Gym Birthday Party Rental - Fargo Basketball Academy by pengxuebo


									  Gym Rental:
  Traveling Team Rental
  The Fargo Basketball Academy is available to
  schedule time for your traveling or Y-ball team. You
  can schedule just one practice (I.E. in the event you
  can’t get into the school gym you usually use) or
  schedule a time and day for the entire season.
  Rate: $40 per hour includes use of all equipment
  including balls and training devices.

  Birthday Party Rental
  The Fargo Basketball Academy is also available for
  birthday celebrations. Perfect for the kid who wants to
  invite his/her friends to play basketball or dodgeball.
  The entire FBA is open to you and has a room
  designated for food celebrations and gift opening.

  Rate: $50 per hour includes use of entire academy.
  Please call or email Tom Wilberscheid for more info
  and to schedule your rental time.
  Go to for more information
  regarding the Fargo Basketball Academy programs.
“Where the emphasis is on Your child”
5409 53rd Ave S • Fargo, ND 58104 • 701-356-5666

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