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IXIASOFT's Native XML Database Offers Integrated Environment With by g2903423



MONTREAL, QUEBEC and Beverly, MA (February 11, 2002) – IXIASOFT, the leader in
native XML database technology, and Altova Inc, the leader in XML development tools,
announce the availability of the XML Spy integration kit. The free package,
downloadable from IXIASOFT’s website, enables the widespread XML Spy user
community to leverage TEXTML Server’s XML database technology from within their
development environment.

The integration kit delivers a simple installation process on either the evaluation or the
full editions of TEXTML Server and XML Spy 4 Suite. Users can expect to perform such
operations as “save to”, “open from”, “save as” and “add to” TEXTML Server. Users can
choose to “lock” retrieved documents for editing purposes and also choose to have new
or edited content “indexed”, or merely stored as work in progress awaiting further editing,
or content approval. Searching on file name is also possible and in an upcoming version
of the integration kit, users can expect a comprehensive search interface to query,
retrieve and edit content.

“The integration creates an instant workflow scenario for any web publishing solution”
declared Philippe Vauclair, Vice President of Business Development at IXIASOFT, “the
potential for fast and easy implementation really becomes apparent when you couple the
technology with Altova’s browser enabled XML editor.” The integration kit is delivered as
part of a greater agreement between both companies that also oversees cooperative
technology and marketing efforts.

"We are excited to be part of such a powerful database connectivity integration with
TEXTML Server through XML Spy 4 IDE’s 3rd party plug-in architecture and XML Spy 4
Document Editor browser plug-in", declared Alexander Falk, CEO of Altova. "Such an
easy-to-use integration kit will enable the XML development community to rapidly
develop document frameworks [web-based XML content applications which employ
standard technologies] that result in considerable cost-savings to a company. We highly
recommend the TEXTML Server Integration kit to our user-community of over 500,000
registered users."

About Altova:
Altova ( produces and markets XML Spy 4 Suite, the ultimate
development tools suite for Advanced XML Application Development. Founded in 1992
(formerly Icon Information-Systems), Altova has offices in Beverly, Massachusetts and in
Vienna, Austria. Altova is a major technology partner with the world's leading software
companies including Microsoft and Oracle. XML Spy is used by over a half-million
registered users across 30,000 companies worldwide, and is the leading choice of
Fortune 500 and NASDAQ 100 companies. Altova is a member of the W3C. For more
information on developing XML content applications, please read a whitepaper entitled:
“Document Frameworks: Unifying XML Content Management and Database Systems for
the Internet”, available for download at the company website.

IXIASOFT ( develops and distributes TEXTML Server, an XML
database whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content. TEXTML Server is
the first embeddable XML database for OEMs and developers of XML applications such
as CRM, Portals, Digital Librairies, eCatalogs and Web services. In July of 2001,
IXIASOFT was cited by Computerworld as a top emerging technology company.

IXIASOFT is a member of the W3C and enjoys a global customer base and integration
partner network throughout various vertical markets. In addition, IXIASOFT is funded by
Shaw Ventures Inc. and Schneider Electric Ventures and Fonds d’Investissement
Desjardins de Montreal, Investissement Desjardins and Innovatech Grand Montreal.

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                              For more information, contact:

          Phil Vauclair                                Larry E. Kim
          V-P Business Development                     Marketing Director
          IXIASOFT Inc.                                Altova, Inc.
          tel: (514) 279-4942                          Tel: (978) 816-1600
          fax: (514) 279-3947                          Fax: (978) 816-1606
          e-mail:               e-mail:

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