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									        Getting Lashed Reasons To Wear Lash
               Mascara - Clear Mascara

                                  By Adelbert -

There are a lot of different ways that you can express how you feel about lash mascara and you can put
on just a little bit or you can put on a lot, but either way this is one of those few products out there
where you can never have too much of it. This is probably one of those products that everyone should
always have a little bit of at all times.

You don’t necessarily have to be wearing it on you at all times. In fact I would advise against this. I just
mean that you would need to have it on hand in a makeup drawer. Lash mascara can make a big
difference in how people see you, but as I said before I would advise against overusing it.

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You may be wondering why this is like this or why I would suggest that you not wear it all the time. Well,
makeup is seen as something that you want to put on when you want to look really nice. So let’s say
you’re going on a first date or there’s an important business conference you need to attend.
This is the kind of time where you’d want to put on some lash mascara. Because at this venture you can
put on a lot of lash mascara and it will make you pop out at people and really impress the crowd. One
problem that can be caused though is if you wear it too much.

I know I still haven’t answered your question about why this is a bad idea yet but I think it is best to
answer it through example. Let’s say you wanted to go to a job interview to impress someone and you
dressed up nicely with lash mascara and everything.

Then let’s say that this job hired you and you got the job and you were so afraid they might fire you for
whatever reason that you decided to go out and make this your look for every day. Now this look that
impressed them at first becomes a sort of standard look for you.

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