Nature's Classroom Final Flyer by tmccabe524


									           Nature’s Classroom, May 19-23, 2014
                     Final information!

IMPORTANT: Students should arrive at the parking lot behind the
W-wing at 7:15am on Monday, May 19th with their packed bags. We
will be leaving by 7:45 am. If late, you will be left behind.

Parents need to check their children’s bags to make sure that no food –
candy or gum, money, or electronic items (phone) have been packed.
We will confiscate any banned items & take no responsibility for them!

Students need to be able to carry their own bags: practice lifting weights
or pack accordingly, but prepare for all types of weather!

Medications need to be turned in before May 8thto the nurse in a labeled
ziplock bag, in pharmacy bottles/boxes. NO loose pills! Do Not send
Tylenol, Motrin, or Advil! These are provided by the N.C. nurse. No
vitamins – with 150 students there is no time to dispense!

Remember to write your name on your disposable cameras so that you
bring home your pictures. Bring a daypack for camera, water bottle and
rain poncho.

Parents should mail letters four days in advance so that their children
receive them the week of our stay: WMS @ Nature’s Classroom; c/o
Camp Jewell; Box 8; Colebrook, CT 06021

The Nature’s Classroom telephone number (for emergencies only, please) is
860-379-7682. You will get an answering machine. We will call back when
we come in for meals.

Students need to be PICKED-UP about 1:30pm on Friday, May 23th.
Do not leave without making sure you have all your gear & medication.
WMS will be notified in the event of a late arrival.

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