Introduction to Blackboard Learn 9 by hcj


									  Introduction to
Blackboard Learn 9
         In the next 30 minutes…
•   Getting there
•   A whirlwind site tour
•   Tool time
•   Making it all about you
•   A few tips & suggestions
•   Questions
                                                           Always remember to log out when
                                                           you’re done.

                                                      Click here to access the help files.

                          Your courses will be
Be sure to complete the   listed here. Click on the                                          ITS will post important
browser check!            link to go to a course                                             announcements here –
                          home page.                                                         check every time.
The course tool
menu will allow
you to navigate to
the various course
•To view a message thread, click on the link. It will open it up in a screen where you can read the message as well as reply to it.
•If you want to create a new conversation, click on “create thread”. It will create a new discussion thread in the forum. Make sure to give
it a descriptive subject name!
•You can choose to view discussion forums either as “list” or “tree”. Tree view will keep the forum in the conversation flow – it will show
the initial posting and replies to the posting. In contrast, List view will put all the messages in a forum in chronological order. Tree view is
recommended, as it makes it much easier to follow the various conversations.
•You can choose to Collapse All or Expand All. Expand All will show the thread as well as show the links to all the messages related to that
thread. Expand All can be helpful for seeing where there are new messages and jumping in where you last left off.
•Once you click on the thread link, you can read the message(s).
•To reply to a message, click on the Reply button.
•To read the next message, click on the forward arrow by the thread name. To go back to a message, click on the back arrow.
                                                                    You can choose to
                                                                    view or close the
                                                                    original post while
                                                                    you write your

You can type your message in the text editor box. As you can see, you have a few formatting tools available – you can bold,
italicize, add web links, etc.

You can add attachments either by using the “add file” tool in the text editor or by using the “Attachments” tool, below. Using
the “Attachments” tool only allows you to add ONE file. Using the Add File tool in the text editor allows you to add multiple files.

You can also add images to the site. Upload images using the picture icon.

Once you have crafted your message, you can either Cancel, Save Draft of Submit. Cancel is the same as deleting – the posting
will not appear on the forum and no copy will be saved. Save Draft means that it won’t post to the forum, but a copy will be
saved that you can come back to later. Submit will publish your posting to the forum.

If your instructor allows Anonymous posting, there will be a check button that allows you to make your post Anonymous. If you
don’t check this button, your posting will be linked to your name.
A few pieces of advice
                    Managing discussions
•   Use clear subject lines – this lets people know the content of your message.
•   Keep your posts clear and concise – try to keep them to a maximum of 200 words.
    Longer posts can quickly get overwhelming.
•   Don’t feel obligated to respond to every single post – just as you wouldn’t reply to
    every comment in an in-person discussion, you don’t need to respond to every post
    in an online discussion.
•   If someone asks a question about one of your posts, it is courteous to respond.
•   Try to be timely with your posting – always posting at the end of the week means
    that you are not really dialoguing with your colleagues.
•   You can upload resources (papers, presentations, etc) or share links in a discussion
    post. If you do include extra material, it’s nice to provide a brief synopsis of what the
    resource is about and why it might be interesting.
•   Tone can be hard to read sometimes – give each other the benefit of the doubt. And
    feel free to use emoticons – happy faces, etc. Online doesn’t mean impersonal – it’s
    important to create a social and learning space.
Save, save, save!
•   Blackboard is set to time-out after a certain amount of inactivity, as a security measure.
•   There is no warning for the time out – when you go to use a tool, you will get a message saying
    that your session has expired and that you need to log in again.
•   Blackboard does not register composing discussion board postings as “activity” – it can’t read this
    as site usage.
•   To prevent losing a posting due to a time out error, there are a couple things you can do:
     – You can compose your postings in another text editor (Word, note pad, or other) and then
          copy and paste them into a discussion message when you are ready.
     – You can copy your text at regular intervals while you create your messages.
We   Things that Pop!
•   Getting Started
                       Getting Help
•   ITS (Information Technology Services)
     – Call: 306-966-4817 or 1-800-966-4817 (toll free in Canada)
     – Available M-F (7am to 10pm), Sat (10am – 6pm) and Sun (12-6pm)
•   Discussion board
     – The Questions and Comments board can also be used to post any questions
       you have about how Blackboard works, tips on using tools, etc.
•   Try switching browsers
    •   If you can’t get something working any other way, a browser switch sometimes
        helps. In particular, Firefox tends to solve many technical problems.
                                    Technical Help
Not-so-helpful                      Better                             Best
“It’s not working.”                 “When I try to upload a            “I was trying to attach a Word
                                    document in the discussion, I      document in Module 6, Thread
                                    can’t get it to work.”             2. I can select the document
                                                                       using Browse, but when I hit
                                                                       submit I get an error message
                                                                       that says….”
“It won’t let me do anything.”      “I was trying to do the Module     “I was taking the Module 3
                                    3 quiz but I couldn’t get it to    quiz and when I went to hit
                                    submit my answers.”                “save all” for my answers, my
                                                                       computer froze and then
                                                                       kicked me out of the quiz.
                                                                       When I went back to re-take it,
                                                                       it said I had already completed
                                                                       the quiz.”
“This *fudging* system is           “I’ve been trying to upload this   “I was trying to upload my
ruining my life! I spent the last   80MB file using my wireless        assignment about 20 minutes
six hours trying to upload my       for the past 2 hours but it        ago but I couldn’t get the
document! *Honey                    keeps timing out. What’s           document to attach. I’ve tried x,
mustard*!!”                         wrong with your system?”           y and z – any ideas?”

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