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					                                                    BROCK HENDERSON
                                                  MARKETING CONSULTANT

                                 Business & Marketing Ne
                                                 S AMPLE ISSU
                                                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 1

Feature article
E      ach issue will start
       with a feature arti-
cle. These articles will be
about 500 to 650 words and
                                A budget should never be set
                                in stone . . . it is simply an
                                educated guess as to what you
                                will spend.
                                                                  relatively young, (less
                                                                 than 5 years old);

                                                                 or you are entering new
                                A lot of factors can change      market area;
are condensed versions of       even the best of marketing
longer articles.                budgets: fire, strike, natu-      or are offering a new
                                ral disaster, changes in in-     product or service;

                                dustry technology, sales,         or do not have the de-
                                what your competitor does,       sired level of sales, this is
         nfortunately, many
                                and more. Always approach        probably the strategy to
         businesses don't
                                budget preparation with the      use.
have any sort of established                                                                         Service isn’t just a word, it’s
                                understanding that condi-
marketing budget, and                                                                                the right way of doing busi-
                                tions will probably change,
that's asking for trouble.                                       obtain an effective cam-            ness.
                                and you may have to change
The budget is needed for                                         paign. If sales are where
                                your budget, and maybe
two reasons:                    even your overall marketing      you want them to be, then
                                                                 use 2% to 3% of sales for a
(1) Without a budget you        strategy.
                                                                 marketing budget.
                                                                                                            In This Issue
could end up letting your
dollars get away from you                                        (2) Establish an advertising        Feature Article             pg 1
with out realizing it. A        How much do you budget?          budget equal to 10% to 15%
budget allows you to keep       There are two basic schools      of what you want your sales         What to Expect              pg 2
control over your money         of thought:                      to be.
and your marketing, and in                                                                           What Won’t Happen           pg 2
                                (1) Budget 3% to 5% of           If your firm is:
the long run -- your success.
                                sales for advertising.           If you want sales of                Articles on others          pg 2
(2) The budget will allow
                                In traditional marketing,        $1,000,000 put $100,000 to
you and your agency repre-
                                when you have an estab-          $150,000 into advertising; if
sentative to construct a
                                lished product or service,       you want sales of $50,000
rough 12-month
                                the allocation of a small        put $5,000 to $7,500 into
plan. Without a budget
                                percentage of sales, (3%), is    advertising. Maintain this
you may end up spending all
                                applicable. For some firms       high level of marketing until
you can afford in the first
                                in certain markets, 3% of        sales approach the desired
quarter, leaving the rest of
                                sales may be too high; per-      level, then start gradually
the year void of advertis-
                                haps a lower percentage          backing off to the tradi-
ing. A spending plan helps
                                would be more appropriate        tional 3% to 5% of existing
to assure that your ads go
out in the most appropriate     for the situation. Likewise,     sales.
fashion, and at the most        your market may require
profitable time period.         you budget more that 3% to
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                                            PAGE 2

What to expect each month
W      hat should you expect each
       month in the newsletter?
                                              and insights of others. Whether we
                                              agree with the author or not, being
                                              exposed to new ideas helps us formu-
                                                                                             This will just be one
                                                                                             or two that I think
                                                                                             would be of interest
   A feature article on some aspect of
                                              late our own perceptions.                      to people in general. If you have a use-
   business or marketing similar to the
                                                                                             ful link please send it to me so I can
450 word “Feature Article” about Budg-        So I try to find books that might be of
                                                                                             share it with everyone.
ets on page 1.                                potential interest and then give you my
                                              thoughts on the book. Not a review as             Comments and such. Just brief
These “Feature Articles” will be about
                                              such, but more my reasoning as to why             thoughts about business and market-
450 words in length, and are con-
                                              I think many of you might find the book        ing to get you thinking.
densed versions of longer articles,
                                              of value.
(1,000 + words), that are available for                                                         Feedback from you is important, so if
download from my web site.                       Articles of note. Both from tradi-             you have any ideas to make this a
                                                 tional print publications as well as        more useful publication please send
   Interesting quotes from notable indi-
                                              their on-line cousins.                         them to me.
                                              I’ll present a brief overview along with a        The length of the newsletter will vary
Sometimes these quotes will stand
                                              link if it’s an on-line article. Either way,      from 3 to 4 pages depending on a
alone, other times I will use them to
                                              you’ll know where the article came             variety of factors.
illustrate a specific business situation or
                                              from and how to find it for yourself if
opportunity.                                                                                 So sit back, read, and enjoy. I’ll do my
                                              you are interested in reading more.
                                                                                             best to make each issue useful and en-
   Books of interest. There is a lot to be
                                                 Useful links. Every day all of us come      joyable.
   gained from reading the thoughts
                                                 across useful sites on the Internet.

W h at w i l l & wo n ’ t h a p p e n

A    ny information you might provide
     me is strictly confidential.
                                                         Also, if I happen to come
                                                          across a specific article or bit
                                                                                             Don’t expect to see paid advertising
                                                                                             from outside vendors in the newsletter;
I won’t sell your e-mail address
                                         EN T IA          of information that I feel
                                                    would be important to a specific
                                                                                             I simply don’t want to dilute the news-
                                                                                             letter with third and forth party advertis-
or any other informa-
                                     FI D     field of industry, I will send it to just      ing.
tion to a third party.
                             CON              those that I know are in that industry.
                                                                                             You will see ads about my services, and
That does not mean you         won’t
                                              For example, if I come across informa-         possibly the products and services of my
get a special offer or announcement of
                                              tion that I think would only be of inter-      clients. But that’s it.
some sort from me once in a blue
                                              est to just the legal profession, then
moon. Those will be the rare exception,                                                      If I advertise a product it is because I
                                                  only those who have indicated
normally anything I have to offer you                                                        believe in the product. It’s that simple.
                                              they are in the legal profession will re-
will be contained in the newsletter.
                                              ceive that information.

A rt i c l e s o n p ro d u c t s a n d s e rv i c e s
O    n occasion I will write an article
     about a business and it’s products
and/or services.
                                              ing or former client, I will tell you.
                                              If you think a company or a product
                                                                                             But don’t trash the company; if you
                                                                                             can’t say something nice about them
                                                                                             then don’t say anything at all.
                                              deserves some special attention, please
These are not paid endorsements.              let me know. Heck, if you want to write
                                              about it and submit it, please feel free.
I write about the companies that I like,
and those that I think might benefit you      If it’s someone you’ve done business
my reader.                                    with that you find outstanding then tell
                                              us about it, I know the other readers
If that company has any sort of relation-
                                              would appreciate hearing about them.
ship with me, such as an being an exist-
Marketing Consultant
                                                                              rock Henderson has over 25 years of
3707 Hillcross Drive
Louisville, KY 40229                                                          marketing experience. Not only is he
                                                               a frequent writer on marketing and business
Phone: 502-387-7565
E-mail:                                   topics, but he also gives seminars on such top-
                                                               ics as “Guerilla Marketing”, “Selling for the
                                                               Non-Salesperson”, and “5 Marketing Tech-
                                                               niques that Work and One that Doesn’t”. In ad-
                                                               dition to his current role as Marketing Consult-
                                                               ant and writer, he has been the Director of Mar-
                                                               keting for a large regional ISP, taught Marketing
                                                               and Business at a University, and had his own
                                                               advertising agency.

                                                               To contact him directly send e-mail to:
                                                      or call 1-502-387-7565

Want more?

G            et more!

The newsletter will come out nine
                                              I     hope to have the sign up form up,
                                                   ready and working by the end of
                                              April, please check back for sign-up in-

months a year, February through Octo-
                                                      he first real issue of the newslet-
I’m planning on e-mailing it out during               ter should be out as early as
the first week of each scheduled month.               May or as late as the first week
It will arrive just like this one did, as a   of June.
PDF file.                                     Please bear with me, it simply takes a
Sign up and give us a test drive, it is       little time to get everything pulled to-
absolutely FREE. .                            gether and working.