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                                                              An adapted unit 7.5
ICT - KS3 - Assessment
                         In this unit you will learn how databases are organised and structured.
                         You will learn how to create queries and search a database using one
                         or more criteria. This understanding will be used to create and test
                         hypotheses. „Found information‟ will be examined for relevance and
                         searches / queries refined in order to improve the relevance of the
                         „found information‟.

                                                                            Level 3   comments
                         I completed the database worksheet with
                         With help, I was able to able to build a
                         With help, I was able to design and build
                         a database.
                         I can search for an answer to questions
                         that help me solve problems.
                         With help, I put my charts and comments
                         together with images into a report that
                         answered questions I was given.
                                                                            Level 4
                         I completed the database worksheet.
                         I completed the search activity
                         With help, I have created some simple
                         hypotheses to test or explore.
                         I have created some simple (single
                         criteria) and relevant queries to test or
                         explore my hypotheses.
                         I have made relevant comments about
                         the testing of my hypothesis.
                         I have made a report of the testing of my
                         hypotheses suitable for the head teacher.
                         My report includes relevant comments
                         about the outcomes of the tests or
                         I have designed a database myself and
                         then created it with help.
                         I added relevant images, charts and data

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                         to my report. (audience has been
                         Appropriate and consistent fonts have
                         been used.

                                                                      Level 5
                         I have designed and created a database.
                         I have created some simple hypotheses
ICT - KS3 - Assessment

                         to test or explore.
                         I have created some simple queries to
                         test or explore my hypotheses.
                         Some of the queries or searches I
                         created have more than one criterion.
                         In my report, I have evaluated the
                         outcomes of my searches or queries and
                         made improvements so that the
                         outcomes are more relevant to my
                         I changed my searches or queries to
                         return more relevant found information.
                         I made a first and second draft of my
                         work and used annotation to comment on
                         how I had improved the “fitness for
                         purpose” of the work.
                         When I created my report, I cut & pasted
                         or exported relevant data, images or
                         charts from one application to another in
                         order to illustrate my conclusions.
                                              Overall Level awarded



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