ACTFL I-l to I-m to I-H to Pre-advanced PRESENTATIONAL RUBRIC by xiuliliaofz


									                                                             PRESENTATIONAL RUBRIC
                      Does not                                                                                                                      Meets/
                      meet                                                                                                                          Exceeds
                      expectations                                                                                                                  expectations
                      C+(= 78%)            B- (=81%)           B (= 85%)             B+ (= 88%)           A- (= 91%)           A (= 94%)            A+ (= 98%)
What kind of          Basic vocab;         Uses                Vocabulary mostly     Range of             Wide range of        Consistently uses    Consistently uses
vocabulary do I       resorts to English   vocabulary          sufficient to         vocabulary           vocabulary,          a wide range of      an extensive
use? (Vocabulary                           insufficient to     accomplish            sufficient to        appropriate to       vocabulary,          range of
Use)                                       complete the        task.Occasional       accomplish task.     topic                appropriate to       vocabulary to
                                           task                wrong word or         No English                                topic                complete the task,
                                                               English                                                                              appropriate to
How well am I         With difficulty by   With occasional     Generally             Some confusion       Generally            Easily understood    Comprehension at
understood?           someone              difficulty by s/o   understood by s/o     about message,       understood by s/o    by native            native or near-
(Comprehensibility)   accustomed to        accustomed to       accustomed to         but understood by    unaccustomed to      speakers, even       native
                      language learners    language            lang learner          s/o                  language learners    unaccustomed to
                                           learners                                  unaccustomed to                           language learners
                                                                                     lang learner
How well do I         Mostly gestures or   Occasional          Some good             Many good            Lang Function:       Lang function:       Lang function:
capture and           visuals; some        good choices        choices of            choices of           mostly accurate in   narrates/describes   describes in
maintain my           phrases; vocab       for phrases;        phrases, images,      phrases, images,     pres./decreases      past/pres/fut.       past/pres/future
audience’s            conveys very         info is basic       content to            content to           significantly in     Mostly accurate in   with detail often.
                      basic info; reads    and very rarely     maintain attention    maintain attention   past/future          present and less     Very accurate in
attention?            from paper           captures            of audience           of audience                               so in past/future    past/pres/future
(Impact)                                   attention of
How organized and     Focused on           Focus on            Logical,organized     Organized logical;   Easily understood    Some confusion of    Logical,
fluent is my          completing task,     completing          beginning to          fluent. Connects     by all               message, but         organized, fluent
presentation?         often incomplete     task, but logical   connect               w/audience           readers/listeners    generally            Easily understood
(Communication                             and organized;      w/audience            accustomed to        accustomed to        understood by        by native or near-
                                           pause a few         accustomed to         language learners    language learners    native-speaking      native speakers
strategies)                                times,              lang learner                                                    readers
                                           disrupting flow
How well do I show    None                 Occasional,         Occasional,           Generally, related   As in earlier        As earlier stages,   Consistent
cultural                                   related to task     related to task and   to task and          stages:              but some             evidence in lang
understanding?                                                 effective             awareness for        Generally, but no    evidence in          and gestures
(Cultural                                                      communication         effective            evidence in          language &
                                                                                     communication        language and/or      gestures
Awareness)                                                                                                gestures

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