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Your final research paper should be 8-10 pages, not including an APA
cover page and References page. It is worth 150 points and is due the
Thursday of Week 8 to the Dropbox.

Course Project

Use the first and second drafts of your research paper to complete
your final research paper. You have already received feedback on the
first draft of your paper. Retrieve your first draft of the research paper
from the Dropbox; use the feedback you received to make any
corrections, edit carefully, and make any improvements necessary for
you to earn a top grade. For the second draft of the research paper,
your classmates gave you feedback in Week 7 Discussion topic 2; use
this feedback to improve this section of the paper as well. Put it all
together as your final research paper; see the sample in Doc Sharing
on standardized testing. Refer also to the Document Format document
in Doc Sharing, Finally, refer to the Course Project under the Course
Home tab for information about the Research Paper.

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