tough matches against other schools including Madras and Robert
Gordon’s. The latter proved to be a very strong side and although we held our own for the
majority of the match, Robert Gordon’s eventually ran out winners by 3 goals to 1. In this season,
Andrew Scott emerged as an excellent goalkeeper who made some vital saves in close matches to
give us a draw or a win. In front of Andrew, a solid group of highly skilled players won matches
against Madras. Key players included Ben Jamison, Stewart Mackenzie Shaw, Ben Scott and Robert

In the Spring Term, we fielded our 1st XII, 2nd XII, Y10, Y9 and Y8 Girls teams on the
lacrosse field.

Our Senior 1st XII and 2nd XII opened their season losing to St Georges 3-2 and 5-2 respectively.
This was followed by a series of 1 wins, 3 draws and 11 losses at the St Georges National
Tournament which was held at Fettes College. Following some additional practices on basic skills,
the 1st XII bounced back with a superb 5 – 4 win over Loretto. Additional matches gave mixed
results for both squads but by the end of term we had 4 selected for the Junior Scotland squad
(Beth Fryberger, Rachel Myles, Stephanie Macnaughton, and Angela Etiebet)

Our Year 10, 9 and 8 Girls also had a mixed season. A superb start in the first fixture against St
Georges say all three teams win including an 11 – 3 victory for the Year 8 side. The following
fixtures against Loretto and Fettes again saw victories with Charlotte Zajicek Y9, Alex Addison
Scott Y10, Amber Wilson and Morvern McCulloch Y8 being among the top scorers. This high
quality Lacrosse by the younger age groups can only bode well for the future and we wait in
anticipation for the new Lacrosse season to commence.

Throughout the Autumn and Spring term, the boys continued to play in the Fife Schools and
Scottish Independent Schools Leagues. The story of the season seems to resound with “So near
yet so far…”. St Leonards proved this year that they can be a real force in attack but after 60
minutes of superb effort, they would hit the fatigue wall and our defensive skills would disappear. In
anticipation of the coming season, we now have a more solid coaching structure in place with the
addition of Mr Lambert to the ‘Coaching Staff’ and a fitness regime to meet the demands of the high
tempo football seen in Fife.
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 The Summer term has seen successes on the court and on the crease. Our grounds are now
 boasting a large selection of playing surfaces. We now have 9 astro tennis courts as well as 4 grass.
 There are 3 cricket wickets all of which have both a junior and senior wicket marked. This increase
 in surfaces is demonstrating to pupils, staff and visitors the seriousness of my approach towards
 sports and St Leonards.

 In Tennis, Isabel Myles has brought a wealth of tennis experience to the pupils and her
 addition is being seen through our continually improving tennis results. After victories
 over Fettes and Glenalmond for the girl’s teams, and excellent performances by the Boys team
 against Glenalmond, we secured our first silver wear of the tennis season. Rachel Myles and Jasper
 Holstein came second in the Glenalmond Mixed Seniors Competition beating off Loretto, Fettes,
 Dundee HS, and Strathallan to be piped by the Glenalmond pair in their final match. I have high
 hopes that both girls and boys tennis will now become a mainstay of excellence in both St Leonards
 Sport and on a National level.

 In cricket, we have the majority of boys in Year 8 to Year 11 playing cricket
 competitively. This is the first year we are fielding both Under 13, 15 and Senior XI fixtures. For
 a limited role school, this is quite an achievement. Our first main fixture scheduled for Saturday 20
 May had to be rescheduled due to a lack of players and exams. Despite our best efforts we have
 not managed to fit it in to the schedule. On the 10th June we played Morrison’s at Crieff with both
 U18 and U15 teams. Our Senior XI displayed a degree of high quality batting but a lack of certain
 players at practice in the nets made coping with the Morrison’s pace bowlers difficult. Having set a
 target of 71, we set about fielding with a degree of aggression but we were worn down.

 On Tuesday 27 June, the Seniors played against Cupar Cricket Club in a 20- 20 match at home.
 Although both myself and Trevor Ledger played for the school, the result was close and the team
 played superbly well. Having put Cupar into bat, they set an impressive target of 158, including an
 unbeaten 98 by Cupar opener Paul Traynor (despite him being dropped 5 times). Despite this, our
 bowling attack demonstrated good length and line as well as some excellent fielding. This was a far
 superior performance to that against Morrisons. In bat, despite some early departures, we
 managed to a very respectable total of 108. Again, we did demonstrate some excellent defensive
 batting against a senior league attack.

 The following day saw the annual Staff v Pupils cricket match in which the staff hoped
 to teach the Seniors a cricketing lesson! Sai Lung Li who finished his batting career at St
 Leonards with a mightily struck 6 off to the science boundary of the final bowl of the match – a
 quite superb strike.

 The staff openers of Mr Lang (4), and Trevor Ledger (31) set the staff on their way although a mid
 order collapse saw the pressure placed firmly at the feet of the staff squad. Despite a late
 resurgence, the pupils eventually won by 25 ish shots (although the maths by Sia Yau Li has still to
 be checked!)

 Our U16 Boys played our U15 in a friendly match. This was the first opportunity for the majority of
 our pupils to play cricket in a competitive match. After much ado, the U16 side lost narrowly to
 the U15 side. Much talent on show however, and we have a match versus Largo Cricket Club in
 the offing.
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Our athletics team has had two major meets this season. On Wednesday 7 June, we took
a Year 8 – 10 team to the Fife Schools Track and Field Championships at Pitreavie, Dunfermline.
Performances of note included Liam Deboys in the 100 and 200, Georgy Melkumov in the 400 and
Michael Overend in the 800. All of the competitors worked hard and enjoyed their day in the sun.
Michael Overend turned heads winning the 800m in some style. This followed Michael’s
domination of the Fife Schools Cross Country event in Kirkcaldy in which he led from start to
finish. This was followed by the Scottish Schools Track and Field in Grangemouth on the 9 and 10
of June. Included in the Scottish entrants were the following:

Liam Deboys (Y8), Jacky Chan (Y9), Matthew Lee (Y10), Thomas Chan (Y10), James
Haldane (Y11), Josh Lipworth (Y11), Fiona Houston (Y10), Angela Etiebet (Y11),
Rachel Myles (L6)

This list of athletes may appear small but considering the size of our school and the superb
qualification standards, it is highly encouraging to have so many. On the day, Michael Overend again
shone by winning his 1500m heat and then getting 4th in the final. Michael has had no formal
training as a runner but is attracting a lot of attention on the Scottish circuit.


George Melkumov – Howe of Fife Rugby Club
Jacky Chan – HofFRFC
Thomas Chan – HofFRFC


Ben Jameson – Menzieshill Hockey Club


Beth Fryberger – Junior Scotland U18 Lacrosse
Rachel Myles – JSU18 Lacrosse
Stephanie Macnaughton – JSU18 Lacrosse
Angela Etiebet – JSU18 Lacrosse


Ben Jameson – Scotland U18 Hockey trials

Lucy Eccles – National Schools Championship @ Gleneagles.

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