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									      Choose the Right Corporate Event Entertainer for the Next Event

All work and no entertainment will make your Jacks a bunch of dull managers. So plan your next event
with spaces for interludes in between sessions of serious brain storming. Corporate events tend to be
business- like and drab and drain our energy and the required verve for creative thinking. Modern MDs
and CEOs cleverly put on hilarious entertainment for the executives and their families along with
cocktail parties. They look for corporate event ideas to refresh the employees and charge their batteries

Entertainments are of different types like
enjoying hilarious laughter or sly smiles and
getting tickled by jokes or poking and joking at
others during lunch or dinner or in cocktails.
These can be self created or by hiring
entertainers. Employees love to make fun of
their bosses, but it is not in good taste to do it
themselves. You can hire a comedian who can
impersonate your CEO and comically reproduce
some of his special treats by mimicry. The boss
himself will also be amazed at the idea.

During intervals or at the end of a chat session a magician vanishes your receptionist and generates
delight, awe and wonder among all. A senior sales officer can be cut into half by the trickster. Children
and wives will be entertained. There are impersonators and doubles of celebrated film artists who draw
crowds for some minutes. You can hire such an artist who can move around shaking hands with
colleagues and their wives or singing a line or two of popular numbers. An entertainer in the form of a
standing statue of a celebrated public figure may be posted at the gates. Children can touch him and
tickle him, but he would not stir. These people are effective corporate event management.

Event managers generally appoint singing stars for musical entertainment or drama groups who can
convert the themes of the company's ads into enjoyable pieces of drama. A satirical lyric or ballad about
the evolution of the company may be composed and set to tune to astonish and amaze the employees.
A painter or a caricaturist can be placed in a corner to draw figures of company personnel. These items
are bound to entertain all the people present and lift the cloud of gloom from the scene.

The purpose of any entertainment is to extract a person from the chain of sequence which becomes
very familiar. Any item like palm reading draws people more than anything else and a palm reader will
certainly keep many a person engaged for hours. Clowns and jugglers are also very entertaining
elements. An event has to be planned well charting the course meticulously and interspersing reliefs
between serious sessions. In the evenings a DJ or a break dancer can wipe out the weariness and
boredom of work.

AGMs, management meetings, outdoor sessions and another one or two day event need Corporate
Event Entertainer to provide charming intermissions and amazing breaks from work. More creativity will
make them more entertaining.

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